Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oh My God!!!

You know Woozworld is getting ALOT ALOT ALOT of scammers and hackers (zhackers) theses days...
I spotted one, so this girl -NaturalBeauty- so she was walkin around making a deal a trade center, she was saying "I will trade my account for any other account, pc me" And alot of people pc (private chat) her... So, just to experiment if she is really a scammer or not, I decided to experiment, She told me her email, I checked it on an email checker (the email was correct) then I gave her my email. So after that she gave me her password, I opened another browser and put her email and her password in it (but it was all wrong), so I decided to give her a wrong password too (revenge) XD so she typed in my information and found that the password I gave her was completely wrong... So she got mad at me XD... and she started saying that she's gonna put all this on YouTube, but really she was the one to give a wrong password...
So here's a detailed video about this, go watch it :) (note: video not on youtube)

So that's what I'm trying to say... That do not ever believe unknown people, WoozWorld is just a game, if hackers and scammers can exist in game world, they can definitely exist everywhere else on the internet... So all I'm saying is don't believe anyone, not even people you know in real world... Believe in yourself..
Anyways, Love ya guys.
~Ms. Fab-bo

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