Monday, March 31, 2014


I put in a NEW music player onto the blog! It is at the bottom of your screen! Look for it! Right now it has a 2 hour long music mix of 2014's hottest songs! Make sure you check it out! (Added by me Summer) xD BYEEEE

Working on the grand new Woozapalooza's music video !

Hey my amazing trolls(JK xd),I'm gonna show my amazing video,which I'm working on!Just you need to be little mor epatient , cuz' I've done 0:44 seconds of it xD ! But it takes you time, I'm not good editor , but I tried alot to do much effects on it and It is stunning ;P ! I hope you like my art of work , cuz' it will take me time, VERY much lol! So I'm here to get you known with little details and I won't do this post long,because It won't be suprise!Mwehehehe

Bye now!

-xoxo Angeline!!!

NOTE:The post is not so long , because of my business , making the video and the edit is not new , because of the same reason!
I beg you to please me for my BAD grammar,I'm not american,thanks!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bad Words on WoozIN?!!!????


To do this, copy and paste the box ðŸ‘‹ then type what you want with no spaces, next put another box and a happy face after, like so: ðŸ‘‹Woozapalooza101👋 :D (you can  do this in woozin, status and comments)

*All Woozen Faces and Usernames have been blurred for their protection

Apparently, all you do is copy the text, and erase the writing and type in what you want. WOAH. Woozworld is gonna end up blocking it at some point, but for right now woozens are free to say what they want to say... Hmm..  ~Summer

Writing the roles for my Web Series c:

I am now figuring out all of the roles and writing out the descripiton! I will make a post about it as soon as I finish writing them :D yYYAYAYYAYYAYAY


Thanks so much for 7,000 views! It means alot to us and we work very hard to achieve our goals. I know we always say we are going to have an event, but by the time we have it all planned, we already have a thousand more views! So we decided we are done with that. However many views we have, we will still have events. This event will be an Easter egg hunt. The exact date isn't scheduled yet, but it will probably be around 2 weeks away. Anyway, thanks for 7,000 views! The details of the egg hunt will be posted in about a week or so. xoxo ~ Cel

Tips about hacking

Hello woozers,It's me Angeline as always and I'm gonna make you BOOM with my posts (psh)! I'm always nervous and thinking about my posts and what I'll recommend in them!I decided this time my post to be about tipz and helping you amazing woozers!So let's start.The theme is hacking and famous hackers ike:Paytonpop,Angel1150 and othersI want to start that talking conversation,because of the many hackers in Woozworld , which are impossible to be stopped , they are always greedy and want more and more wooz,fame and CLOTHES for sure like deadmau5.
I want to tell ya' guys one story about hacking , it is real , cuz' I was hacked before and my best friend too , we were hacked from same hacker(Angel1150)
So listen -romantic music-(JK JK xD)


Once upon a time there was one girl , called Angeline,she was doing a restaurant and was very happy and lil' jealous , because of my friend's deadmau5(I was scammed,when she got deadmau ,that's why).
I was really satisfied with my restaurant ,cuz' it brang me money and votes and for sure I was 5-6th on the leaderboard!
We were talking on skype with my friend,she was so happy that she got her D5 hair(deadmau5) , I asked her how she got it and she said me , she thought they would scam her , but she got it whole without scamming!Even i was scammed with D5 before her I was happy.
Suddenly she started talking for one girl-Angel1150 and how she want to make her VIP,she wasn't very trustful and she thought the girl will hack her,but Angel tried alot to win her on her side , she made her very good trick , showing her poor woozen  becoming VIP in a minute!My friend decided to trust her and gave her her information,when we were talking on Skype she said me that Angel1150 said her that the 'program' was proccesing her VIP pass.In these times I was very stupid , I decided to gave her my info,just because I was greedy for VIP pass,I didn't thinked alot and I gave her my info,but before that I changed my strong pass and email to easy ones,because she could try to hack me after with strong pass and email(I was thinking for that and not for real hacking-silly me).After that Angel said me she need to go.Before she go , she went to my friend's account and my friend started to lose connection,she realized that she got hacked,but she traded her any deadmau5 hairs to her friend,because he trust himmbut she forgot her rebel deadmau she got and Angel got it before her!
After 1-2 minutes I started to lose connection and I realized later that I'm getting hacked!I went to a tent party ,and bought princess mya hair so I could have something beautiful before I am hacked,but It was too late when I realized she got it!My inventory was empty!Nothing was in there(I thought she took anything,but it was just bug,the ugly things were there).I kept reconnecting and restarting woozworld,she said me to log out , so she can process freely the program and I logged out because I trusted her...but the moment of my account having dissapeared,the pass and email was changed....Before that i went into the tools button and saw to what email she changed my account and my friend did the same.We got back our accounts , because we messaged Woozworld support , but It took us months to get our stuff and deadmaus back!

