Monday, May 4, 2015

Dream Prom Dress?+ Jenny's Birthday!

Hey guys!
its me Summer and I have new news from Woozworld!

Prom 2k15

If you don't know already, the theme of 2015 is "Tell Me When To Glow" or Neon Rave! Personally, I picked "midnight under the stars" I think that was the theme at least xD Anyways, Woozworld is allowing the WOOZENS to design the prom attire! Here are the rules:
  • Print the REQUIRED template and draw or use an online editing tool to create your design
  • Create an outfit using the theme Neon Rave
  • Feel free to choose a unique name for your outfit
  • Sign your design with your Woozen's name
  • Respect the Woozworld Code of Conduct
  • Submit your design in the Central Plaza; Yellow for boys Green for girls before Thursday, May 7th, they will only take submissions from this pods!
  • DON'T submit more than ONE outfit per gender
  • DON'T submit someone else's work, it must be your own signed creation
  • DON'T submit any offensive or inappropriate designs
The designs will go on sale May 28th. Good Luck!

       Jenny's Birthday

Happy late birthday Jenny! Our favorite bubbly, animal loving animator's birthday was Monday, April 27th. She celebrated by having a sweet tea party with all of the Woozens! Many people showed up and Jenny was very happy! Our favorite fashionista Mya Wooz even set up birthday wishes for Jenny! You can check those out here: Click Here for the Woozpaper!
Some Woozens did point out that her birthday changes every year. I don't know for sure that it is true, but if it is then oh well. 
Happy Birthday from Woozapalooza Jenny!
So that's all for today's post guys! I hoped you liked it and I'll see you tomorrow!
XoXo Summer

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