Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sundae, Lollipop, and Jelly Prom Outfit Reviews! :3

Heeeeey guuuuuys! xD It's me Celia :D. I know I haven't done one of these outfit reviews in a while do to that I can't buy outfits from the Ww store anymore (I am saving my money for more important things). But, I decided I will start with the reviews again, even though they will be different. So, let's begin lol.

Sundae Prom Outfit:
Hair: This hair is actually pretty cute in my opinion. The curls are cute and fashionable, and (I think it is whipped cream) hat is unique and adds a nice touch. I think the chocolate strawberry earring was intended to add a cute effect, but it sort of overdoes the whole look.
Dress: This dress is pretty cute. I like how it looks like the (I think it is syrup) is like melting or flowing down the icecream part of the dress. I just wish that it was a short dress instead of long, because then it would be much cuter. The bracelets are sort of funny looking..
Skirt: I like this skirt, it matches the outfit well, but is hidden under the dress so you can't really see it D: I like how it is still has the sundae theme though.
Shoes: These shoes are okay.. They match the outfit well, and stick to the                                                     sundae theme, but aren't very special or unique. Overall outfit rating: 8/10

Jelly Prom Outfit:
Hair: This hair is AWFUL! I mean like, the clip is in the wrong place. Plus, why would they make the edges of the hair frill out at the edges, ew. The bangs are the part that is the worst. They tries to curl them up out of the way, but it just makes it worse.
Dress: On the other hand, the dress is actually pretty cute. I love how it has the gummy texture, and is layered. The bow adds a nice touch. I also like the bracelets on this one. FINALLY, IT IS A SHORT DRESS, YAY! :D
Skirt: I don't really have anything to say about the skirt.. It is boring and plain.
Shoes: Ugly. These shoes are weird and clunky looking. They literally look like                                              square gummy bear feet. Overall outfit rating: 6/10

Lollipop Prom Outfit:
Hair: I actually like this boys hair. It is simple but attractive :3.
Torso: This is a cute suit/tux that matches along with the 'lollipop' theme. I like the little lollipop corsage that it has, and the rolled up cuffs are a nice touch.
Pants: The pants are boring. It looks like they have a little design/splash of something on the bottom, but they still are plain. At least the pockets have some color.
Shoes: It looks like the shoes are some sort of loafer but the edges of them are syrup or something melting. Idk xD. Overall Outfit Rating: 8.5/10  (8 1/2)

I hope you like this new style of review c:
All 3 outfits xD.

Next top model MUST HAVES

Hey guys this is Ms. Fab-bo, I know I haven't post since like 5 days XD, well that's cos I was on a mini vacation but now I'm here!
So this post is about what clothes you need to have in your wardrobe for a successful top model.
And here's a list of themes that show up all the times, I haven't left out even a single theme-
Super Hero
Gender Change
Dress like judges
Best Dressed

If I missed out any, I will definately update this post :)
I know today's post was short lol
But I don't want you guys to get bored...
Love ya guys!
~ Ms. Fab-bo

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Jelly Prom?.. o.0

Heeeeeey Guuuuuyssss! It's me Celia (haha I'm done with saying Cel on here because I like my name better, but on Ww that's still my nickname :P). Before I start the main topic of this post, I just wanted to say one thing. I'm eating a blue popsicle right now. I thought it was blue raspberry, but it turns out to be blue cotton candy (my favorite). YUMM! xD. I guess that sort of relates to today's topic, Jelly Prom.. Weird right?! I knew that this years prom was going to be related to deserts or candy, but JELLY? xDDDD I think it would be much cooler to have like a candy land theme. The one thing I am excited about is the new outfits and furniture collection. :D!
I think the new outfits and furni are cute and creative. There are 2 girls outfits (Sundae and Jelly), and 1 boy outfit (Lollipop). There is even a new unitz design contest, and the winner gets to host prom in their unitz!! Speaking of unitz, the new Jelly Prom unitz is AMAAAAAZING! Candy and deserts are all over the place. OMG, A DREAM COME TRUEE XD. There is also new Jelly Sweeds, shapes, and machines available in the Ww store and Shopz. 

New Jelly Prom unitz, furni, and gourmetz. 