So : You can not never trust someone which is not your REAL-LIFE friend or your best friend,you can not trust simple woozens , because any of them can hack you!

That was from me,guys,always STAY STRONG!

-xoxo Angeline -'The real moment is not to win,the only winners are the people with real friends,only they can be happy and show the world who are they'

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Song shout out! :)

So i've officially decided it- Apple-Panda, your music blogger. (Dramatic music) So i love music and i don't know anyone who doesn't, so here we are! Anything music related, you got me. So i'm going to start our with my Song shout out. I will have one every week (I tend to find new songs about every week) This week we have "To build a home" by the Cinematic Orchestra ft Patrick Watson. It is an amazing song in which he "is speaking of life in general. He finally finds a place he is comfortable, he finds a person to share it with, but eventually he'll have to leave. His leaving and turning to dust means he will die someday and his life (home) will be gone." (Timothy Mares of Homework hero,-%22to-build-a-home%22-by-the-cinematic-orchestra) This is a beautiful song that is just perfect for any time I think, especially when you're alone. I wanna make a music video to this song of a girl who's stuck in the hospital but dreams of running free. just sayin. Anyways here's the video, xoxo-Apple

A Lil Edit/Sign-off + Attention ALL Bloggers

I got really bored today.. :P So I decided to make a little edit/sign-off picture! I think it is okay, but what do you think? (I changed the picture because the other one looked weird)

Note to Bloggers:
Welcome to Woozapalooza, AngelineGirl1! :)
Mic and Lucy:
If you don't verify your email in this next week you will be removed from the blog. Sorry, but we are tired of waiting for you to accept the invitation we sent. Even though you told us you would like to, you have to accept it in your email. Thankyou! (This message is for Mic and Lucy) 

Comment in comments or chat box what you think of my edit (I think it is okay..) Byee!
xoxo ~Cel

New blogger on the horizont (Arghh) !

Hey hey hey ppl ! It's me Angeline!I'm the grand new blogger!How are you woozers?Are you having a great time with your spring?Are you feeling good :) ?! I bet you are -haha-!Stay alive for new posts anyways <3 cuz' you didn't know so much things 'bout woozworld!Did you know that you could get a chance to be in my amazing spring contest?It will be my awesome event and I hope you join cuz' don't forget you all are my beautiful inspiration!I'm so nervous for my audience up there on the ''virtual scene' ,will they be amazing,will they be inspiring or they will be AWESOME and INCREDIBLE?You can never know the beauty of the things!I hope there are many HOT entries , so i can get yo' up for a prize!Be sure that you do my rulez,because I am very demanding and I will see if you do not do them and you will get disqualified(i hate to disqualify ppl so don't make fails!).
The rules are very easy to enter!

1.You need to have a youtube account!
2.Subscribe to Angeline Wooz and Antoana Apostolova's channel(my too channels :OLD-NEW)
3.Make a photo of yourself,you can say words and quotes,it is allowed and it will give you bonus points!
4.Save the photo in album Called Angeline's Spring Be you contest and remember to write down as comment the theme (you will see the themes down)
5.Message me when you're done or comment on my wallz!
6.Be creative!
7.The background and clothes combinations mixing gives you EXTRA points!

