Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I really LOVE the hair and the dress! Everything is for Wooz and ONLY for VIP, BUT you CAN buy it in Marketplace for Beex since they made it transferable. Many people are upset with WW for doing this because they spent 5.00 on this outfit that was non transferable in the Store. THESE CLOTHES ARE ONLY HERE UNTIL OCTOBER 8th! BE QUICK WITH YOUR CHOICES AND BE SMART! 
~ Summer

New Woozworld Video! :O

Hey guys, it's me Celia. Today I am here on the topic of a New Woozworld Video. The video I am discussing is all about Woozworld, the next generation virtual world. Or at least that is what the video  states. This video was posted by Nicholas Lee, a member of Woozworld's founding team. He is the chief technology officer at Woozworld INC. Watch the video below to find out things you may have never known about Woozworld, and how the business works.

What do YOU think about this video?
It sure does explain a lot though, and gives a look at Woozworld's working headquarters!
I'll see you guys next time, bye! :D
(P.S. Please don't copy this post :))


Hey guys! It's me Summer and today I am gonna be posting about an important issue. OTHER BLOGS. Woozworld Burst has been copying our blog for quite some time now. When we make a post, they make a post. As soon as we change our blog, they change theirs. For example. Whenever we did the beach theme, one day later they did a beach theme. NOW Woozworld Burst has really been copying our blog, making post right after we make them. THEY EVEN MADE A POST SAYING WE COPIED THEIR BLOG, but they don't even put the times of the posts on the bottom of  all of them! THIS IS A WARNING TO WOOZWORLD BURST AND TO ALL THE OTHER BLOGS, WE ARE NOT JUST SOME BLOG YOU CAN COPY OFF OF. GET YOUR OWN IDEAS AND STOP OR WE WILL REPORT YOUR BLOG AND GET IT TAKEN DOWN.  You guys need to stop. We make our posts every single day and we do our headers and themes almost every month. Stop copying and then saying we copy you. WE HAVE OUR OWN IDEAS UNLIKE YOU. We don't need to copy your blog, so stop thinking your better. CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

New Game for Woozworld?

Hey guys, it's me Celia back with another exclusive sneak-peak from a woozen (name goes unmentioned).  
So today I am here to talk about something by the name of IGWA. This IGWA fighting scene has the basic theme for a Woozworld game, such as Movez It. It also says the "client" is Woozworld. If you search the fighter's names you will find more information. Search the animator's name and you will find that he is a 2D Illustrator and Animator at Woozworld. Watch this video to see the sneak peak of a new possible game for Woozworld: CLICK HERE!!!
I also have this exclusive picture:
Is it possible that Michael Klukowski, a 2D illustrator and animator for Woozworld, has created a new feature for Woozworld? But the big question is, when will it be here? 

What do you guys think IGWA Fight is?
TTYL- Celia

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Woozworld Fashion Tips!

Hello fellow Woozens, it's me... The REAL Celia :). So, recently someone wondered if I could message them fashion tips on Woozworld. I decided that instead of messaging them, I would make a fashion post instead! :D
Today I will be showing you some different outfits I put together on Ww and how to make your Woozen itself look good.

So first off.. The face. :/ (Pick a face that looks good with your woozen)
Not to be rude, but white or black lips on Woozworld do NOT look good. For your woolen's lips, you need a normal color that looks good with your skin tone. So, if you have pale woozen skin like my character has, then the colors that look the best are peach. If you choose a color lighter then the skin then it looks a little funky. Also, don't pick super dark either because it will make your woozen look goth (unless that is what you're going for). Also, darker peach colors can look good too. My woozen has a darkish peachish color xD..

If your woozen has tan  skin, then you can choose slightly darker colors or ones with more color. For example, Summer's woozen. Also, light colors can look good too. 

 If your woozen has really dark skin, choose a dark color.