That's all for now! xD
Ima go get another popsicle c':
Bye!! -Celia (CelieLove37)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Prom '-'
Prom is here yay .... Ok im not really into prom that much to be honest, plus they might as well only pick famous people which just gets me ticked off.yet i still signed up. wow. not like any of the 'not-famous people' are gonna win :) -.- ..Anyways, for those who love prom and want to sign up, So all you need to do is go to the gourmets foodz cafe in Ww. when you get there at the end will be 2 pods, one pink and one blue pink is for girls and blue is for boys then you will need to write about a 5 line paragraph of what you wanna do, why you want to become, and stuff like that, you can also look at Ww blog thingy for more details, no pictures for today since i cant get on world at the moment, sorry!
um o.0 my sign off picture will come out weird i think o.0 ignore that if it does.. o.o

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Woozen Project Update

Hey guys, it's me, Cel. I don't know what that whole post of Summer's was about.. Me being fake or whatsoever. I'm obviously not fake, I'm completely real. I don't talk behind any followers backs, so whatever '.' I'm not going to argue over something that isn't true in the first place xD. (Btw, I only said SuSummer because you were saying CeCelia, hmm?) Anyway.. My woozen for the woozen project I have been working on is now level 20! :D It was actually pretty simple to do this in a matter of days.
1. You need to get votes. Get people to vote you, or make new accounts to vote yourself.
2. Collect the collectibles, and feed your woopetz that you get on the 2nd or 3rd day. This will help you level up by giving you preztige.
3. After you level up, you need beex. You can vote people, and collect collectibles to do this. Pretty simple.

That's really all I have to say for now.. But really I don't know what to say like really... o.0 But bye! Think what you think, because I know the truth ;). -Celia

A fake person on the blog + BULLYING

Well as you can see from the title there has been some fakeness going on with this blog. For example, one blogger (not naming names) has been acting nice to some of the followers and then talking about them behind their backs. Also, that same blogger has been accusing people of other things such as calling them a bully. As well as that, the SAME blogger has been making her problems public.
I won't name names because I'm not the person to do that, but I suggest you reallllyyyy think about who this blogger is..  I mean really? SuSummer? That's such a great way to get to me. Try a little harder. 
This needs to end. And to that blogger, don't make your issues public for help. That's just sad that you can't handle your own problems.

WARNING: Making disgusting names or making a username in the chat box for laughs or to try to be mean to someone (cough that blogger cough) is NOT PERMITTED!!!

Bullying -.-

-.- ... -.- -.- -.-! Okay.. There has been some bullying going on recently in the chatbox, am I correct? Well guess what, IT NEEDS TO STOP, NOW! People have been impersonating bloggers, and that is not okay. You can't bully on our blog no matter what you think. Plus, if you are going to try to impersonate us, you need to get our names right.. CeCelia, really? Well that's all. Hopefully this doesn't happen again. Bye. -.-
-the real CelieLove37 -.-

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Icecream! ;o

So, last post I told you I was going to do some experimenting on the new Gourmet Sweeds and Foodz. It actually takes a really long time to grow the sweeds from Shopz into ingredients. I haven't even harvested any of them, and already spent over 1,000 wooz. But, that a included all 3 sweeds, an icecream scoop, yogurt cup, ice machine, water, fertilizer, and soil patches. All a pretty good deal I guess. Better then buying it from the store xD. But when you buy the Gourmet Collection from the Woozworld Store, it gives you all the things needed to make your foodz. You get to skip growing the sweeds! But, what I made this post about is to really tell you about the special side effects that these gourmet deserts do. I will tell you about the recipes I know about, but I can assure you this is not all of them. There are 21 delicious recipes in all. I don't know the exact names of them, but I know the basics of how they work.

Popsicle: The popsicle is the cheapest gourmet desert I have discovered. It costs only 50 beex. What this foodz does is shrink you very tiny for a few seconds, then you grow big again. 
 Caramel Deserts: From my experience, all the caramel, or golden colored deserts make you shrink. The more of them you eat, the smaller you grow. I grew so small I couldn't even see my woozen! xD But, some of the caramel icecream and yogurts cost more then the others.. This is because they make you stay small for a longer time, or shrink you faster. Most caramel deserts shrink you, but there are quite a few of them, so it is possible that there are other side effects too.
Chocolate Deserts: As far as I know, the chocolate items just make you faster. BUT, it takes a long time to get super fast. When it appears that the desert you just ate did nothing, it probably is a quickening item.
Other: I haven't seen any other deserts yet. There are a lot of assortments of the caramel and chocolate ones, and I am not sure which one makes you bigger. If you guys notice anything, feel free to share if you would like xD.