-Night in the spring
-Spring paradise
-Spring party (NOTE:You do not need to wear spring party outfit)

Prizes(There will be prize ONLY for first place):
1 place:30 000 beex(if i collect) ,two colourable items from shopz and having a chance to hang out with Summer,Cel and me!

The pic with most woozups gets to be on my relationshipz-friend for life for 1 month ;) !

-xoxo AngelineGirl1

Bye now - Add me on Woozworld! 'Be the one who will rule the world,never let the world rule you...or else you will be one dot;)'


So, i've been thinking about doing some diy/ fashion stuff for the enjoyment of y'all viewers becuase of my obsession with next top model. So any comments or suggestions in the chat box of any ideas are greatly accepted! ty xoxo-Apple

Friday, March 28, 2014

Now Hiring!

Woozapalooza is now hiring new bloggers once again! Sign up in the 'Become a Blogger' tab for your chance to become a member!

Jobs Available:

  • Author
  • Advertiser

  • Author: (Must have a Gmail).Your job is to post on the blog only on certain days on the week. You can post about updates, fashion, diy's, projects, edits, etc. Your picture will be included in the header picture. (Make sure to include the days you would like to post in your application)
  • Advertiser: (Does not require Gmail) Your job is to go around advertising for the blog! You can advertise on Woozworld, Facebook, Chatstep, etc. You can also make edits and advertisements for the blog! You will be added as an admin to our Facebook page and be in charge of posting advertisements on it, etc. Your photo will be displayed on the header picture. (Make sure to send us an edit by email as an example of an advertisement)


  • You MUST have a gmail account! That is the only type of email that will work on blogger
  • No bad language in posts
  • Have fun!


  • Make your example post interesting in your application!
  • Be friendly, and act as if it is a real post
  • Act as if you are a new blogger in your example post
  • In the application, include the job you would like, and what days you are available
  • Good luck!

Sign up today and have your chance at becoming a member of Woozapalooza!

Spop Outfit Review

It's me Cel with another girl's new outfit review! This week it's called the 'Spop Collection' and for the boys it's the 'Sprawker Collection'. Today I will be reviewing the Spop (girls).

Name: Spop Hair
Review: A medium length hair that is very puffy with cute hoop earings. A lot of people think it is ugly but in my opinion I LOVE it. c:

Name: Spop Dress
Review: An adorable short dress with intricate lacing and patterns. I honestly love it and think it is super cute!

Name: Spop Skirt
Review: A short skirt with matching lacing to the dress. I think it is plain and boring, and they should have done some sort of leggings instead.

Name: Spop Shoes
Review: Tall military-like fashionable boots. They are cute for a hiking trip, but not for this outfit.. They don't match at all and heels would look much better.

Full Outfit:
Name: Spop Collection
Review: A 'pop rock concert' outfit (according to woozband). I think it's okay but not great. Totally not the best collection, but not the worst either.
Model: Me

Well, Cya next time! :D
xoxo~ Cel

ClawdeenWolf Quiz Answers

This week's Monster High quiz is out! :D As usual the prize is just a cardboard cutout of the monster. This week it's Clawdeen wolf.
So here are the answers to the quiz :)

1. werewolf
2. 19
3. chewing
4. wool
5. writing
6. pen

I hope this helped :D Also, I made a new header :D. I sort of tried to make it like pastel colors, and I used a new editor so it is much simpler and quicker. Comment your thoughts about this new editor and header :) Or just comment in the chat box c; . Also I was thinking of a name to like call fans or viewers so comment your thoughts or even if it's a good idea xD.

I'll see you next time! :D

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Edit+ More and More Deadmau5?

