Monday, June 16, 2014

Adoption in Woozworld

Hey guys!!!! It me!!! Your own Ms. Fab-bo!!!
How's it going, woozens?? Sup?? How's your mum, dad, etc, etc??
Mum and dad.... thats right!!!
Lets talk about adoption on woozworld! I know... I know, not a very attractive topic to read about..
But as you keep reading, you'll know stuff that you never knew about!
So lets get started with Adoption Centers...
What do you think of the first thing, SunSet916's adoption center.
Woozworld's biggest, most popular, and most preferred adoption center. Huge queues can be seen in this unitz 24/7!!!
Here take a look at the unitz.

Its pretty isn't it?!? Now lets see the owner herself, SunSet916.

I asked her for an interview but she refused straight away... She said she doesn't like giving interviews.
Its not like she was mean, but its just she doesn't like giving interviews... otherwise she is a very nice and very kind person. BTW she does not adopt!
So as I was saying, this is a very well know adoption center...
Lets do another nice (not as well known) adoption center...
So I just chose this one, which was is in HOT NOW right now...
"Im-A-Fuzzy-Monster Adoption Daycare"
Here's a pic.

The owner's name is imafuzzymonster .
And she's not online right now, so I don't really know if she can gimme an interview.
So Top 5 reasons why people want to get adopted on Woozworld-
1. Probably they're bored/ have nothing to do, so spending time with a family is the best option.
2. They want rich mums and dads so they can brag about it to their friends...
3. Some people just like having alot of relationships (go to relationship kiosk), sometimes people only accept relationships which are actually sent through the relationship kiosk.
4. Fun places to go with parents, for example last week someone had Little Miss Woozworld, and little girls were only allowed to take part if their parents enrolled them in.
5. The REAL reason is that, they want free stuff from their parents example- clothes, etc.
Like I saw the other day, as soon as someone got adopted, the first thing they said was that "Mom-ie, today is my birthday, can I have a present?" Like really -.- that is so lousy!
Anyway, you must have noticed- The amount of people who want to get adopted are more than the amount of people who want to adopt... -.-
You might not know this, sometimes rich people are ready to adopt poor kids, but rich kids never want to get adopted by someone who is poor.
Here are some of the camera caught scenes-

See?? That's kinda... not nice at all situation!!!
Like the minute someone is ready to look after you, you ask for a present, how's that?? -.-
 Every single rich kid wants to get adopted by a rich parent...

Lets talk about poor people wanting to adopt rich kids... Well that doesn't go very well, see for yourself-

Now on the other hand, MOST rich people don't care if the children they adopt are rich or poor, here's another camera caught example- (BTW I did this experiment myself, so in every case, I'm the one who is asking random poor people, if I can adopt them, and each time I get the same result)

See the difference?? Rich kids want rich parents, poor kids don't really care if their parents are rich or poor... Know what I'm talking about??

I spent three entire days going into different adoption centers to find out this reality of Adoption in Woozworld.
Some people already knew what I was trying to say here, but all the rest now know what I mean...
9/10 woozens want to get adopted so that they receive free gifts such as clothes and money...
1/10 woozens just want to get adopted for fun (cos they're bored!!!)
So I did alot of reasearch on this topic and turns out, that the results were nearly as expected...
Now, lets conclude today's post! This is my first post so I decided to do it on something unique and unusal! And I think... I... NAILED IT!!! XDDDD
Thanks very much for reading this post, I'll be up soon with more interesting stuff on Woozworld! See ya  later!!! Luv ya guys!!!
~ tanmayee, Ms.Fab-bo

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