Saturday, July 26, 2014

Goodbye woozapalooza...
I just wanted to post one last post before woozapalooza shuts down. 
I will really miss this blog, it had given me a great experience of blogging and its sad to say goodbye to it. It would maybe just be great of getting new bloggers instead of shutting down..Maybe bloggers are busy thats why they arent posting it is that time when most people are on vacation but i will really miss this blog <3 i think everyone did a great job on blogging always full of creativity and were really nice. Well i have to go now. I will miss this blog, but hope that they will think again with what to do with it. Byee everyone <3

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oh My God!!!

You know Woozworld is getting ALOT ALOT ALOT of scammers and hackers (zhackers) theses days...
I spotted one, so this girl -NaturalBeauty- so she was walkin around making a deal a trade center, she was saying "I will trade my account for any other account, pc me" And alot of people pc (private chat) her... So, just to experiment if she is really a scammer or not, I decided to experiment, She told me her email, I checked it on an email checker (the email was correct) then I gave her my email. So after that she gave me her password, I opened another browser and put her email and her password in it (but it was all wrong), so I decided to give her a wrong password too (revenge) XD so she typed in my information and found that the password I gave her was completely wrong... So she got mad at me XD... and she started saying that she's gonna put all this on YouTube, but really she was the one to give a wrong password...
So here's a detailed video about this, go watch it :) (note: video not on youtube)

So that's what I'm trying to say... That do not ever believe unknown people, WoozWorld is just a game, if hackers and scammers can exist in game world, they can definitely exist everywhere else on the internet... So all I'm saying is don't believe anyone, not even people you know in real world... Believe in yourself..
Anyways, Love ya guys.
~Ms. Fab-bo

My new video -A movie!!!!!

Hey everyone..I think you guessed who it is by the style c:....Yes ,of course ,meeee!Angeline xP .
Ok guys,I made an video called Blame is not real,that's my brand new Woozworld video and you can't believe it got 48 woozups !!!!That's amazing for me,just amazing.

I hope you like it and Stay strong of course,It's actually for the bullying,for haunted highways,for my feelings and fo YOUR feelings guys! c:

Hope you like it c:!

-xoxo Angeline-'The world is just one circle ball,we all need to spin it in our way!"

Monday, July 14, 2014

Bullying On Woozworld

Hey guys! This is Ms. Fab-bo! So I was walkin around in Woozworld and I saw alot of bullying goin on...
To prove that alot of bullying occurs on Woozworld, I spent 2 days looking around for bullies...
Here are a few pics-

And here's the name of a few bullies I caught bullying-
1. Miriananaz
2. ciuciuandrei
3. itzmeforever
4. pinkypiepie
5. -ddonaa-
6. SheNGaoreN
7. loveyouxxq
8. jennanice
9. xoxttylxoxx
10. lolgirlomg1
11. Shihanaxed
The list above begins with Miriananaz who scammed and bullied the most people and ends with Shihanaxed who has bullied the least people...
If you guys want any more information about this, don't hesitate, just comment down below or send me a message on Woozworld :)
Love ya guys! 
~Ms. Fab-bo

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sleep Over o.o
Hey guys, Sorry i have not posted for a long, Long, LOng, LONg, LONG TIME.
Or well maybe just a week ....................... o.o xD................. Im actually sleeping at my friends house, us girls though :3 xD. So am very busy, and i might not be posting for a couple of more days maybe 2 or 3 more......So Yea...xD. Summers here, and people get extra extra busy but we do have our normal life so im pretty sure that you guys get the point that we are busy o.o xD Its really really really hot where i am .-. Like so hooot .-. 'hooot' xD....Hope you guys are enjoying your summer break! :D unless you aren't and your break is in march or November o_o ..right. so. Yea :D. I'll see you guys until then.. Bye! :3

Tips to prevent getting scammed...

Hey guys!!! sup? So today I was on Woozworld and I saw 3 people getting scammed by one person, So this girl's name is Miriananaz , and she's a real scammer, she knows these really weird glitches and tricks to scam people, plus she also scams on trade, so she scammed me on trade first and then three other people with her weird glitches. So if you meet her, just be safe, and here's a few tips to be safe, you know.
1. Don't trade to random woozens all willy-milly. You must be sure first that this girl/boy's no scammer.
2. Trust who you trade with. If you don't trust him/her, then you might get scammed.
3. Don't trade your favorite or expensive items. They wont give it back when you complain about receiving nothing.
4. Don't ever press a button which someone asks you to press. For example ctrl + w When you change your top, you will lose it (yeah, Miriananaz uses this to scam ppl) 
5. Remember the name of who you trade with, coz when he/she scams you can report them and follow them everywhere, like a stalker or something xD. (Check chat history for their names)
6. Friend the one who trades with you first, so that when they scam you can follow them everywhere.
7. To really be safe, don't trade at all. Coz, it would be safer and less risky, you know.
8. There are other kind of scams like "Unlimited Wooz and VIP" something like that. Well, don't believe in that. (Ppl will ask you for your password, if they do, give the password of your very very poor account, or else don't give your password at all)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tricka-picka message(Welcome back to me again )

I am Angeline ,you may forgot me but I wanted to post something since some ppl may think I'm dead.When I have a good theme to write for ,I'll post about it and be sure to check the blog c: everyday! :)

Ok now I wanna say that I play Transformice and still playing it,you can find my user in there(mouse) - Angelinewooz!