I made a new edit! :D It is sooo pretty c: I am really proud of myself xDDDDD Well here it is:
:) Ok well now for our topic; More and More Deadmau5? 
I think someone must be hacking them for "famous" woozens. I mean, how do they get them in their colors? I have been playing Woozworld wayyyyy longer than them and I only have 2 Deadmau5s! They have like 10. If you didn't know, Deadmau5 came to Woozworld in the middle of 2011. He had a concert and it was really fun. I even bought tickets to see him exculsively on Woozworld. It was really cool :D OK so now 3 years later, people are raving over them. Why do they want them so bad? I have no idea. People are starting to protest and things to get him back, but Woozworld just ignores them. People have to be hacking them Deadmau5's because they are in their EXACT colors and everything. See look at this photo Cel took.
ALl of the people with blue rectangles have deadmau5! That's pretty much all of Woozen Quests. There has to be a hacker. Or a cheat or something. But for all of you protesting to bring it back, Woozworld would have a lawsuit if they brought it back with that name because Deadmau5 is a BRAND. They would be sued and then Woozworld would be in trouble. That is why they can't bring it back. Well, that's all on this topic today! BYEEEE

New faces for Woozworld?

Well, I think I have figured out the faces from the new pop-up add/ new outfits. Here is what I thought each face would end up being if they did a update.
From left to right: Innocent and makeup, Cutie and makeup, Down to earth.

    I think these will be the new faces after they update, which I think they are because for 2 days no one could talk on Woozworld. HMMMM. Be ready for a new update Woozens! That's all for now :D

New Spop Outfits

New outfits are in WW! They are called the Spop collection for girls, and Sprawker for boys.. (Odd names) o-0.. Well check it out! I already bought it right away since the dress is super cute, so I will do a review later.
OMG do you see the Woozband's faces?!?! The animator/artist messed up on them.. (ROFL LOOK AT JAYWOOZ) I wonder if it's an update and everyone's face will look this way.. o-0 (I sure hope not..)

Btw, Happy Spring Break (if your on it like me)

Weird Woopetz Thingy + Tons of Deadmau5?

  Have you lately been to Woozen Quests.. Well I go there a lot when I'm bored and pets are EVERYWHERE.. There isn't any owner standing next to them and mostly are the same color. (I swear that little elf has been there for weeks). Mostly there is husky's, but there is also a lemer, panda, and an elf. Mostly they are the same color (dark green and black). I have a feeling KinzieMcElroy is up to this (xp). I saw people asking her to put there pet in the unitz and some people asked me why all the pets are there.
  Also, have you seen all the Deadmau5 hairs people have been wearing? I have started to wonder how they are getting them in their exact codes even when they aren't transferable and the transfer glitch was patched.. Hmmm, hackers? I was wondering about that, and a few of my friends have also.

Red= Petz
Blue = Deadmau5
Wow, do you see all the petz and Deadmau5? Weird, right? Also look at my woozen I traded my old spring party dress for that one :D I like it alot more then the old one, what do you think?

(Note for Apps)
To add a photo to the posts you make, just click the little squared picture frame icon, then press choose file. (The picture you want to put has to be a file on your computer or in a folder). After you click choose file then pick the picture you want to add on your post then click 'add selected'.
Click the icon with the square around it.

Well good luck Apps and byee xP

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Change of Plans for the Web Series.

Well, I was thinking last night about my new Web Series that I am making. (If you didn't read the post, scroll down to find it :D) I am changing the overall idea of it. The NEW name for the Web Series is Mafia. It is about a group of friends who decide to have a party and they end up playing the game Mafia ( I don't know if you know that game but I play it in the summertime xD) Then as the next few weeks and months go by, the game is becoming realer and realer by the moment. One of them is going to turn out to be The Mafia I hope you guys still show up for this Series audition! It is March 27 at 6:30 Wooztime! If you can not make it, please feel free to message me on Woozworld, (nekole) Just message me a little description about yourself. I hope you all show up! This is gonna be great!!!!! I will be posting a post about the roles later, so be looking for them! Love you allllllll :D ~Summer

No Filter On Woopetz?

