Saturday, May 23, 2015

Weird stuff happening & Billboard awardz winners

Hey guys! I know it's really late but blogger has this HTML Thing going on and my laptop always has a shock wave or stop plug-in,but anyways today I'll be posting about the Billboard Awardz Winners!!I honestly thought more people would win but only 7 woozens got it right so great job C:

I knew I had no hope in it,but if you weren't one of the winners,know that the next time they have an eventz like that,your hopes may be even better.

So give a big congrats to:


I think it's pretty cool if you're all reading this,that you got them all correct.

This was posted a couple days ago but the post I was originally going to post about was a misunderstanding.Apparently all the unitz featured had around 100-500 woozens in them.I wasn't able to get in the unitz so I have no idea if woozens were in there or if it was a glitch/hack.Here's a photo(Not mine for I had no chance to take it):


                                                                                                                            If you are one of those people that get panic attacks stay calm.This is already done xD

Woozworld has been getting quite strange lately,so if any more interesting things happen,be sure to not get involved incase it has to do with hackers,and just remain calm.

Well that's all for this topic,I hope to see you all soon next week xx Stay safe in this brutal summer heat for those in summer!!

Bleaty signing out!


Friday, May 22, 2015

Woozworld Prom Nominees!!

Hey guys! o3o Bleaty here,and today Mya finally announced the...Prom Nominees! Give a big congratz to out prom queen nominees:

*ZeenaWooz (Oh Gawd)

Congratulations :D I wish all of you the best of luck and remember if you didn't get Prom Queen there is still Prom Princess and Prince.

Now for the prom king nominees congratulation to:


Great job guys o3o.Remember to choose wisely!I voted for Zelda because she's a great friend of mine but choose the person u admire.If you're seeking for a drama prom this year maybe Zeena will be your best choice xD

Thats all for this topic, I can't wait to see who wins next saturday!See you tomorrow!!

Bleaty signing out!


WoozPaper vol. 157, released now!

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting so long! I was INSANELYYYYY busy.

WoozPaper has been released! See the fascinating articles. .3. Mine is on there, so I might not be invisible in WoozWorld after all.

I iz honored.

Tune in next time for more posts.


Sunday, May 17, 2015


Hello everybody, it's me Celia (CelieLove37)

So, as you probably noticed, the blog has been updated with a brand new design and theme for the SUMMER TIME!!!! I don't know about you guys, but my summer vacation starts on May 26th. I AM SO EXCITED!! Finally, no more school... Well.. That is until next year. :/

Anyways, lets talk more about the new blog design. I was going for a beachy type theme. It took me FOREVERRRRR to make. U-U! Also, I made a new chat box to go along with it. :P I hope you like it
Also, I updated "The Crew" page and the stats so now all the new bloggers are included too. So... Yeah.
Okay well that is all I have to say... Oh and make sure to keep an eye out for many new videos to come on my Youtube channel (ArtInsanity)... Now that school has ended, I have much more time to make videos. 
That's all for now, Byeee!!!
P.S. I hope you like my new sign-off picture c:!

Life as a Woozworld Dancer

Hi guys x3 Mika here! So for today's post I wanted to do something a little different from other blogs, something that not a lot of people know is happening. I am going to post about Life as a Woozworld Dancer!
 A lot of people just think a bunch of people form a group, make a routine and never speak again, and that is true. For some studios. Some studios such as Purple All Stars put all of their time on Woozworld into making routines, buffing up the studio and what not. Woozens hold dance competitions for prizes such as beex, rares and much more. 
But behind all of the fun, happy experience of dancing on woozworld there is a lot, and I mean a lot of drama between studios. There is a studio named Peach Dance Studio. Peach are way beyond rivals with Purple All Stars. Exela-Backup (Owner and creator of PAS) claims that Peach "stole their studio". Here are pictures of both studios.

 Do they look similar? They do indeed. 

Recently though, PAS re-arranged their studio a little bit to make the two look a small bit different. I, myself was a member of PAS once and all the drama made me want to quit so badly! (I did quit in the end though). Elinnna Who is the owner of Peach Dance Studio created the studio and claims that she made it before PAS. 

It's not always as simple as that. For weeks upon months these two studios have been 
arguing, posting on each others' WoozIn and 
what not but this needs to stop. This is a game, I don't know why so many people take it so  seriously! 

   I hope you enjoyed this post since I thought it 
   would be different. That's all for now but if you did enjoy it be sure to message me (mikaskye) your thoughts! 