That's all for now. I'll make sure to keep you updated if I notice anything else. Btw, my Woozen Project account is already past level 15 :D. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Contest.. For myself?

So. Celia is doing the race to how rich can a new account get to in one month. I was thinking to myself and this was my conversation, 

"Man self, I really want to get to level 50 but it takes so long!"
"Well Summer, find out a way to have to make yourself get to level 50."
"Hmm, that's a good idea. But how?"
"Uhh.. Woozapalooza. DUHHH!"
"Oh yeah! So it would be like a contest for myself?"
"Yeah! It would also be pretty fun!"
"Cool! Ok, thanks mind!"
"Your welcome Summer!"

                   So that's what it was like. (Yeah not really) But that's my contest! If you would even like to join in with me as a race either tell me in the chat box or message me on Woozworld (Nekole). Hope you look forward to my contest. It's gonna be hard but fun! 

P.S. I am still doing the video, so don't worry. I'm just editing a few more hairstyles for you guys! ;P

~Summer xOxOxO

Change of plans

If you didn't see my last post, I said I was gonna be making a video on how to pick the perfect outfit. Well, that will still be happening, just not right now. Oh but don't panic! (You probably weren't panicking xD) I am gonna still be making a video, But insteaddddd it will be of Hair Designs!  Yayayayayayyayayayay! xD Ohkay, so be looking for that post with that video. Until next time!
~Summer xOxOxO

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sorry I haven't posted!+ NEW Video!


              So I don't really want to make this a sorry post, but yeah it has to be. Sorry I haven't posted. I have been really busy. Actually, today has been the only day for the start of summer that I have really been able to relax! So, yeah! :D

Now on to the video! ( Oh yeahhhhhh)

Video News!

                      So! I have been thinking of a way to do a really good video! If you guys don't remember, I said I was gonna do a review video about the app. Well, recently, I figured out that I didn't have enough good information on it so I am still looking it to it. Don't Worry!!! Anyways, for now, I am doing an entirely different video! Its going to be about How to Pick the Best Outfit Ever! I'm so excited! I'm probably gonna show it to you guys tomarrow because I am gonna stay up all night working on it! I am seriously so excited to show you guys! Maybe even after I will do a contest! Hmm how about that? ;) Ohkay, well that's about it for this post! Stay amazing! 

 (I decided to go with a throwback for today xD)


Delicious Update INDEED!

So, I know many people have been complaining about the update, and how they barely changed anything. Well, quite a few things are changed, actually.. The icons at the bottom of the screen are smaller, when you change your title, it shows the pictures so you can see what they look like, girls legs are slightly longer, gourmet, foodie, and chef (Foodie in the plaza) was added to leaderboard, and the quality of certain clothing items has changed. The blush on the faces was maximized, and if you haven't noticed, some of the clothes have been given more of a 'shine'. I guess they changed the items they didn't like, but in my opinion I liked them better how they were before. Now, some people were like, "Wth, is there going to be some lame bake-off?" I think they were referring to the new categories on the leaderboard. So apparently new foodz and seeds came to Woozworld.. (HMM I WONDER WHO SAID THAT LAST POST..) Okay, yes. I was right about that. BUT... These food items.. do things..I guess you could call them "side affects". AHHH, IS WOOZWORLD TRYING TO POISON ME!? No, they are just trying to make the game more fun for us. Some people need to understand that and stop complaining xD (like me).
So, basically the new gourmet seeds (MY BAD, I MENT.. Sweeds..) work just like the BIO. (Man, Woozworld is running out of names for things, so they make up funny random words haha. SWEEDS! XD) You have to plant them in a soil patch and follow the steps in the 'Bakers Guide'.
There is actually an entire video about how it works.