Now, the eyes. I am just telling you right now.. Red or white eyes do NOT look good. I honestly would just pick the eye color to match your color code or your eyes in real life. If your code isn't a natural color, go with a nice color that matches. I think that light blue eyes look nice on tan woozens, but dark eyes also look really nice. For pale woozens, I think that any natural color really works, but the brown eyes on Woozworld often look weird. 

Next off, the hair and skin tone.
For your woozens hair, you need a color that you like and that looks nice. Yellow does not look good, neither does really any too bright color. If you are going to choose a bright hair color, go with something that matches your outfit and skin tone. I personally prefer natural colors. But then again I try to make my woozen look as much like me as possible. Bleach blonde hair does not look good with tan. Neither does any light color honestly. Light colors go with pale and dark colors go with tan.

Lastly, the outfit :D. In my opinion...Zombie pants and adventure shorts are out of style and old. Stop trying to copy the past trends and create some new ones :D. You need to find an outfit that you like and that matches well. If you have a bunch of random colors and that doesn't look good with your skin tone, makeup, and hair then you won't look good. You might have an amazing outfit and gross hair and makeup, and it just throws the whole thing off. Here are a few examples of outfits I put together on Woozworld.

 Now obviously, some of these outfits look better then the others. The first outfit(pixel sweater outfit) starting on the left is a good example of a casual, cute outfit. The whole outfit matches, the hair looks good and isn't out of theme, and the face, makeup, and skin looks good together. However, the outfit with the Heartva hair looks a little weird.  It is an anime based outfit, but I don't think it matches that well. (I also don't like outfit the outfit with the Aeropostale hair.. Just because the hair is too short for my taste).A few of my favorite outfits out of all of these is number the Pixel one, the all white one, and the one black outfit.  I like the one with the TV shirt and rainbow shoes  also but I don't like the hair that is with it. Which outfit do you like best?

I hope this post helped, lol. 
This is just my opinion on the fashions of Woozworld.
I guess that's all for now :).

Thursday, September 25, 2014

BeMe Emblems/Collectibles

Hey guys! It's me Celia. Today I am posting about the BeMe collectibles hidden around Woozworld. :D

This is what all the different emblems look like:

Answer Key:

1. Woozworld High
2. Beme Lounge
3. Mawdurn Kitchen
4. What The Wooz!?
5. Style Watch Unitz
6. Find The Foodie
7. Woozlympics: Swimming
8. Azurium Garden
9. Wooznews HQ
11. Babiz Room
12. Wzw High Cafeteria
13. Woozworld Skatepark
14. Mya's Beauty Spa
15. Woozband Living
16. Movie Theatre
17. iVibe Central 2
18. Woozworld SUmmer Beach
19. Wzw High Fashion Class
20. Jenny's Bedroom
21. Central Plaza
22. CarnaWooz
23. Max's Comic Club
24. Park
25. Jay's Boyz Hangout
26. Jenny's Chat Room
27. Wzw High Chemistry Lab
28.  Slide n' Climb
29.  Woozlympics: Ice Skating
30. Social Stardom

That's all for today! Thanks for reading.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Ms. Yeti Quiz Answers! ;o

Hey Guys! It's me Celia and today I just wanted to help you out on the Ms. Yeti quiz :)!
So, here are the answers! :D

Answer Key:

1.  History

2. Grading Papers

3. Janitor Beex

4. Experiments

5. Files

6. True

The prize is just a lame 200 beex..... u.u

That's all for today... '.'
Sorry for the short post, I just wanted to help you guys out with the answers to the Ms. Yeti quiz.. Oh but anyway, if you guys want anything from #FashionFriday and don't have enough wooz, just message me the item and price in beex and I'll see what I can do to help! :D
Flashback Friday sign-off haha. 
Byee! Btw, new video tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I hope you guys are saving up your Wooz and Beex because #Fashion Friday is only 2days away! If you didn't know you just don't remember what this is, Fashion Friday is gonna be this friday 9.19.14 and for 24 hours Woozworld is going to be bringing back 30 old items that the WOOZENS have selected to be in Shopz! And nowwww since the post got OVER 250 shares on Woozworld's Facebook Page, the items now are going to be in Shopz for the ENTIRE weekend! AYYAYAYA! I am especially happy about this because most people will be in school so they wouldn't be able to buy the items (me and cel) so now we can buy them over the weekend as well! There will be 15 items for GIRLS and 15 items for BOYS 


