Friday, June 6, 2014

HollyXooz Unitz Design Results!

The HollyXooz unitz design winner has been announced! ;o A HUGE shoutout to Rhythmy for designing an AMAZING party unitz! I absolutely love the way he designed the unitz and incorporated the HollyXooz furni into it along with other great futuristic items. I decided to take a pic of the unitz just incase you haven't seen it yet ;).
Here is his profile incase you wanted to add him or post a congratulating comment on his WoozIn.
                                                 Click this link to visit his wallz: Rhythmy's WoozIn

That's all for now! ;)
I have a new sign-off pic that I am working on.
So for today...

Heh Heh -CelieLove37
Random Quote of the Day That Title Changes Every Time and That I Just Made Up:
Watch your ego before someone pops you like a ravioli.

(o.0 I don't even..)

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