Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekly Updates

Ayee, fabulous people! x) 
I decided to do something new, I'm going to from now on post a 'Weekly Update' post. What is a 'Weekly Update' post? Well, it's where I'm going to tell you guys what's going to be happening throughout the week and what new outfits and items are out for the week on woozworld. I'm going to be doing this post on every Monday (unless I can't bc of school from next week. Dx), so stay tunedd!
Happy Mondayy guyss or should I say Happy JDay!?! Well, that's right let's start by saying Happy Birthday to the woozworld rapper KanJay -cough- I mean Jay. :') Happy Birthdayy, Jayyy! Oh, not to forget there is a party today, so don't miss it y'all. Now let's talk Fashion! OMG, I'm literally loving the new items in Zechic for VIP's only. I guess this was a surprise after all. Now, how can no one like the new items, am I right? xD
  So these are the new hairstyles and tops. xD (I'm just obsessed with them, idk why.)

Okay, so one other thing I wanna add is that Mya, said that the new outfits (I wouldn't call them new outfits, there just going to be August WNS outfits back in store again) in store would come out on every Thursday for this week. There are outfits added to the store as well, but their not new. Just some tb, outfits or just some back to school outfits. Here take a look: 

Let's get to the events, shall we? (Okay what am I saying) Let's take a look at the events.

1. Monday, August 31st: Jay's Birthday Party
2. Tuesday, September 1st: Enter the Video Challenge
3. Wednesday September 2nd: Max's Game Show
4. Thursday, September 3rd: VIP Chat Room
5. Friday, September 4th: Truth or Tale. (I was a little shocked that Woozarazzi is going to host this, oh well...) 
6. Saturday, September 5th: Star of the Week
7. Sunday, September 6th:  Woozpetz of the Week

That's it for nowww! Oh and word of advice to all those people who are going to start school from next week, make most of the week you have and enjoy it while you still can! Dx I'm just so nervous, bc it's going to be my very first day in High School, that's right I'm in Grade 9. Dx Well, maybe it won't be so bad. Anywayss, see ya guyss laterr! Stay Beautiful and Cool! xxx -Julie

Saturday, August 29, 2015

WNS 2K15 Over!

Heyy Guyss! Julie back with more news! xDD
Okay, so yesterday was WNS finals results. But before we get to the results, the Woozband Members gave a special prize to the super fans of each bands in each genre. Sorry guys I don't have all the names of the people,I only have some and posting half of the names would't make any sense, so yeah. xD Sorry about that. After each genre's band's super fans were announced, the result was announced. Well.... Congratulations to Pop led by Jenny. Woozworld's next superstar was Demi Woozvato. Again a big congratz to Team Pop! But, here comes the "real news" when Jay was appreciating the record label Live Entertainment, or should I say Evil Entertainment. The woozens at the event told the Woozband Members, that it's actual name was Evil Entertainment and it was led by Fil and Eva. Neither of the woozband memebers had a clue about this and Jay said this would be the next big mystery for September too. :o Well, that's going to be one surprise, tbh. x) But I'm not done yet. There is one more thing. While the show was going on Mya gave us a sneak peek of the next upcoming outfit. Here is a picture:

Isn't just perff. Omg! Can't wait for it!!! xDD This outfit will be coming out on September 10. I have no idea about next week whether, their will be outfits or not. But who knows, maybe that big surprise woozband members were planning for Zechic Shopz will be out next week? :O Oh and not to forget it's Jay's Birthday on Monday! xx There will be a party held on Monday. Next week is going to be totally awesome, but for people who are living in Canada, Toronto mainly. Their week is going to be just great and not to great. Why? Well, it's officially the last week of summer and from Tuesday on wards welcome back to where you will be tortured for one year. Dx  I hope this year it'll be a good one. But anyways, this isn't a long post as usual. Lmaoo. :P This is it for now! Ill see ya guys laterr. Stay tuned for more! xxx -Julie

                                                                 (Credits to Sil bby xoxo)

Friday, August 28, 2015


Hey guys! :0 Bleaty here. I'm so so so sorry for not posting last week. I had to get school supplies, see my sister go to the airport for a camp O_o, go to my cousins, and I fell off my scooter xD. I will promise to make up for those absent days...