I am warning you though.. This video CREEPS ME OUT!
The girl turns green and just like walks away, then when the girl pauses and grows.. *shivers* xD.
But honestly I think the prospect of this is SUPER COOL. You get to mix foods together and they all have freaky side-effects. I did notice that it says you have to pay beex to eat foodz.. Weird. But I will start testing with all of this since I bought everything from Shopz. You can buy them in Store or Shopz (Gourmet section). It looks like they aren't considering it a BIO. But still..  awesome.. But basically you plant the sweed, harvest the ingredients, and put them in the ice machine. Then you have to make your special foodz that give you awesome side effects. If you buy from the store, you get to skip growing sweeds. I'll do some experimenting with this and show you what I learn xD. So get your chef gear on and get cooking! :D
That's all for now c:
Sorry, it's a catchy word..
Anyways, Bye! -Cel
(Found a sign-off on the laptop xD)

Yea, About The '3' Hour Long Update

The 3 hour update was worthless. I mean they just smallerized the icons at the bottom. I was alright with the big one. I'm very sorry if you disagree. :) I guess opinions are opinions. So lately I've been using my friedns' phone to play woozworld. Most people hate PLAYING the app. I think its super fun. It makes me feel free. You know like to type. You use the keypad on the phone. It is so much fun. All the features are so AWESOME!!!!!! :). I wish i could get woozworld app on my phone. :( I have an android. UGH!! I want an apple product.
What have you guys been doing this summer. Hmm What was i going to say? OH YEA I REMEMBER Next weekend so june 28 clear to july 9th I'll be camping so i wont be able to post on here. :( Sad, Ugh I got to go do chores. Well See yea later Woozaplaza

Tips From Cel (2)

Hello. I know I keep saying that I rarely ever do these types of posts, but lately not a lot has been going on around Woozworld. I guess there was the whole "Delicious Update" thing. Which I don't really get because how is the tiny things they changed delicious? That's why I suspect they will bring new foodz and BIO seeds soon. Besides that, WoozCup, and the upcoming prom, Woozworld has sort of been dead, resulting in me doing more how to's, DIY's, and tips. Obviously, today I'll be giving some advice that I find quite necessary and useful.

Trust. You need to choose who you trust carefully. You can't go trusting every person or stranger. Sometimes, you can truly only trust a few people, or maybe even no one at all. Be careful who you trust.
Idolize. It's always good to have a role model to look up to. They can range from your mom - to your favorite celebrity. It's always good to behave yourself, so maybe one day you could be someones idol.
Prioritize. Prioritizing goals, or setting them as more important, is something that comes in handy. If you really want to learn something, then set it as a goal in your life that you won't give up on.
Savor. You need to savor every moment in life, before it is too late. Not everything lasts forever, let alone right now. We only have one life (that is known of), and it is important that we live it to the fullest and treat every day like it is our last.

I hope my little acronym of tips was useful.
I wanted this post to be COLORFUL.
Once again, my computer is broken so I'm on the laptop.
No sign off *teartear*
Bye! -CelieLove37 (Cel)

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Omg Woozworld lied!! It said it was going to be updating at 7:30 am for 3 hours but guess what?!? It's 12pm and they're updating now? Lool. So unfair really unfair ok Buhbyee
-Jessie (Jessicasufer)

Woozworld is back on!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!

Hey, its tanmayee, Ms. Fab-bo!!
So after many (i mean mannnnnnnnny) wierd things... woozworld is back on (as normal)
So, the minute I got back on woozworld, People were talking about only that wierd moment!

I thought I was zhacked too! XDDD
And I dont think this was an update! Probably a "side effect" of the update! XD
Yes Yes It did have a "Domm I As" moment. XDD
 I'm happy now that its back on.. I hope something else doesn't happen XD
So yeah.... that was pretty wierd!
Anyway see ya guys later... Too many posts for today XD
And too many XDs too XDDDDD
Alright... Love ya guys...
~Ms. Fab-bo

What the heck?!?!!?!?!?

People can't talk on Woozworld?!!?!?! What the heck is happening??
Ppl cant pc anyone, cant message anyone, cant talk..
I saw alot of people saying it on woozin and I myself can experience this wierd thing...
You guys have the same prob??
Omg omg, and when I restart its saying- "Error connecting to multiplayer server" I mean what the heck?!?!
And after alooooot of restarts when I finnaly log on... I freaking can't talk!!! ughh
definately something to do with today's update!!! ARGHHHH!!!!
And now, the website won't load!!!!!!!!!!! After it finally loaded, it says

503 Service Unavailable

Like really are you kidding me?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? This is soooo lousy!!! So annoying!!!!
They didn't even add any (noticible) updates!!!! Only thing they was not allow people to talk!!! ARGHHHHH
Annnnnnnnnyyyyyway, I hope WzW gets well soon...
Love ya guys
~Ms. Fab-bo