Have you heard? You can now name your Woopetz ANYTHING you want (even bad words, but I don't recommend doing so since it may result in a temporary suspension from Woozworld).. I still made a few testers with some.. uh..'odd' names.. :/ Check out this one that someone made..
WARNING: The following image(s) below contain inappropriate meaning/language.
If your young, you may not get it.. o-0
I tried to find the least.. 'dirty' one as possible xD..

Cya Next Time! xoxo-

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Girls' Spring Party Outfit Review

It's me Cel! Today I have another outfit review for you :D It's the NEW Spring Party collection (girls). Also, I have a new email! :D.

Name: Spring Party
Review: A low side ponytail with long ears, and medium length hair. It is elevated at the top (puffed up) and is a pretty cute hair. Perfect for a spring time party!

Name: Spring Party Dress
Review: A short dress with see-through fabric on the waste and arms.
You can color the top of dress differently also. I think it is super adorable but I colored mine a little weirdly.. Lol

Name: Spring Party Skirt
Review: A short skirt, the closes around the waist and goes down to the exact length of the dress. It is perfect for a nice spring day(even though it's virtual xP).

Name: Spring Party Heels
Review: A cute pair of heels with straps climbing up the ankles in a nice pattern, nothing that special though.

Full Outfit:
I think I'm gonna
try for SOTW
lol even though
I colored it a
bit oddly.. :D
Cya Next Time! -Cel <3

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while, my email got hacked so I couldn't get on blogger :( xoxo-Apple

Monday, March 24, 2014

6,000+ VIEWS!!!!!!

WOW!! THANK YOU GUYS SOOOOOO MUCH! We have worked sooo hard to get to where we are and we couldn't have done it without you! All of the bloggers are coming together to plan a HUGE event! Be looking for the post that tells all the details! Thank you all SO SO SO much! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

6,013 views xD

My new signoff :D

My new email! :D

So Cel and I decided to make our own emails because at the end of the post some of you thought cel was posting when it was me xD Sooo this is my new email :D Mine is: .. Cel's email is: If you have any questions or if you just want to talk email me :D (We are still using the SummerandCel email for sign-ups, questions, etc.) -Summer

Actors/Actress Needed!

Hey you guys! :D I am making a NEW video! (My last one I accidently deleted, but I will post it as soon as I can ) It is gonna be a promo for the new series I am thinking about making called Your Story, My Life. It's about a group of friends who all come together even though they are totally different. They write stories and those stories end up happening in each other's lives. This is gonna be a GREAT web series and I hope a lot of you try out! I will be having auditions this Thursday at 6pm Wooztime. If you can't make it or you can't get in to the unit, please message me and make the Subject, Audition and tell me about yourself and a little example of how you would act. Hope all the future stars can make it! ~Summer

Do you sell?

If you sell ANY of the items listed below, could you PLEASEEEEEE message me( nekole)? I will buy them for beex. Thank you sooo much! :D

  • Long Pony Tail
  • Woozmas Sweater
  • Patterned Tub Top
  • Spring Party Skirt
  • Spring Party dress
  • Spring party Hair
  • Spring party heels
  • Ms. Romance Glam
  • Fringe Braid
  • Pixel Sweater
  • Z Princess Hair
  • Stylish Ballerina hair
  • The Full Gummy Bear outfit
  • Any of the paper bags
  • Belle Ball hair
  • CarnaWooz hair
  • Ms. Romance Dress
  • Skater Hair
  • Peacock Hair
  • Peacock Dress
  • Sweetz Candy Glam Dress
  • Pixel Leggings
  • Floral Jacket with Polka- Dots
  • Ballet Corset
  • Long Curly Hairstyle 
  • Rocker Dress
  • Jokerz' GF's Hairstyle
  • Skater Leather Jacket
If you sell any, and I mean ANY Pleaseeeee message me on Woozworld! (nekole) Thank you! :D

I Found The Scammer/Hacker!