Some bad news I have is that, I think I got banned/sanctioned off woozworld after logging into other accounts to woozup my friend Rosie's picture for a contest (... Hehe....) I suddenly got logged out and could not get back on due to the following message:

Because of this, I really have no news to talk about on woozworld because I can't get on....does that make sense?So yea xC I'm trying everything to get back on (even if it means refreshing 600 thousand times, I'll do it.) Maybe I should go on app... O_O idk but yea. School for me starts this Monday, so I wish anyone going to school on that day as well, good luck :3 Because I have no woozworld things to talk about,I created a typeform poll for you guys. Here you go :D

Thank you and I apologize for the short post! C:

-Bleaty signing out!


Saturday, August 22, 2015


Ayee everyonee Julie here! Cx
Sorry, I haven't been posting lately. Dx But I'm back! Okay, so first of all I want to congratulate all of those people who have won the video challenge for WNS. You guys not only have made worth watching videos, but inspiring for others too. x) Let's take a look at their absolute amazing videos! 

1. Crown the Yetiz (Rock) 

2. Jennifer Beexson and Iggy Woozalea (Rap)

3. Woozina and the Diamonds (Pop)

4. Last but not the least! Little Wooz (Dance)

Omg! I just loved watching them all! Once again congratulations guyss! :')

Now, I'd like to congratulate our new Wns Woozen Designed Outfit Star of the Week, Isabella670! Her outfit was amazing and adorable! 

That bright red really catches your eyes. What a nice combination of red and white. Once again congratz! xxx 

There was one more other thing I wanted to talk about, since school is starting for me like in another 2 and a half weeks, I'd probably not blog as normal, since it's going to be really tough for me, bc, I'm starting off in a new school and it's like my first year in high, so yeah.Not only that, but like I'm moving to a new place, so I'm really busy nowadays and I'll be extremely busy in September, you guys have no idea. xD But, that doesn't mean I won't be posting at all. I will try my best to keep you guys up-to-date and with all the gossips and news in woozworld! :P So, I just wanted you guys to know. That is it for now! x) If you guys have more topics in mind that I should post about, feel free to message me on woozworld (julietrainbow23) or just tell me in the woozapalooza chatbox. See ya guyss later! xxx -Julie

How To Earn Beex Fast on WoozWorld

Hey lovelies!
Once again, it's Silver here <3
This is yet another tutorial as to how you can earn beex faster :D

Rule #1:
Consistently check marketplace for cheap rares, however, if it's super cheap but you're hesitant to buy it because of the color, odds are, no one will be interested unless you're selling it for 10 beex. 

The picture up above is an example, notice how the rest are 55k and above, however, this one is quite a popular color and you're saving yourself more than 10k. 

Rule #2:
Once again, refer to market to sell for cheaper prices, this attracts people more often. 
Set a reasonable max price on the upper right corner and compare the results.

Notice how the average price is about
30k? Depending on how badly and how fast
you need this beex, sell it for quite a bit cheaper, this give you a reputation for
selling cheap rares. The more cheap rares
you provide on market, the more buyers
and attention you'll attract!

Rule #3
If you find that you have loads of unnecessary clothes that you never wear and aren't rare, hold cheap beex sales and sell them for 400 beex or less, this will attract MANY buyers, I once made 60,000 beex from a 200 and below beex sale xx ;).

Rule #5
Don't be afraid to enter theme games, revenge, next top model, etc.. to win beex prizes Cx

And finally, do NOT get too cocky, don't try to sell something that isn't rare for 60k because I guarantee you, you are making a fool of yourself. Know the rarity of your item, when you promote yourself selling an item at a trade center, odds are that the woozens around you are searching up the items you're selling and looking for a better price. 

