Friday, June 26, 2015

We are nominated!


So, hey guys it's me Summer (yes I am back)

I haven't posted for a while because I have been so busy with summer school stuff! FINALLY it's over. Well, I have one day but that's it! Now on with the topic, WOOZAPALOOZA HAS BEEN NOMINATED FOR A BUNCH OF FANSITE AWARDS! This is such an honor! Listed down below are what we got nominated for:
  • Best Fansite
  • Fan Favorite Fansite
  • Best Fansite Owner (Celia and I)
  • Most Updated Fansite
  • Most interactive fansite


Can I just say that I am so grateful for all of the oppertunities that Woozapalooza has given us. When we created this blog, we just wanted to find something else to do with Woozworld, to make it a more fun website. Now, we are an official blog and we are being nominated for 5 awards. Thank you guys SO much. You have no idea how much I love you guys. Even though I don't post regularly (my absolute problem) I know in my heart that Woozapalooza is still one of my biggest accomplishments on Woozworld.

Thank you guys!

XoXo Summer (nekole)
Check out the OFFICIAL website here!: Click here to be taken to the awards!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

How to Organize your Desk!

Hey guys, it's Mika!
Check the post below this to see "My Return" post for why I haven't been on x3

Most of you woozens probably spend a lot of time at your desks. It's okay, I do too. But sometimes we just get too lazy and begin dumping stuff on it and messing it up! So today I'm going to give some tips on how to organize your desk <3

1- Get a small, cute box or a bin.
This is what you can use to put beside your desk for any rubbish or clutter you might have.

2- Sort out those wires!
If you have a PC this might be something you'll need to do. If wires and connections are all over the place try and take them all out, untangle them, then put them back in. It makes a difference, I swear!

3-  Sort things into piles.
Try getting a shoe box and filling it up with your essentials for your desk. Maybe stationary, books, makeup etc. If you sort them into piles, shoe boxes or other boxes it will make things easier to find and it will look a lot neater.

4- Be creative!
Glue some things on the boxes or make cute designs to put on your computer or keyboard. It will make it look prettier x3

5- Finishing touches. 
Make sure everything is where and how you want it to be.  After this, stand back and admire your organized desk!

WOW that felt good to post again! I hope I helped in some way for you guys, I really like this post and I think it's different. Message, comment or say your opinions in the chat box, I'd really like to hear them! 

That's it for today but keep an eye out for more posts!
-Mika xox

My Return!

Hey guys it's Mika!
Been a while since you've seen that name, huh?
I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry for not posting! Exams have been taking over my life. Literally. 

I am trying my best to post every 2 or 3 days from now to make up for not posting but anyways I hope you all are doing amazing

I'm just going to do something non-woozworld related because I feel like it would be different! So I'll post that ASAP! 

I promise to interact with you all so much more this summer since school is so close to ending and I will have so much free time since I never have anything to do.. hehe x3

I'll try post some tips/DIYS/outfits etc for you guys so you can become better at Woozworld or even learn a thing or two for real life!

Anyways I will end this return post here but as I said I will be posting very shortly so if you happen to be one of the people who see this as soon as it's put up, be sure to stick around and leave a comment or chat in the chat box to the right --->

Bye guys!!
-Mika xox

Sunday, June 21, 2015

My Summer Guide to Fun (for WoozWorld and the Real World too!)

Hey, Woozens! Today, i'm making an extra-long guide for what you can do for summer and have fun (on WoozWorld and Out!)


Woozens these days are either boring or interesting. You can either choose to explore or stay in one unit. Personally, I would like to explore, as it bequeaths wonders that render your mind devoid of reaction! (Yeah, I only understood like half of what I just said.)
You can go around WoozWorld and discover new Unitz. Who knows, maybe there's a unit that you have never even been to! I've been on WoozWorld for 4-5 years (account switching), and I never knew a "Great Wall" (I don't remember what the unit was called, but it had something to do with a wall) existed until the day I discovered it!!! Like....WOW! Woozens back then got a free Dragon WooPetz for visiting or completing a quest or something. I'm sorry, my memory is insanely fuzzy!
Just remember: To explore is to accomplish. If and when you explore, you learn something new about WoozWorld (and the outside world, but ONLY if your parents let you. Stay safe, kids!) that you have never knew about the game, and it kind of lets you see it in a whole new light.


Now I am not the most Social Woozen ever, but I DO know that summer is GREAT with friends! :)
Socializing is the key part to a strong friendship and a good summer. If you don't have any friends, you can always talk to me.*******
Note: If you want to make friends during the summer, find yourself in a good position to be asking the Woozen (or a person) if you would like to hang out/chat. Now, you might do things a little differently, but friendship is a new thing for me, so I'm not an expert!
The key point of this short paragraph: Don't be a loner during the summer, because this season is one of friends, family, frolic, and fun.