Woozen Progect 01

Many of you have been asking 'How do you get rich on Woozworld?' So,  I have decided that it is time for me to answer these questions to the fullest, by doing the first Woozen Project of Woozapalooza. It's pretty simple how this works. I will be creating a new account. I will have 1 month to make this new woozen as rich as I can get them to be. Once my WoozIN says 'Member since 1 month ago', the time is up. Every week I will be keeping you updated on my progress. The goal is that by the end of one month, this woozen is considered "rich". I will tell you how I did things, and easy ways to get "rich" fast.
My new woozen's username for this project is: TypicalInsanity. 
Yeah I know, a little weird xD. I wanted it to be unique and different. You can add me on that account if you want. I hope this project helps :D 
Bye c:
Cya next time.
(I'll make sure to keep you updated weekly on this project)
Update O.O 
HI :3 Well, it seems the update happened when i was sleeping 'u' at least i didnt have to be bored 'u' Right so, some people are like whats the new update? basically it WAS
about food.Im sure they will let us know further things in further events, or one of those sign blog thingys that pop up o.o right so on leader boards they added new catagories
Chefs and gourmets ? Are we gonna have some kinda bake off ? xD plus some of you were complaining about the other update when all our little buttons became huge, well now they are small...smallER at least the inventory does not get stuck to your woozpet...but then you click on someone and it displays there clothing its sorta small o.o like small small o.o
 cant really see it that well but ok. so thats it for today and keep playing Ww!

Please don't go away for THREE HOURS!!!!


We are busy upgrading the service with more features. We will return soon.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Hey guys, Ms Fab-bo  here!
So while I was on Woozworld, This disturbing message came on screen- "Connection Lost, please restart Woozworld"
I was sooooooooo annoyed!
But the annoying situation became even more annoying when i refreshed and this Yeti was on the page -.- and that annoying message!
Max had this post on woozin yesterday that Woozworld will be unavailable for the three hours...

I'm refreshing so many times right now XDD But nope, not working... :(
I'm dead for those three hours. XDDD
Arghhh!!!! I don't know how am I gonna spend these three hours...
Wait a minute!!! I can go on my ipad (thats such a clever idea, I'm a genius) Lets see!!!
Wait, nope nope NOPEEEEEEEEEE it won't even load on the ipad or my phone!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!!
(fine I'm so not a genius, but at least I'm Fabulous XD )
So erm yeah... WzW's basically dead for another three hours... (and so am I...)
Remember dear Woozworld, no matter what happens.... Ms. Fab-bo will always love you... :') -tears of joy?-
Don't forget me Woozworld, I will miss you -sobs-
Thinking about you...
~ Ms. Fab-bo :'(

No, no, don't go on the picture (I'm not skateboard happy- i love skateboard) Its just the last picture I had on myself in WOOZWORLD!!!!!!!! Woozworld... -sobs-
I cant connect to woozin so apparentely, I couldn't access to another picture so this was the only one I had...
I'm not skateboard happy, I'm not... :'( -cries-
I hope they don't add horrible stuff to woozworld like not able to put wooz in shop podz, or those prestige levels or whatever they are called XD
I really really hope they do add "DELICIOUS" stuff as Max said...
I'm soo soo excited to know what updates are gonna be on!!! (yep and I'm excited and sad at the same time!!!)
Anyway, I'll talk to you people later... (when I'm not sad)
Love ya guys...
~ Ms. Fab-bo

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Contest!

Woozapalooza's Summer Article Contest (Hosted by CelieLove37)
A new contest has arrived in Woozapalooza! 

This contest is a summer article/story contest. You have to tell about what you want or will be doing over the summer. You can make up a story, or tell about a real experience.Your entry can even be a bucket list of some sort. Read on if you are interesting. Below is all the information you will need to enter.

How to Enter:
1. Click on the 'Submit an Article button'. You can also use the contact form gadget, though.
2. Fill out the info. Make your article interesting, fun, funny, or however you like. Make sure it is about the summer time or summer break. Be creative!
3. Click 'send'

-No bad language
-No copying someone else's story
-Your article must be sent in by the end of the month of June.