Ok bye now c: .See you with next cooler post xD

-'When there is someone who is like your shade,who always stands next to you,who is the fire who burn with the water ,means that the person will never let you fall and will be your true friend till you both die!'

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Summer Summer!!!!!

I love love love summer, totes fantabulous! Firstly cos I'm born in summer!!! Woohooo!!! And secondly cos I absolutely ADORE summer outfits- sunglasses, sundresses, OMG OMG totes cute!
So yeah, talking about summer on Woozworld, its OMGtastic!!!

Here's what's going on in shopZ! New furniture to decorate your beach unitz! Varieties of stuff, only one problem, need ALOT of wooz! ARGHHH Have a look yourself-

There's some animated inflatable floaties. Such as, the shark, turtle, killer whale, and crocodile.
Each one changes 3 times. In water, in sand, and without both.  Sooo fab!
Here's an example-

BT-dubs, I hear there's another unitz decor contest goin' on! So yep, whoever is taking part, G'Luck :)
 Moving on, clothes... my fave part of this post :) So as for summer, some summery outfits have dazzled up the STORE, And this is what the Store has to offer! ^.^

So here's a close up on both new boy and girl outfits.

The boy's SUNpatch outfit consists of, a shaggy beach hair. Tank top with a pocket. Swimming trunks, and beach sandals. 

     In my opinion its A-okay I like the tank and the trunks, BUT ughhh sandals, hair is okayyy looks like wet hair overall boy's outfit is good :)

The girl's SUNchic outfit consists of, Pretty hair with bangs tied by a bow, A crop top with a bow on it, a mini ruffled skirt and beach sandals.

In my opinion, I like the hair but not alot, kinda covers 1/4 of the face XD
I like the top, I dont like the skirt, I love the sandals! Overall, SUNchic rocks!!!

So yea, guys I hope ya'll enjoyed reading this post :)
Love ya'll!
~Ms. Fab-bo

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Life :I

Heyyyyyy Guyyyyyysssss! xD It's me Celia. c: So, I just wanted to wish Summer a happy birthday and that I hope u have a good one! :D Birthdays are a holiday I think... Only comes once a year right? So make the best of it c:. Ok, moving on.. Sorry that I am sort of inactive on Woozworld.. I sorta quit because I realized that I need to move on in life and find things that I enjoy and that I'm good at. Woozworld is just a virtual life, and I'd rather spend my money on real things then ugly virtual stuff. xD But, like I said, I found things I enjoy and I have moved on from Woozworld. I guess I should tell you those things though, right?

Art. Drawing is one of my "talents". I really love to draw and create. No matter what other people think of my projects, it doesn't matter to me because I enjoy making them. I like the manga/anime style, and I have drastically improved this year since I have grown apart from Woozworld. Woozworld really took an impact on my drawing skills, so now that I don't play it as much, I have more time to improve on my drawing.
Music. I love to sing too. I am really into artistic things, which includes music. In the future I plan to make covers on Youtube.
Writing. Yes, I also love to write. Like.. stories and stuff. I have tried to enjoy this whole blogging thing, and I actually really did. But, (there is always a but o.0) it seems that I am not 'allowed' to be creative. And that is why I made this post, because I will be posting more creative things now. Things that are useful (at least to me). I will still post informative things too. But yeah, I like writing.
Animals. Yes, I love animals. Mainly birds. Ever since I was little, I would try to chase birds around the yard to catch them. My mom promised that when I turned 6, I could have one of my own. I got 2 finches, and named them Pepper and Smore (or as I would say, Shmore). One day when I came home from school, my sister had the cage in the kitchen and was trying to get a string off of Pepper's toe. The string stopped the blood flow, and Pepper died. Smore died of  'heart break' because she really loved Pepper. Now that I'm older, I have had a lot of different pets and birds. I even have chickens. Today I am getting another one because a raccoon got Dumpling. At the time I overreacted, but now I feel better because the other 4 are still happy and became friends.
Being Weird?? Yeah... xDDD I just like to be me. That's my favorite thing of all, just being myself and making the best of life :D. Oh but in the thing it saying being weird.. That's cus I am weird. Isn't everyone?