3.) EDIT!!!!!

Editing is a FANTASTICO way to pass the time! With editing, you can make your Woozen sit, stand, cartwheel, go into an amusement park (background editing), and more! There are so many possibilities.
Editing programs I recommend:
Sumo Paint
**If you edit, please recommend a program that isn't on this list that I can use for free!


1.) Couch potato-ness is CONTAGIOUS. There is a time to be lazy and a time to be active.

Woozens, couch potato-ness is one of the worst things to be having during summer. If you think Woozens can't be couch potatoes, think again. If you spend more than 2+ hours on WoozWorld without moving any of your body parts in the real world except your FLICK OF THE WRIST (song reference right there!!!), you're basically just couch potato-ing your life away. Now don't get me wrong, I would spend 2+ hours on WoozWorld every summer too. I just move my body parts in the real world, so don't forget to do that (otherwise you'll cramp up when you stand up).

2.) Stay up for more than 24 hours (no break) playing WoozWorld.

No. No no no. N.O. Don't do it. The only time you can so that is watching a Family Guy marathon.
Trust me though, do not stay up for more than 24 hours with your eyes on a screen. Your eyes are delicate...I lost some of my eyesight doing this. So just sayin', don't do it. Take breaks to stare at the green trees outside, it actually helps.

And now, this concludes the extra-long guide! Hope this helps! :)


Inner Emotions contest

Hey guys! Bleaty here o3o.I know T_T I only post Friday Saturday,but I feel bad for missing Friday 3 weeks in a row so here :D(also it's really important)

So recently,I've gotten 40 subscribers and because I'm oh so nice,I am making a photo contest.Video is on my woozin,but here are the contest details.

*photo contest 
*deadline: july 10th 
*theme: Inner Emotions 
*must get 20 + woozups ehehe.   
*label it bleat's photo contest
*must have 2 or more woozens unless I make an exception and you are lonely like bob and you don't have a partner.
*I need some contestants T_T.Sierra is my only one so far.
*Be creative!
*You can use me in photos if any of you want I don't mind ::
*Bloggers can join as well C:


An example would be:

Emotion: Love
2 woozens. etc

I will comment valid on you photo and yea.That' basically it.For prizes check my video,on my woozin.

Bleaty signing out o3o Message me for any further concerns.


Saturday, June 20, 2015


Hey, peebles! :D

Imma start posting a LOT these days because I was kicked out of one of my blogs.....ANYWAY, WoozWorld is caring for us by making Eventz called "#different2gether". I saw some videos, and they are BEAUTIFUL. They actually made me kind of tear up! :'>

Here's one:
I hope WoozWorld will continue to be kind with this charitable event, it's beautiful!


Logan's solstice! Walkthrough

Hey guys! o3o Bleaty here.I'm so sorry I couldn't post yesterday (I have a broken HTML) So right now I'm using my tablet.I'm also creating 2 photos of my class as manga,for my social/literacy teacher and my original,teacher.(I'm the only one that does not want school to end x_x) But anyways,Hopefully on summer break I'll be able to post and fix my html.

So,on woozworld,Logan came back :D!!She also has given us some objectivez to complete.If you are unable to see the objectivez,log out,and log back in.So here are the steps to do this quest.

1)Open your objectivez and click the green globe to get to the unitz Woozmas Beach.

2)Open your objectivez and click the green globe to get to you next destination,Surf Paradise!            

3)Open your objectivez and click the green globe to go to the Ice Queen's Castle, and click the           
           transporter and talk to her.(then click the transporter again)
4)Look around unitz for 20 suns with sunglasses xD (takes around 3 minutes or so)                                                                              

5)Open objectivez,again to go back to the Surf Paradise unit.                                                                 

6)Click the portal and you clean the beach covered in goo ;P                                                                 
All you do is click the slime stuff/goo.                                                                                                  

Now you're back at Surf Paradise.

 7)Now, click the green globe,again T_T.Now,you go to the Woozworld Beach unitz.                          

 8) Click on the teleporter and clean up the slime.                                                                                    

Once you're done cleaning up the beach,click the teleporter to head back to the beach.

9)Click the green globe to go to Logan's beach.                                                                                      

10)Again click the teleporter to clean up the beach.
So much goo omg.
Once you're done, you have to go back to the teleporter again x_x
But....The queen of drama steps in xDD
Ofc it was Zeena.First she tries ruining prom,now summer.This girl never quits omg.

11)After that,you go back to the beach and you need to say "Summer Rocks" in  the chat box (It can be in any unit)

Now...refresh to get this achievement

And tada!! You helped Logan save summer :L.Be prepared for July 3rd to go to her Beach bash.
Anyways that's all for today,Have fun with this quest

Bleaty signing out!!