  Keep Cool,

  -Mika xox

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Hey guys o3o! Bleaty here,and I'm really sorry this post is kind of late.My computer kept crashing and stuff,but I troubleshooted it.Anyway, today I noticed something happening on woozworld.As you may know,Jenny had an event called Woozpetz Of The Week.I noticed this is like,as you all know,the famous Star Of The Week.In Jenny's hot topics she said:
                                                                                The very first WoozPetz Of The Week!I'm guessing that Jenny is now having her own special eventz like Mya's SOTW.Who knows,sooner or later, There will be a GOTW=Gamer Of The Week and ROTW=Rapper Of The Week..

But for now,I feel like this is a great idea the woozband started.Also some tips for those who want to try and get to SOTW It's not as easy as you think.

*Before,you could use a program called auto clicker overnight to get in but since they open it at 3:30 it won't work.
*If you go on app,it's sometimes faster,but you can't click the icon on WoozNews you have to search up the unitz.  
*Remove all tabs you don't need to reduce lag,&try going in a unitz with less furniture (Don't go to 2 unitz or else when you go to the SOTW Unitz you'll get the ad video)
*For other eventz they won't do this,I think someone complained to Mya about this problem for AutoClicker.

Honestly I think this isn't great.If any of you reading make it in tomorrow,please ask Mya to go back to the original way,because when this started,the same woozens get inside,and others can't have the opportunity.

So that's all for this topic see you guys next week x3,Bleaty signing out! xx


Summertime Outfits!

Hey guys
It's me Summer and today I will be showing you guys some of my most favorite summertime outfits!

Outfit #1:

Hair: UrbanBlossom Hair by AutumnLight
Top: WNS Tube Top
Bottoms: Rolled-Up Shorts
Shoes: Small Shoes
Review: I really, really, like this outfit! I love how casual it looks while still being cute! I would totally wear something like this in real life!
Outfit #2:
Hair: Long Ponytail
Top: WNS Strapless Dress
Shoes: Strapless Sandals
Review: This outfit is really summer-y! It's really bright and the long pony/sandals really play up that summertime feel!
Outfit #3: 
Hair: UrbanBlossom Hair by AutumnLight
Top: Flames Crop Top
Bottoms: Rolled-Up Shorts
Shoes: Guy's Tommys
Review: THIS IS SO CASUAL BUT CUTE! I also really like this hair color, and have been wearing it around Woozworld lately!

So,  I hope you guys like these outfits! I really like them and will be wearing them around Woozworld often! If you guys have any summertime outfits that you like, snap a pic and send them to me here. That's it for today's post guys! Have a great day and weekend! Until next time...
Summer (nekole) XoXo
Do you guys like my new sign off? I sure do! xP

Friday, May 15, 2015

I'm back o3o

Hey guys o3o! Omg it's Bleaty here.Longg time no see.I will not miss another posting day,and my mom gave in earlier this week,so I'm aloud on the computer.(BTW:Before I was on my sister's tablet)I'm so so so SOO Sorry I just left so sudden in the middle of my trial.Please forgive me?

So anyways,on woozworld,prom started :D.I am trying to be Prom Queen,but there's more better people out there with like 10 votes*wink*But if you don't got anyone to nominate I'm available ;)So yea.Enjoy that! Jay also has a little contest for us.I will probably not win because I only listen to Nightcore but anyways:

You have to guess all these song writer questions and if you get all 4 right you get a cool prize xD

The questions asked are:

*Which artist will win the 'top artist award' at Billboard awards?

*Which artist will win the 'top new artist award' at Billboard awards?

*Which album will win the 'top billboard 200 album' award at the Billboard awards?

*Which song will win the 'top hot 100 song' award at the Billboard awards?

Good luck o3o!Remember if you're entering as Prom Queen/King,don't spam videos on wallz,saying you did good deeds,or for people to vote you.If you simply go around being who you really are,that's what mostly counts :3

Bleaty signing out!


Monday, May 11, 2015

All About PROM 2k15!

Hey guys! 
Its Summer (nekole) and today's post is all about Prom 2k15!

YOU CAN NOW VOTE FOR PROM KING AND PROM QUEEN! Woozworld is now taking nominations  for 2k15 Prom King and Prom Queen! To nominate someone go to Prom Planning HQ and click the green podz for Prom Queen and the Yellow podz for Prom King. You have to type a little short paragraph as to why you want that person nominated though! 

A lot of people are really hoping that "famous" people don't win. I kind of agree with them, but if they do win then its oh well. This year it is a fair game for anyone to win so no one should be complaining. It's not about how many votes you get or how many collectibles you collect, its about how genuine the paragraph the people typed of you. Please don't complain about this anymore!