There will be multiple winners, depending on the number of entries there are. 
1st place- Your entry featured on the blog, beex prize, and a manga style drawing of your woozen.(You get to skip ahead of the waiting list).
2nd Place- Your entry featured on the blog, and a manga style drawing of your woozen. (You get to skip ahead of the waiting list).
3rd, 4th, etc place-  Your article featured on the blog. 

Time Limit:
This contest also has a time limit.
Starting date: Saturday, June 14th
Ending Date: Monday, June 30th

Enter now for your chance to win!

How to With Cel (1)

Hey everyone! So, I was really bored today because I was waiting in queue at SOTW.. Which I just lost connection to like an hour before it started -.- But, I was thinking, and I know a lot of people aren't made of money. Some people can't afford hair products or stuff like that. Or, you don't have the time in the morning to do your hair. xD I know this really isn't Woozworld related, but I found a new, money-free way to curl your hair. It literally takes like no time if you sleep on it over night.(LOL sorry for the all the guys and girls who this doesn't really, er.. work for?) But, for all you straight-haired girls like me, here you go:

How to curl your hair with no heat or curlers:

1. Take a shower. Take a nice hot shower and make sure to wash your hair.

2. Partially dry your hair. Dry your hair off with a TOWEL until it is damp. Make sure to use a towel so you don't get to many tangles. Don't brush your hair.

3. Put your hair in a low bun. To do this, grab all your hair and pull it back, comb through it with your fingers to make it more smooth. You can use a brush if you want. Twist your hair until it is all the way to the end. Then, roll it into a bun and hold it in place with a rubber band. If you have bangs, ignore them.

4. Sleep/other. Go to bed and sleep through the night. Or, if it is still say time, do another activity. When you wake up, the next steps will begin.

5. Take the bun out. After you wake up, or you think enough time has passed, take the bun out. Pull the different locks of hair apart until you have it the way you like.

6. Get rid of the frizzy's D: If you have a lot of frizzy's/stray hairs, apply oil or spray-on conditioner. If you don't have this, wet your hand down and try to smooth your hair.

7. Finalize/Accessorize! Add any final touches that you find necessary. If you have bangs, you can pull them back and hold them in place with 2 bobby pins crossed like an X. You can also add a bow, headband, or any accessory you like!

So there you go c:. You can try it if you want lol. My hair doesn't curl very well so this is what I have to do in order to make it have that curly/wavy effect. Sorry if this isn't something of your interest, or if it didn't work. I know it isn't really about Woozworld, so.. I decided to tell you a little something about that 'Delicious Update' that max had posted about. The new update is going to be food/candy BIO seeds.On Twitter, it says 'SWEET' things are coming. CANDY BIO! :D.But, I think they will also be adding new FOODZ. I can just tell xD. It's so obvious, because he said 'Delicious' and 'Starving'. I can tell you for 99% sure that that's going to be the update xD. But wow, 3 hours for that? It must be a big deal. Or, there will be more updates along with it u.u.
Well, that's all for now!
Cya! -Cel
(I'm on a laptop, so I don't have a sign-off on here xD)

Updating? o.o
Hey guys! it seems that Ww is updating again! How do i know? Max's post:
So there it is. Honestly, that joke like really? -.- Anyways. The update will be going for around 3 hours! starting 7:30amWT i dont know what im going to do o.o i might even be sleeping lool. If you guys want updates and dont have twitter try on facebook. So what do you guys think the update is gonna be about? i hope anyone wont make a fuss about it...I mean in old woozworld you guys wanted a better one THERE GIVING YOU A BETTER ONE NOW cause you wanted it. just because you dont like it, you dont need to make a big fuss over it. Ww is trying there best to make ww better for us. One thing i want better is Queue and filter chat. they filtered too many words now + some people cant get into units. Right so thats it for today!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

World Cup 2014!!!!!!!

Hello guys so World Cup 2014 is here!!! What team are you cheering for. I don't know what to to cheer for since I'm not really into soccer. But my dad and uncle are! I don't know what team they're cheering for either. Lool... And woozworld is doing something for it! There's new outfits, furniture and one unitz, in the store.. Here's a photo of it:  Awesome right? Lool... You can buy it in the store! Ok bye
See ya -Jessie (JessicaSufer)

Update on Piggie Problem 
Hi guys carly here!
and im sure you all know about 'oink' and the piggies, and how it said: 
but we dont get the prize for some reason? Oink scam? o.o Lool. u.u
well i contacted the mod and i found out that there is a problem, but they are working on it!
so as you can see they are working on it, so be patient! and im sure we will all get our prizes!
so that was just a small notice, i'll see you in my next post!


