Sunday, May 3, 2015

Trial Blogger Becky :)

Hi! I’m the new trial blogger Beckylala (aka. Becky) I am really excited to post blogs and I hope you guys enjoy them! Anyways there are few things you should know about me!
  1. This is my first time to be a blogger on any blogs
  2. I love to read and draw
  3. I like the colors white, light purple and black
  4. I have a dog called Lily
  5. I love pizza! XD
  6. And you don’t want to mess with me when I’m hungry! :p

These are a few basics of me and just be careful of the last one! My blog posts will be mostly about fashion like the new zechic or the new clothes in the stores  and maybe sometimes I might do an Outfit Of The Week!
I really am a beginner so my posts won’t be as good as the others but I hope you guys might enjoy my posts!
For today this is it because its my first blog post on this blog!

-Becky XD


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