If you don't win Prom Queen or Prom King, then you can still win Prince or Princess! To become one of these, you have to click on the Prom Ballots that will start appearing soon in Woozworld.  
                                                              One Prom Ballot= 1 Vote
You can collect up to 100 ballots, which means 100 chances to win! ( they will choose from a random pool of woozens)

There is also Prom Committee, Prom Playlist Prep, and Prom Unitz Design Contest!

To be in the Prom Committee, you have to go to Prom Planning HQ and finish the objectivez. There will be a video up tomorrow of how to finish those objectivez! 

A few days ago, Jay Wooz asked Woozens about their favorite music! I think he made all the most popular ones into a playlist, and is gonna do something cool with it at Prom!

The Prom Unitz Design Contest kinda is tied into the Prom Playlist Prep! Now Jay Wooz wants for the Woozens to create a unitz based off of their favorite song! I think a cool one would be Chandelier by Sia and Problem by Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea. You can submit your designs at iDesignz.

Woozworld has also released a few Pre-Prom Outfits

The Pre-Prom Outfits will only be released for a LIMITED TIME on Woozworld! They will only be released in #ZeChicYoSelf in Shopz on Saturday and Tuesday for 24 hours! BUT, you can also receive a FREE Pre-Prom Outfit if you become a VIP! You can become a VIP in the Woozworld Store! 

If you wanted to know, the Woozworld Prom Design Contest has officially ended! It ended May 7th, and the winning outfits will be revealed May 28th! I designed my outfit for it! I will show you a picture down below:
It maybe looks a bit weird, but I used a real-life picture of a Neon Rave and made it into my own thing! PLEASE DON'T REPASTE OR USE MY DESIGN WITHOUT ASKING/CREDITING ME!

If you guys send me some of the designs that you created I will feature you in my next post! You can send them to me at: 

So that's it for this post guys! I hope I gave you information you needed for Prom 2k15: Tell Me When To Glow! 

Until Next Time:
Summer (Nekole) xOxO

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

~ Spring Blossom Outfit ~

Hi Everyone! It's your bae mika xox
SO as I mentioned in my first post I will be posting outfits! Woop Woop! 
This first outfit is modelled by me, the best model ever  xD. I really hope you guys enjoy my posts as much as I will! This outfit features clothing from AutumnLight who is a really good designer, almost as good as the other bloggers here x)
So here it is!
Hair: UrbanBlossom Hair by AutumnLight
Where to find it: Shopz and Store

Top: UrbanBlossom Tank by AutumnLight
Where to find it: Shopz and Store

Skirt: Plaid SchoolGirl Skirt
Where to find it: Shopz and Marketplace

Shoes: Kicks With Studs
Where to find it: Shopz and Marketplace

So there you have it! I love this outfit and I hope you guys do too.
In total, if you were to only buy this outfit with wooz it would be 710 wooz.

That's all for today but I can't wait to see you all soon!
-Mika xox

Monday, May 4, 2015

Dream Prom Dress?+ Jenny's Birthday!

Hey guys!
its me Summer and I have new news from Woozworld!

Prom 2k15

If you don't know already, the theme of 2015 is "Tell Me When To Glow" or Neon Rave! Personally, I picked "midnight under the stars" I think that was the theme at least xD Anyways, Woozworld is allowing the WOOZENS to design the prom attire! Here are the rules:
  • Print the REQUIRED template and draw or use an online editing tool to create your design
  • Create an outfit using the theme Neon Rave
  • Feel free to choose a unique name for your outfit
  • Sign your design with your Woozen's name
  • Respect the Woozworld Code of Conduct
  • Submit your design in the Central Plaza; Yellow for boys Green for girls before Thursday, May 7th, they will only take submissions from this pods!
  • DON'T submit more than ONE outfit per gender
  • DON'T submit someone else's work, it must be your own signed creation
  • DON'T submit any offensive or inappropriate designs
The designs will go on sale May 28th. Good Luck!

       Jenny's Birthday

Happy late birthday Jenny! Our favorite bubbly, animal loving animator's birthday was Monday, April 27th. She celebrated by having a sweet tea party with all of the Woozens! Many people showed up and Jenny was very happy! Our favorite fashionista Mya Wooz even set up birthday wishes for Jenny! You can check those out here: Click Here for the Woozpaper!
Some Woozens did point out that her birthday changes every year. I don't know for sure that it is true, but if it is then oh well. 
Happy Birthday from Woozapalooza Jenny!
So that's all for today's post guys! I hoped you liked it and I'll see you tomorrow!
XoXo Summer

New Trial Blogger Alert!

