Friday, June 20, 2014

Sorry I haven't posted!+ NEW Video!


              So I don't really want to make this a sorry post, but yeah it has to be. Sorry I haven't posted. I have been really busy. Actually, today has been the only day for the start of summer that I have really been able to relax! So, yeah! :D

Now on to the video! ( Oh yeahhhhhh)

Video News!

                      So! I have been thinking of a way to do a really good video! If you guys don't remember, I said I was gonna do a review video about the app. Well, recently, I figured out that I didn't have enough good information on it so I am still looking it to it. Don't Worry!!! Anyways, for now, I am doing an entirely different video! Its going to be about How to Pick the Best Outfit Ever! I'm so excited! I'm probably gonna show it to you guys tomarrow because I am gonna stay up all night working on it! I am seriously so excited to show you guys! Maybe even after I will do a contest! Hmm how about that? ;) Ohkay, well that's about it for this post! Stay amazing! 

 (I decided to go with a throwback for today xD)


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