Well, I found the girl who hacked my podz open. She somehow has my Fringe Braid in the exact color hmm.. Plus in her unitz every calls her a scammer. Summer even told me that she met her one time a while ago, and that this girl is a hacker. Her username is Mermanda..  I don't know if she has scammed you before.. BUT SHE LIES ALOOOT. She says she traded someone with it, and that they are a BOY. But when I asked her their username.. she said 'Mary Rose'.. ROFL.. MARY ROSE IS A GIRL NAME! xD Also, I said she has no proof, so she said I can ask her boyfriend. But when my friend Dell said something about him, she said she didn't have a boyfriend.. xD She lies alot. I have pictures of me wearing the hair, and of her with the exact one, exact color. This code is a secret and I was the only one in ww with the color of Fringe Braid.. Weird, right? I reported her for scamming, but you don't have to it's ok. I won't die over one virtual hair lol.. Well thanks for listening to this long post about me getting scammed xD.. Lol and check out these pics of proof! (There is more scamming comments in her unitz too, but I didn't want to take so many pics so you can read them. Her username is Mermanda)
Me wearing the hair

Mermana wearing the hair

Her profile

A few of the comments on her unitz

Well Thanks for listening everyone. Sorry if I bored you to death (;-;) Bye!! xoxo -Cel

New 'Mawdurn Kitchen' Furniture

Have you seen the new furniture in shopz? Apparently.. Ww doesn't know how to spell modern.. xD They say it 'Mawdurn'.. I think it is because there was already a modern collection so they had to spell it differently. lol. I really like this kitchen furniture. It's sort of a new style, metal, and really nice. I didn't but it yet, but make sure to before it's gone! Jenny also made a weonderful unitz to example this stylish furniture! Check it out! -Cel

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hacked? -Updated

Well.. After about 30 minutes I refreshed the page AGAIN and it let me on.. Nothing is missing from my account.. THAT WAS WEIRD!! -Cel


Ok so I was on Woozworld, then it said 'You lost connection to server'. So I refreshed the page and it said that there is no website linked to the address.. So I thought 'Uh is ww deleted or updating?' But then.. I went on the laptop and tried to log on my account. It logged on but Woozin stayed as a blank black page! When I logged onto a backup account on the laptop, it logged on just fine... Was I hacked? How do I fix this? WHAT IS GOING ON?! Please help D:

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Look at  how cute he is!!
They were all so cuteeeeeeeeeeee Mostly Kermit. He is my future frog husband. I mean Miss piggy, you better watch out sweetie, SUMMER IS IN TOWN! You should all see this movie! It was soooo cute and super funny xD I LOVE MUPPETS :D

Friday, March 21, 2014

ElissaBat Quiz Answers!


1. blood oranges
2. purple
3. 1601
4. dragon whisperer
5. acting
6. stage fright

ElissaBat Cardboard Cutout

Good Trade or Nah? UPDATED!

Well... Now I got 3 Mod 210's faces... What to do... xD I will put a pic of my inventory! I have been hacked so I do not have a lot of stuff...
Do not ask me to sell any of these...
I only trade them :D

Good Trade or Nah?

I have found a woozen that wanted a paper bag on fire so I traded him. He then put in Mod 210's face! 
A picture of the trade. Sorry I do not want to show the woozen's name and/or the pic of him.
Now the question is... Is this a good trade? Comment below! :D

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hey guys I have a contest for you! Since spring break is coming up soon for a lot of you, this photo contest is a spring contest! Message me (Apple-panda) to enter. Your photo should be in an album saying something along the lines of Apple's photo contest. Huh prizes? Oh yeah xD the winner will receive 200 wooz and 2,000 beex :) Thanks guys! xoxo-Apple (I'm not tech savvy... yeah)

