Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How to: Stylish with Shopz!

Hey woozens! Mika here aka mikaskye x3

So a lot of times I get asked where I get my clothes from non-vips or newbies and they always ask for rares, but really, what's the point? There are many ways of looking fashionable without needing to spend to much money on Woozworld on wooz, outfits etc. Here I'm going to give you an example of an outfit from Woozworld's very own Shopz!

Ta da! Now the hair isn't from Shopz but for today's post I'm working on outfits x3 Most of these items are super cheap in Shopz and if you go to marketplace, sometimes they are even cheaper!

I'll go ahead and list the items but I want your opinions guys! Message me at any time, I love hearing from y'all.
Username of model: mikaskye

The pink color code is ffdadb by the way!
And (duh) the black is 000000 x3

 Adventurer Egyptian heels
Cost in Shopz: 720 beex/160 wooz

Pattered shirt with blazer
Cost in Shopz: 900 beex / 200 wooz

Polka dot leggings
Cost in Shopz: 810 beex / 180 wooz

So there you have it, I'm sure you can do the math to see the total but I think that this outfit is actually really pretty! Just put a cute color code with it and you can have your own "rare" style that nobody
else has.

That's it for today but be sure to check daily for any new posts!

Stay stylish,
- Mika xox

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