Friday, May 15, 2015

I'm back o3o

Hey guys o3o! Omg it's Bleaty here.Longg time no see.I will not miss another posting day,and my mom gave in earlier this week,so I'm aloud on the computer.(BTW:Before I was on my sister's tablet)I'm so so so SOO Sorry I just left so sudden in the middle of my trial.Please forgive me?

So anyways,on woozworld,prom started :D.I am trying to be Prom Queen,but there's more better people out there with like 10 votes*wink*But if you don't got anyone to nominate I'm available ;)So yea.Enjoy that! Jay also has a little contest for us.I will probably not win because I only listen to Nightcore but anyways:

You have to guess all these song writer questions and if you get all 4 right you get a cool prize xD

The questions asked are:

*Which artist will win the 'top artist award' at Billboard awards?

*Which artist will win the 'top new artist award' at Billboard awards?

*Which album will win the 'top billboard 200 album' award at the Billboard awards?

*Which song will win the 'top hot 100 song' award at the Billboard awards?

Good luck o3o!Remember if you're entering as Prom Queen/King,don't spam videos on wallz,saying you did good deeds,or for people to vote you.If you simply go around being who you really are,that's what mostly counts :3

Bleaty signing out!


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