This is one of the biggest events Woozworld has held up-to-date. I am so excited and you guys should be too! Here are some of the pictures of the announcements MyaWooz has been posting on her Woozin:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

1st WFOTW! :D

Hey Guys. Soo, tonight was the very first WFOTW (Woozapalooza Fashionista of the Week). I just wanted to post the top 3 woozens and give them credit for they're awesome styles! (The picture shown only shows from the shoulder up so sorry about that xD. Also, it may not show the exact outfit). o.0

3rd place: gallale 

Gallale got 3rd place because he actually was out on the 1st theme, halloween. But, on the second theme, fall, he did great, so he got pulled back in. (You get a second chance if you get out the 1st time, and the best dressed one of the out group gets pulled back in). He could only place 3rd though, because he was indeed out on the 1st round. I loved your fall fashion! Great job gallale!

2nd Place: ToCaLoVeR14

ToCaLoVeR14 placed 2nd because she stayed in the 1st round, and also did awesome on the 2nd theme! I loved the nice pink that you used for your fall outfit, and I think it matched really nicely. Great job ToCaLoVeR14 (Taco) lol!

1st Place: OwoTess

OwoTess placed 1st because she did amazing on both themes. She dressed as an awesome demon on the 1st round, and had an ADORABLE fall outfit for the final theme! I loved the light bluish purple color you had, and your outfit went together and matched great! You did a wonderful job Tess!

Congratz to all of you guys! :D Especially you, Tess. You are the very 1st WFOTW! :D!!!! And you totally deserved it too, with that awesome style of yours :)! Great job everyone! I hope to see more people at the next event, we did host this one pretty late so I know a lot of people were sleeping xD. Thanks!
That's it for today..
I'm sleepy u.u
Bye.... zzzzzz
P.S. 3 days till fashion Friday/Weekend!

Monday, September 15, 2014

BeMe + #FashionWEEKEND + Announcement

Hey guys! It's me Celia, and today I am here to discuss a few topics. First off, BeMe.
BeMe is all about helping you find your own form of beauty. You can visit the BeMe Lounge unitz and click on the posters and videos to find new ways to accept yourself about who you are. You can also learn about cool programs! Visit the BeMe lounge powered by ANEB today!

Second off, Fashion Friday... Or is it now Fashion Weekend?
The answer to that is... Yes! :D Today Woozworld posted on their Facebook that if their post got 300 shares, they would have Fashion Friday last the entire weekend!! (Oh and yes, the post got MORE than 300!)  I am so happy about this, because most of us have school all day on Friday c: Yayy.
Last but not least, a Woozapalooza announcement! xD Instead of doing a random fashionista of the week,  we decided to do a weekly event hosting a fashion show to decide who the WFOTW (Woozapalooza Fashionista of the Week) will be! 
The event will work like this:  Everyone lines up at the start. We announce the first theme. Everyone dresses in their best outfit to match the theme. Everyone takes a turn on stage and we decide if you stay or go out. Only a select number of woozens will stay in the 1st round. After the 1st round, the remaining woozens will go up on stage for the 2nd theme. We pick the 3 woozens that did the best. They go up on stage and the audience votes the overall winner of WFOTW. There will also be a second and 3rd place. 
The unitz title is: Fashionista of the Week-Wooz a pa looz a
Watch out for WFOTW in events this week!!!!

That's all for today! :D Long post lol..
-Celia (CelieLove37)
P.S. Who else can't get into the BeMe unitz? It says the unitz is private for me..

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hacked/Exclusive Items?

