Thursday, May 19, 2016

Should we start the blog back up?

Hey guys!

It's Summer and Celia here, and we have finals this week. During finals, we have so much fertile and so we got really bored. What do we stumble upon? Woozapalooza! Woozapalooza was one of the greatest accomplishments in our lives, since we had so many viewers and fans. We are older now, and we do have social medias and things like that, but should we start up again? It wouldn't be as frequent  posts, but we would still post and do cool contests and things like that. If you would like to see Woozapalooza back in action, comment in the chatterbox on the side of the website, (bottom if you are on a phone) and we will check at the end of May to see if we will continue on with the blog or just end it. Whatever we decide, we will make a post of it. Thanks!

~Woozapalooza Creators