So yep :/ I also wanted to say that I absolutely love your woozen's new style, Summer. It is really cute and stylish :3
Again, Happy Birthday Summer!
This is Celia, signing off.


YAYYYYY!Hey guys this is Summer.  So if you can't tell by the title, guess what is amazing day is?! MY BIRTHDAYYYY! OH YEAH! So I am so excited! I already had my birthday breakfast at 2:00 am in the morning! But yeah! Today is my birthday! The day where this amazing, awesome, totally rad (Loool old saying) person was born into this huge world. YEAHHHH. Ok  I keep using caps but its just because I'm really happy. But so excited! :D

~ The birthday queen Summer xDDDDDD

Saturday, July 5, 2014

OINK Quiz Answers!

Hey Woozapalooza! It's me Summer, and a viewer requested an answer sheet for the new OINK quiz! Well here it is!

Question 1: In the Oink unitz what color is the popup podz to create an account?  Black

Question 2: In the oink checkout for Woozworld video what color iPhone is Mya holding?  White

Question 3: True or false: when you are under 13 can you request an Oink account from your parents?  True

Question 4: In the first 10 seconds of the Introducing Oink video you’ll see 3 words pop up on screen: SHOP, SAVE AND what?  Give

Question 5: How many types of Oink gluttonz are found in the Oink lounge Unitz?  4

Question 6: Oink is the new _____ for money?  Word

Prize: OINK Shirt or Beex

                                  I hope this helped! XoXoXo ~ Summer
Yes! I know this is new! Isn't it cool! :D

Friday, July 4, 2014

Bullying in the chatbox from another blog!

So what's up Woozapalooza fans! This is Summer. I know I haven't posted in a while but it's almost my birthday (2 days!!!!) and I have to go to camp everyday :( But yeah. So apparently it seems as if another blogger from another blog has been posting rude and mean things in our chatbox. Here, take a look:
See! how mean and rude. Well let me tell you guys this, IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If you make one more mean or rude comment in our chatbox, you will be BANNED, REPORTED, AND YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ENTER CONTESTS, WIN PRIZES, OR BECOME A BLOGGER. You guys have been warned. If you break the rules of the chat box then those consequences will happen. It shouldn't have had to come down to this guys. Sorry if I seem alittle mean but this is what happens when you bully in the chatbox. Thanks for understanding. 
xD I just don't have a sign off pic on my laptop. I'm making one tonight though!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hey guys, so today i thought i should just post some things about events, basically i dont want it too long so ill be talking about only 2 things that are going on in woozworld recently, so first off,  The new unit design contest!
 Congratz to KarlaMB for winning the unit design contest!, As you can see in the picture the unit looks fab! And they will be having prom at Karla's unit, Lucky much :P It seems that many contests are now up? iTS GETTING funner and funner. I hope they keep it up and pick some non-famous woozens too :3 Anyways, are you guys excited for prom ;o Moving furthers,
Max will be having his OWN VERSION oh the woozcup soccer, It starts in just a few minutes so better go before queue starts! Im not really into this so.....xD. Dont judge o.o
Oh and the new outfits.....Wow.....Interesting i guess....o.0...Thats it for today ill catch you guys later! Bye! :3
                                                 New sign of pic coming soon :3 ;o

I was expecting better than this...

Hey guys... Sup? It's me, Ms. Fab-bo! So as I started up with the title, I was expecting this year's prom to be super super super fab and super amaze... And then Jelly Prom came up, I mean it was pretty interesting and all, but wasn't my DREAM PROM, anyway...I mean I don't really mind jelly being the theme, only thing... The outfits and the jelly furni isn't very very great...
In that too, outfits are fine but seriously they could have been more creative with the furni, like come on, have you seen the jelly table -.- it's so... Plain -.- and the jelly light, ugh I wouldn't take it even if it was free, jelly stool is OK, jelly chair is meh, jelly drinks table is ok but could do some more work in its shape, I personally give the furni 5 out of 10 marks, and the outfits 8 out of 10 marks because I kinda like the Sundae outfit.... Let's not talk about the jelly outfit cos really... BE CREATIVE the jelly dress looks a lot like the promiful dress... Actually the makes sense cos promiful was a pre-prom outfit, but I guess they should have made a different design...
In short... Be creative with the furni... Otherwise, fabulous outfits, fabulous unitz, AMAZING work with the unitz... Well done...
So this was kind of a review for the jelly prom furni and outfit...
I say, do not spend your money on any of the jelly furni... Unless you think you are a great interior decorator and you can make it work in the jelly unitz...
Wait, did I leave out boys outfits? Yep I did, so... I LOVE boys outfits, amazing idea, fab outfits...
Go for the outfits!
Alright, love ya guys.
~Ms. Fab-bo