Hey everyone! It's me Celia, and today I am here to show you these exclusive pictures given to me by a woozen (They told me not to mention there name).
It seems as if the items are either mod items or just hacked. I have never seen any of these garments on Woozworld, although I have heard about the Burger King crown before xD. I think the other 2 items are like assassin clothing?  It would be nice if the names of the items weren't blocked off, then it would be easier to tell what exactly they are. Comment below what you think these items are, where they are from, and how this woozen has them? 
I also have this other picture:
I was scrolling through my Ww Facebook when I came upon this.. The funny thing is I was in this picture too, behind the inventory. Also, that unit is MY TENT! And trust me, none of them are Woozguides. I won't mention any names because I don't want to get them in trouble. But when this woozen told me they had a woozguide shirt, I thought they were lying.. I guess not! 

Hopefully I will be able to show you more exclusive things and secrets of Woozworld soon!

That's all for today! :D
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P.S. You can visit my Deviant Art to view more drawings I have done other then just my Youtube Videos.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

New Video! #4

Hey everyone! It's me Celia again. It's Saturday, which means a new video! This week I had some art block, and I honestly didn't know what to draw.. Finally I decided I would draw a "Bunny Girl". She is half rabbit, half human (pretty much, she just has bunny ears.. and a tail but it doesn't show in the video). CLICK HERE TO WATCH MY 4th VIDEO!. I really hope you enjoy it :)
Oh, and one more thing. I added a new ending to my video with annotation links! You'll see what I mean at the end of the video. Also, I updated my cover photo. Today I will also be drawing a new profile pic, but thats later. Lol. So yeah.. :I
I guess thats all for now! xD. 
P.S. You can now submit your woozen for RFOTW (Random Fashionista of the Week). Just scroll down, click the button, and type your woozen name in. It's that simple! 



Hey everyone! It's me Celia, and today I will be discussing something Woozworld has come to know as "Fashion Friday".  Basically, Fashion Friday is where Woozworld picks 30 items of OUR CHOICE and puts them in Shopz for 24 hours. There is one requirement though: no Deadmau5, no Bratz, and no Unikz. Many woozens around Woozworld have been commenting "Dead maw" (deadmau). But on Woozworld's Facebook page, it clearly states "NO DEADMAU, NO BRATZ, NO UNIKZ". Moving on, there are still many other items people have been commenting. Two of which are Woozmas and Stylish Ballerina. Those are 2 of some the most rare items in Woozworld. Imagine what it would be like if everyone had them? For some people, it would be TERRIBLE because they bought them from the store, and are using them to trade for other rares. But, for people like me, it would be AWESOME! My woozmas sweater got hacked out of my shop podz, so I would love to have a new one. Also, I always loved the stylish ballerina hair! What do you guys think will happen?
(Note that all items have to be garments)

On another topic, here are a few items I would like to see in Shopz on Fashion Friday:

-Snowflake Outfit 
-Myana Grande Outfits
-Fashionista Rocker Outfit
-Flower Bikini Outfit
-Wild Huntress Outfit
-Prehistoric Cutie Outfit
-Kiss You! Outfit
-Pixel Outfits
-Sunset Swimsuit Outfit
-Mermaid and Pirate Outfits
-Bubble Gum Pop Outfit
-Country Sweetie Outfit
-Fruity Summer Outfit
-Summer Chic Outfit
-Flowerva Ugo Outfit
-Ancient Greece Outfits
-All the Crop Tops, Tanks, and Tee's
-Domo Garments
-B-Day Sweetheart Outfit
-Skater Girl Outfit
-Barista Girl Outfit
-Witch Outfit
-Tracker Outfit
-Pineapple Man Shirt
-All the For Fans By Fans Outfits
-Aeropostale Designed Outfit
-For Fans By Fans Pajamas
-Modern Bali Outfit
-Bali Royalty Outfit
-Sundae Prom Outfit
-Prombiful Hair
-Traditional Island Outfit
-Belle of the Ball Outfit
-Queen of the Masquerade Outfit
-Woozmas Outfits
-Stylish Ballerina Outfit
-Ballerina Bow and Outfit
-HollyXooz Dress
-Easter Chick and Bunny Outfits
-Style Me Up Outfit
-#1 Varsity Fan Jacket
-Sunchic Outfit
-Ze Princess Hair
Those are all the garments I would like to see for Fashion Friday. I know all of them can't be in it, but hopefully some will! What items would you like to see on Fashion Friday? You can copy and paste any of these items if you want them too!
That's all for today!
Byee Guys!!


