Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sundae, Lollipop, and Jelly Prom Outfit Reviews! :3

Heeeeey guuuuuys! xD It's me Celia :D. I know I haven't done one of these outfit reviews in a while do to that I can't buy outfits from the Ww store anymore (I am saving my money for more important things). But, I decided I will start with the reviews again, even though they will be different. So, let's begin lol.

Sundae Prom Outfit:
Hair: This hair is actually pretty cute in my opinion. The curls are cute and fashionable, and (I think it is whipped cream) hat is unique and adds a nice touch. I think the chocolate strawberry earring was intended to add a cute effect, but it sort of overdoes the whole look.
Dress: This dress is pretty cute. I like how it looks like the (I think it is syrup) is like melting or flowing down the icecream part of the dress. I just wish that it was a short dress instead of long, because then it would be much cuter. The bracelets are sort of funny looking..
Skirt: I like this skirt, it matches the outfit well, but is hidden under the dress so you can't really see it D: I like how it is still has the sundae theme though.
Shoes: These shoes are okay.. They match the outfit well, and stick to the                                                     sundae theme, but aren't very special or unique. Overall outfit rating: 8/10

Jelly Prom Outfit:
Hair: This hair is AWFUL! I mean like, the clip is in the wrong place. Plus, why would they make the edges of the hair frill out at the edges, ew. The bangs are the part that is the worst. They tries to curl them up out of the way, but it just makes it worse.
Dress: On the other hand, the dress is actually pretty cute. I love how it has the gummy texture, and is layered. The bow adds a nice touch. I also like the bracelets on this one. FINALLY, IT IS A SHORT DRESS, YAY! :D
Skirt: I don't really have anything to say about the skirt.. It is boring and plain.
Shoes: Ugly. These shoes are weird and clunky looking. They literally look like                                              square gummy bear feet. Overall outfit rating: 6/10

Lollipop Prom Outfit:
Hair: I actually like this boys hair. It is simple but attractive :3.
Torso: This is a cute suit/tux that matches along with the 'lollipop' theme. I like the little lollipop corsage that it has, and the rolled up cuffs are a nice touch.
Pants: The pants are boring. It looks like they have a little design/splash of something on the bottom, but they still are plain. At least the pockets have some color.
Shoes: It looks like the shoes are some sort of loafer but the edges of them are syrup or something melting. Idk xD. Overall Outfit Rating: 8.5/10  (8 1/2)

I hope you like this new style of review c:
All 3 outfits xD.

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