Event Canceled for This Weekend

Ok so this weekend's event for 5,000+ views is canceled. Summer, Lucy, Me, and some of our other friends are going to the movies instead.. So yeah sorry xD We're going to see The Muppets  xD (Sadly, Need For Speed isn't showing that day.. D:.. Well the event will probably be scheduled over spring break or after xP (Our spring break starts this weekend so yeah..) Well thanks for understanding and I have to cut this post short cus my chicken is choking on his food o-0....... Ok bye!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Event New + a Lil Edit c:

Hey it's Cel.. Well I was SUPER bored today cus I stayed home and so I made a really quick simple edit! xD Rainboooooow...
Ok soo I also have new for the event.. It might.. MIGHT have to be rescheduled.. I know.. sort of last minute but don't worry c: It will probably end up being during or after spring break, since we have had some difficulty choosing bloggers + details for the event.. Sorry for the inconvenience xD Byeeee -Cel

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Hey it's me Cel, wishing you a happy Saint Patrick's Day! Everyone here at Woozapalooza hopes you have a wonderful day, even if you don't celebrate this holiday xD. Remember to wear green so no one pinches you c:. But if you want a kiss from a special someone, then wear none! xD Well I made this little edit for the occasion. :D
Happy St. Patty's!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Bloggers + 5,000 Views Event + New Additions

The 5,000+ views event is being scheduled! We have decided on the blogger we are adding, but they have to make a GMAIL to join! Alot of people who signed up don't have GMAIL, so we sadly can't add you since only GMAIL is aloud on blogger. :( So, the new blogger was SUPPOSED to be Mic (-Thunderboy-) but he has to make a GMAIL.. So we are choosing a backup person just in case. :) Also, the other new blogger -Lucky-Lucy- (she is already on the header) doesn't have a GMAIL! So sad.. :( So we have to add someone to replace her D:! Good luck and sign up in the 'Become a Blogger' tab xD.
    The event will be scheduled for sometime next weekend! The dates are being planned since some members are going on vacation for spring break. ;o (I wish I was xD).. I'll keep you updated on the details though, because the 5,000 view event is one of the most special events! As you may know, every thousand views has an event, but we skipped 4,000 because we were planning an extra special one for 5,000+! (Trust me, THIS IS GOING TO BE SOOOO AWESOME!!). I really think you will like it! :D
   I know this is getting to be a really long post, but some new additions to the blog are being added! XD From now on, there will be an outfit of the week, and the new outfit reviews! (You may have seen them on the blog already, but now they are a PERMENENT feature)! And btw, I know that the guys who view this blog are probably thinking it's really girly but we are adding another boy blogger, so you will have something to enjoy also xD..
   Well.. BYEEE!

                                             Signing off,


Please HELP!

Hey guys! I made a new account called: CelioLove. Can you guys help me vote it so I can level up and wear better clothes? This will be an account that will be the 'twin' of CelieLove37... Thanks!

Saturday, March 15, 2014


So to start off, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I got banned from the computer for a week :( (Not telling why xD) Anyways,  it's time for OOTW!!!!! (Outfit of the week)  SOOO I hope you guys try this out for yourselves and make sure to wait until next saturday for the next OOTW :D ~ Summer
So, here is all of the clothing items and my review for them!

                Name: Pool Party Hair
                        Review: This is reallllllllllyyyyyyy cute! I love how the hair is kinda higher than the headbadn, making it look teenish and modern.

               Name: Country Boy Top
                      Review: I COMPLETELY LOVEEE THIS SHIRT!! Yes its for boys, but I DON'T CAREEEEE! I love how it has the tie and its gray and black which looks a little more professional. It's so cute and is good with pants or shorts! :D 
                            Name: Classic Minishorts
                                    Review: These shorts live up to their name. They truly are classic minishorts. They go great with pretty much everything in Woozworld and ALOT of people wear them. 

                           Name: Guy's Tommy's
                                   Review: These shoes are SOOO much like real Toms, or Bobs. They are wonderful and they go with alot of things, like the shorts. I love these shoes, and if you catch me around Woozworld, you will see me wearing them alot c;

Full Outfit:

Modeled by MEEEEEE