Friday, September 12, 2014

Style Me Up

HEEEEEYYYY GUUUUUYYYS! It's me Celia. So for today's post, I will be talking a little about the new Style Me Up outfit. A lot of people have been saying how ugly it is, and how the hair is just an edited bratz hair. Well, I totally agree. Check out the original drawing design by bangs123.
It looks so much better then the Woozworld one! I love the coloring technique, and that hair is so pretty. Great design! Now... Look at the animated Woozworld outfit:
Not so great.. I mean I like the shirt a lot, and the shoes are cute, but the rest is just ..eh. You can tell all of the items that this outfit was edited from. It is so obvious that the hair is from the bratz hair!! The bangs are from the stylish fashionista hair, the pants are from those one leggings and the spring party skirt, and I'm not sure the name of the heels that the shoes are from. The shirt is made up of a few different items, but it also was designed newly. But I honestly like the original drawing better on the 'Style Me Up' girl.

Well that's all for now! :D
Bye Guys!
-Celia (CelieLove37)
New sign-off pic coming soon!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

9/11 + Copiers

SO hey everyone! I'm just gonna get into this post because its very heartfelt and important that you know about it.


So if you don't know what happened on this sad day then let me tell you. Today 13 years ago, terrorist planes hit the famous World Trade Center. They brought both of them down, killing almost 3,000 people including the people inside of the buildings, firefighters, policemen, civilians, and people in subways. I was only 2 months old then so I don't remember it. If you live in the US, you probably learned about this today in class. If you want to know some facts about it ask a parent or an adult about where he/she were when they heard the Twin Towers collapsed. 


So this is the other part of this post. I wanted to draw your attention to some copying going on to our blog. People on another blog (not naming names for privacy and respect) are copying our blog. Every single time we change up the blog they soon too change up their blog. So as of today WE ARE THE FIRST HALLOWEEN WOOZWORLD BLOG OUT THERE. -9/11/14 5:00PM- 
So that is about it. Please take this time to have some silence for the 9/11 victims and their families.....

Thank you all for the support and I pray for the victims and families effected by 9/11

A Little Update. 1st Halloween Blog Theme!

New Style

Heeeeey Guyyyyss!! It's me Celia! So, I am here today with come great news. WE FINALLY UPDATED THE BLOG! Yes, FINALLY! I am so sorry that I have been procrastinating about making a new header and design. It was actually Summer's idea for the Halloween theme, and she convinced me to make the header. Thank you Summer! So I hope you guys like it, comment or post in the chat box what you think!

New Domo Items

For the second topic of this post.. Have you seen the new Domo items? There is now crop tops, tee's, and tanks. Plus, an all new Domo Woopetz! I really like the new Domo items, they are way better then the 1st ones in my opinion. What do you think?

Style Me Up

Now, for the last topic of this post, the Style Me Up outfit is now in stores! Congratz to bangs123 on your amazing outfit! It also comes with wooz when you buy it! I especially love the shirt :). ADORABLE, right? What is your favorite feature about this outfit?

That's all for today! Also, we are the 1st Halloween themed blog! :D 
I hope you enjoyed this little post c:
There's a lot more where this came from!
-Celia (CelieLove37)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

3rd Video! +30,000!