There you go, simple steps that help you get so much more beex! Following this basic procedure has brought me from 500 beex on a daily basis to 300,000 beex. Cx!

Until next time, bye babes <3
-xoxox Silver. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Things You Should NOT Do If You Want To Be A WoozGuidez

Hey woozens, mika here! So yesterday I was in Woozen Quests - as usual - and this post came to mind after seeing what I saw. Some woozens who apply to be a WoozGuidez obviously don't take it too seriously, seen as the things they do break the code of conduct!

I, myself, have applied and I do try to stop arguments and help out when I can but some people just don't care! xD So I am going to tell you some things you should NOT do if you want to be one of Woozworld's Woozguidez!

1. Use curse words.
Is this one not obvious? Cursing is completely inappropriate and unnecessary. What's the point in even applying for a WoozGuidez if you're just going to break the rules?

2. Troll.
Unless it's with a friend and they don't mind/like it, don't do it. It's just a waste of time!

3. Be rude to woozens.
Especially new woozens! You should be willing to help every woozen who needs it, even with the smallest of tasks.

Those are just 3 things you should NOT do if you want to be a woozguidez. Did you guys sign up to be a woozguidez? Could you do anything different? Good luck!

That's all for now,
-Mika xox

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

WNS 2k15 Executive Producer Objectivz Guide!

Hi everyone, Sierra here!
As you all know, today is Monday, where now the Woozworld Store updates with the new weekly outfits and other goodz. One of the goodz available is a LIVE ENTERTAINMENT OBJECTIVZ! (Please note that inorder to get the objectivz you must pay for it)
Once you have bought the objectivz, it should be on the left side at the top (below your Prestige level!) where you can start! (A picture of how the objectivz look is on the right.) And never fear guys, I'm here to help you become the next Executive Producer!

1. Dress To Impress

Looks like you're going to start off fresh, but you kinda need to look sharp!
Basically you will need to change YOUR WHOLE OUTFIT. (Your face is fine, no need to change it.)
- Change your hair! - any is fine.
- Change your shirt, or even wear a dress! - any is fine.
- Change your pants or skirt! - any is fine.
-Change your shoes - any is fine
Basically, wear anything.
The outfit on the left is the one I chose to wear for LIVE! Entertainment, you gotta dress the part okay?
Finally for the last part, TAKE A PHOTO OF YOUR WHOLE WOOZEN inorder to go to Step 2!

2. Intern Struggles
Live! Entertainment is sending you all over the place in Woozworld! You will need to visit 30 Woozworld Unitz (How do you know it's a Woozworld Owned Unitz? It should have the Woozworld logo on it instead of a woolen's face!)

Here's a huge hint, in Places, look under Featured (It will be already opened for you when you open places) and JUST CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK! Well, a few might not update. But the tabs of Our Picks, Lib Street, etc. has plenty of Unitz for you to update in!
I had a lot of struggles during this time, let's just say when I visited the Quizzes I helped some new woozens out. And that I was talking to people, so I might've wasted more time than you!

3. Executive Coloring
You'll need to go to any of your Unitz inorder to do this task. I'm using an old unit I used as an example for when I did the Summer Saver objectivz.

Once you are in your chosen Unit, open the color palette. You must color both WALLS and FLOOR either brown, navy, or black (Black is what I'd do for both, color code: 000000)
I colored my walls brown and my floor black, like this:

4. Executive Decorating 
You will need the following furniture called the "Barcelona Vase"

It is in Shopz for 350 beex or 50 wooz, or even in Marketplace!
Once you have a Barcelone vase, place it in the Unitz.

5. Executive After Party
You will need 15 woozens to visit your Unitz.. But the easy way to do is either you have a woozen leave and come back, or make the woozen stay and you leave and come back. It's pretty simple!