Hold on. WHAT!?
Hey woozens what's up, it's Mika!I can't believe I'm a new trial  blogger here at Woozapalooza x3 I hope I'm not uploading too late, I was sick okay xD
So since I'm a trial blogger here I would just like to thank Summer and Cel for inviting me to blog here, it's awesome!

Some things that I'll post about:

  • Outfits, yours too!
  • Drama, oooh
  • New Events
  • Anything else that's interesting and unique
So If you would like to get to know me a little more here are some facts!
  • Red and Pink are my favorite colors
  • Fashion on Woozworld is my life
  • I also blog on WoozUnity in the "Fashion Around Woozworld" page
  • I love going to eventz and meeting new people
  • I draw some designs for woozworld xp
  • Blogging is my fav
  • Dance = bae
So there you have it! I really can't wait to meet you guys x3 Also As I said at the top I'll be posting some of YOUR outfits! Send me a message of everything you are wearing, I will take a pic of your profile and sometimes I will post outfits and reviews! Keep an eye out for your woozen because I may get you by surprise x)

Message me for anything and we can even chat together! mikaskye is my username, I can't wait to meet you all!

-Mika xox

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Trial Blogger Becky :)

Hi! I’m the new trial blogger Beckylala (aka. Becky) I am really excited to post blogs and I hope you guys enjoy them! Anyways there are few things you should know about me!
  1. This is my first time to be a blogger on any blogs
  2. I love to read and draw
  3. I like the colors white, light purple and black
  4. I have a dog called Lily
  5. I love pizza! XD
  6. And you don’t want to mess with me when I’m hungry! :p

These are a few basics of me and just be careful of the last one! My blog posts will be mostly about fashion like the new zechic or the new clothes in the stores  and maybe sometimes I might do an Outfit Of The Week!
I really am a beginner so my posts won’t be as good as the others but I hope you guys might enjoy my posts!
For today this is it because its my first blog post on this blog!

-Becky XD


Saturday, May 2, 2015

New Trial blogger Bleaty!

Hello o3o.I'm Bleatystar-(Blea,Bleat,Bleaty etc)And from today on,I will be a blogger on Woozapalooza,an amazing blog xx.Here are some stuff you should know about me :3

*I'll be posting about news on Woozworld (Ex;ZackWooz marrying JennyWooz!?-cough-)

*I love Neon L-Blue.(Steal it and your done for)

*I also post on:WoozworldBurst,and WoozworldSpies,2 other amazing blogs.

*I'm kind,funny,and overall a good person.If you mess with me'll be praying for mercy.

*I love to draw Anime/Manga,like our hawt owner.

So that's mostly all you need to be aware of me.I'm looking very forward to be apart of this blog,and it's a great honor :P.If you didn't get accepted,it's fine because we didn't come to life to be perfect.We came to make mistakes.Everyone fails,even me.(Ya don't know how hard it took me to get on here '-')I bet you're all amazing and one day,you will be here C:.

I'm so sorry this post was extremely short,and it's really late (I was working on a sign off photo)but it's only an introduction post. Look forward to more posts! xx

Bleaty signing out!


Friday, May 1, 2015

New Theme +Headers +New Bloggers!

Hey guys! It's Summer and do you see the new theme?! I made the theme Android in honor of the app coming out! I also designed the header which tbh isn't very good, but the header can't be Android forever! CONGRATZ to the new bloggers! Welcome to the Woozapalooza Family! I hope you guys like posting and keep up with it! Until next time...
                                                               Summer (nekole) XOXO

Congratulations New Bloggers!

Hey guys, it's me Celia (CelieLove37)! Sorry for no new posts ;(! Anyways, I just wanted to make a congratulations post to the new bloggers that we selected from the applications! :) I know some of you have been waiting a while to know, so please don't be upset if you weren't chosen. (Btw.. I am also removing 2 old bloggers that are inactive) ;( Drum roll please....

Congratulations to mikaskye, beckylala, and Bleatystar- !
If you are still interested in becoming a blogger, please send an email to us at:

After you email us, I will send you an invitation to your email, which you will need to accept in order to become a blogger. You have to have gmail. You will be trial bloggers, meaning you have a total of 5 posts to do in order to prove to us that you are an exceptional blogger. Please post at least once a week, twice is good also.
You MUST take a picture of your woozen and put it in an albumz titled "Woozapalooza". If you do not do this, then you WON'T be on the new header I am designing.

I hope you have a great day, 
BYE! ;) 
-CelieLove37 (Celia)