Heyyyy Guyyysss! So, it's me Celia again.. and obviously it's Saturday, which means.. New video :3! So, in this weeks video I drew an anime schoolgirl, which is also my original character (oc). She doesn't have a name yet though.. I'm still thinking on it.  (Btw, I just made this character up last night, so I haven't had much practice drawing her xD)
(Btw, sorry I didn't do the extra video last week, my internet went out xD). 
Here is the final drawing:
                                         Remember to comment, like, and subscribe! :D

Now, for the other subject of this post.... 30,000+ views for Woozapalooza!!!!!! :D Thank you so much for viewing this blog! I know we haven't been keeping it updated very often, and I'm really sorry about that. We just need new bloggers and all that xD. But really, thank you!

I'll see you next time!!
Woozworld- CelieLove37
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Friday, September 5, 2014

New Profile Picture :3

Heeeeeeeyyyyy Guyyyyyssss!!! SOO, as shown from the title, this post has something to do with a new profile picture... but for what? ... DUH, YOUTUBE!! :D So, the other day I had to draw a sign for gym class, and I drew this: (In the final picture it has my name in big letters on the front, but I didn't want to give away my full name..) Also, the real picture looks pretty much like this with slightly better quality but yeah xD.
Anyway, after I was finished, I really liked the final product. (Plus, that background took like FOREVER to make!) The materials I used to draw this are:
-Mechanical Pencil (for sketching)
-Pigma Micron Inking Pens (for outlining the sketch)
-PrismaColor Colored Pencils (coloring)
-Infinity Permanent markers (the background)
-Sketchbook Paper (to draw on)
-Scissors (to cut out the sign)

Lol. So I decided to make this my new Youtube icon for now. I will probably change the icon once a month (or more if I get sick of the picture). Lol. So yeah. I hope you like it, bye!

(P.S- Apply to join the blog if you want to become a member, because I think we might be reopening it... lol)
(OH, also.. If you guys want to request things for me to draw (or types of videos like tutorials, challenges, speed drawings, contests, craft type things, etc.)
then just subscribe. Lol. :P)

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

New DoMo items?!

Well, Well Woozens! It's me Summer and today I'm talking about the new DoMo items! Let's first start off by talking about the whoollleee idea in the first place.

How they chose DoMo to come to Woozworld

If you don't know how they chose DoMo, a couple of months ago they asked us (via pod) what brand we would want. DoMo was listed as one. I didn't think anything of it but wow! It happened. Personally, I don't like DoMo, but that's probably because I don't know much about him. So I did some research.

About DoMo

DoMo first appeared in stop-motion sketches in 1998. DoMo has 5 video games and an animation website. The website will officially close September 15, 2014. You can find out more by checking out the official DoMo website here: www.domonation.com

So Woozworld made it possible for you to own DoMo furniture, exclusive figurines, and some outfits based on it. But of course, you can only buy them in stores for real money.

The clothes

So I thought I would break my review down into sections, starting with the clothes. The shirts I think are super cute. If I didn't want to have to pay $9.99 for the outfit I would probably get it. The problem for me is the hair. The hair is so unoriginal! I mean just look at this:

I mean, look at it! It's pretty much exactly the same! They could have made it wayyy more original! Come on Woozworld!

The Furniture and Figurines 

I think the Furniture is super cute. I would buy it if it wasn't $12.99! It looks soooo awesome. If they put it in Shopz I'm totally gonna buy it. I mostly like it because they have a bed with the bedroom furniture. I can't make a bedroom units because Woozworld is so scared people are gonna do bad things that they took away all of the beds and made them not transferable. Ugh. The figurines are SO cool. I WANT THEM. I would buy it but again, they are too expensive!

Prices of Everything

As I said in every single section, I HATE THE PRICES! Everything is so expensive! I mean, look! $9.99 for one outfit and a figurine! I know they want to make money but that's not how to do it! 
It's so messed up! They are cheating everyone out of their money. Ughhh. 

In All/Ratings

In all, I like the idea, but a few things are too unoriginal and the prices are wayy too high for what they give you. Ratings:

The Clothes: 5

The Furniture: 8

The Figurines: 8

The Prices: 2
I hope you guys liked this post! Love you all! xoxo Summer
I know xD Super Old. I am working on making a new sign off!