Monday, June 16, 2014


Hey guys today isn't really about my woozen its about me. So lately I've been a little obsession over Luke Bryan. So I decided to make and edit, Oh my gosh. He is so hot. Yea I'm a 13 year old thinking a 37 year old is hot. But honestly i don't really care, his personality and everything is perfect:) So here's the edit i have done to show you. Also i do edits for woozens, so message me on woozworld at Willowriw and just ask for and edit. For one edit its 100 beex and so on and further. I know you have been dying to see my edit. So here it is:)
Oh my gosh. Hot ness, HEH. So follow me on my Luke bryan Account Then ill follow you back Okay see yea later. Bye

Adoption in Woozworld

Hey guys!!!! It me!!! Your own Ms. Fab-bo!!!
How's it going, woozens?? Sup?? How's your mum, dad, etc, etc??
Mum and dad.... thats right!!!
Lets talk about adoption on woozworld! I know... I know, not a very attractive topic to read about..
But as you keep reading, you'll know stuff that you never knew about!
So lets get started with Adoption Centers...
What do you think of the first thing, SunSet916's adoption center.
Woozworld's biggest, most popular, and most preferred adoption center. Huge queues can be seen in this unitz 24/7!!!
Here take a look at the unitz.

Its pretty isn't it?!? Now lets see the owner herself, SunSet916.

I asked her for an interview but she refused straight away... She said she doesn't like giving interviews.
Its not like she was mean, but its just she doesn't like giving interviews... otherwise she is a very nice and very kind person. BTW she does not adopt!
So as I was saying, this is a very well know adoption center...
Lets do another nice (not as well known) adoption center...
So I just chose this one, which was is in HOT NOW right now...
"Im-A-Fuzzy-Monster Adoption Daycare"
Here's a pic.

The owner's name is imafuzzymonster .
And she's not online right now, so I don't really know if she can gimme an interview.
So Top 5 reasons why people want to get adopted on Woozworld-
1. Probably they're bored/ have nothing to do, so spending time with a family is the best option.
2. They want rich mums and dads so they can brag about it to their friends...
3. Some people just like having alot of relationships (go to relationship kiosk), sometimes people only accept relationships which are actually sent through the relationship kiosk.
4. Fun places to go with parents, for example last week someone had Little Miss Woozworld, and little girls were only allowed to take part if their parents enrolled them in.
5. The REAL reason is that, they want free stuff from their parents example- clothes, etc.
Like I saw the other day, as soon as someone got adopted, the first thing they said was that "Mom-ie, today is my birthday, can I have a present?" Like really -.- that is so lousy!
Anyway, you must have noticed- The amount of people who want to get adopted are more than the amount of people who want to adopt... -.-
You might not know this, sometimes rich people are ready to adopt poor kids, but rich kids never want to get adopted by someone who is poor.
Here are some of the camera caught scenes-

See?? That's kinda... not nice at all situation!!!
Like the minute someone is ready to look after you, you ask for a present, how's that?? -.-
 Every single rich kid wants to get adopted by a rich parent...

Lets talk about poor people wanting to adopt rich kids... Well that doesn't go very well, see for yourself-

Now on the other hand, MOST rich people don't care if the children they adopt are rich or poor, here's another camera caught example- (BTW I did this experiment myself, so in every case, I'm the one who is asking random poor people, if I can adopt them, and each time I get the same result)

See the difference?? Rich kids want rich parents, poor kids don't really care if their parents are rich or poor... Know what I'm talking about??

I spent three entire days going into different adoption centers to find out this reality of Adoption in Woozworld.
Some people already knew what I was trying to say here, but all the rest now know what I mean...
9/10 woozens want to get adopted so that they receive free gifts such as clothes and money...
1/10 woozens just want to get adopted for fun (cos they're bored!!!)
So I did alot of reasearch on this topic and turns out, that the results were nearly as expected...
Now, lets conclude today's post! This is my first post so I decided to do it on something unique and unusal! And I think... I... NAILED IT!!! XDDDD
Thanks very much for reading this post, I'll be up soon with more interesting stuff on Woozworld! See ya  later!!! Luv ya guys!!!
~ tanmayee, Ms.Fab-bo