6. The Promotion
You will need 100 votes, YOU MUST BE ONLINE DURING THE TIME THEY VOTE YOU. And inorder for it to update you must atleast be in a unit with up to 15-20 woozens in it, ask David: he kept complaining about it when he tried to help me DX

7. Musical Gifts
Looks like you became an Executive Producer for LIVE! Entertainment! You'll probably need to send a gift though, which is a record player from the Shopz!

The record player is 50 Wooz inorder for you to gift it to a person.
Click the box for "gift for a friend", then yes.
Now you can select any friend, I chose David because he's really cool. You can add a message to the gift too!
Then click okay to confirm it, and you will move on to the next task.

8. Rock On!
You will need to go into Shopz and buy the Microphone Symbz. It is a level 40 item, if you guys are level 40 below let me know, I can gift it to you so you'll be able to wear it :) 
The Microphone Symbz is either 1350 beex, or 350 wooz.
Once you wear the Microphone Symbz, there will be a button next to the chat bar. You will need to click on it, activating the effect.

9. The Support
You need 20 Woozens to help you, which means you will have to send 20 friend requests to 20 different woozens. (I friended every Woozen who entered the unit I was in, so if you do it that way, depending on the amount of woozens, you can get this done in 5-10 minutes.)

10. The Interview
The CEO of LIVE Entertainment wants to meet you now!
You will need to go the Unit: LIVE Entertainment Head Office, where a tube door will be infront of the gold record. Click it and you will be taken to LIVE Entertainment's Office, finding the CEO's Secretary, Rebecca.
She will soon notice you, and calls the CEO to tell that you're here!
However, the CEO(s) don't really remember Rebecca... Soon sending her to Yetibüx to get a coffee for them! 
After she hangs up, she lets you know they would be ready for you in a second as they were just finishing up an interview, sending you to wait in the waiting room, and her typing again at her desk..
....Wellll, until...
....This guy named Jonathan runs in crying before exiting out, and Rebecca turns away and types again at her computer before later saying:
She soon runs out to Yetibüx, leaving you to enter the brown doors to the CEO Office.
You will then be taken to the CEO office, where to your surprise you're encountering FilWooz and EvaWooz!

I wasn't able to take pictures of the entire scene, HOWEVER, I was able to record it.
Here's the video below:

Or if you want, here's the photos:
Fil and Eva will soon introduce themselves, when later Eva seems to recognize you. Fill pushes the matter aside, moving on to what is going on and filling you in, complimenting you on an amazing trial run.
After you type yes in the chat bar, you will have to type simple small answers.
It's the struggles, man.

The first question:
Destroy Woozworld? Are you seeing things right?
I said no, and they were like, "Oh it's an ice breaker ok"
The second question will be coming from Fil as he will ask you which Woozband member you look up to and want to get rid of. You'll need to answer with the name of the Woozband that is in charge of your genre.

Since I had to say Mya...
Finally, for the final question, Eva reassures you you're doing great, but to be honest, I feel terrible, HOW IS THAT GREAT!?!

But plot twist...
Eva's mistake soon causes Fil to rage quit, screaming: 
I think that was my favorite part, him typing letters of pain- GOOD JOB FIL

Apparently Eva and Fil were going undercover, what's going on!?
Fill immediately ends the interview and gives you your Wooz, leaving Eva in tears.
Fil soon storms out but Eva stays behind, letting you know she was sorry about her brother, her dad was doing fine, and that you are a great person. Fil then walks back in screaming at Eva, to leave, NOW!
Eva soon ends off with you to stay safe before running out, which is your cue to leave through the brown doors as well.

Once you are out, you will be rewarded your Wooz (250 for Non-VIPs, 300 for VIPs).

But woozens, what's happening? Are Fil and Eva evil?! AND WHO'S REALLY THEIR FATHER?!

Well, that's all for now, woozens, we will find out soon enough! (And by soon enough, maybe Woozarazzi might handle that.)

Stay cute guys!
Until next time, woozens!
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