Friday, June 13, 2014

20,000+ Views! ;o

Oh..My..Gosh.. 20,000+ views? ;o Thank you sooo much everyone, I can't even tell you how much this means to me. Okay, I guess I can. THIS MEANS A LOT TO ME! So, for this special occasion, I decided that it would be nice to hold some sort of party. Well, since it's summer time, I was thinking, how about a beach party? :o So get ready for Woozapalooza's 20,000+ Beach Party! I made a new header based on a beach party, so I hope you guys like it xD. Here's a look of it in it's whole just incase your screen is too small.

So, I hope you guys like that. You can comment what you think or post in the chat box or contact form. 
It's supposed to be like that Summer and I are swimming up close to the camera, then all the bloggers are standing in the background. As you can see, some are closer than the others and some are farther back to give it a little more depth. I also decided to put SUMMER with an arrow pointing into the slogan since summer time just started. So, yeah. But, enough with talking about the new header pic. I wanted to discuss a different matter c:. 
So, as you may know, summer break has started for most of us. So, I decided, why not do a summertime contest? It will just be a small blog contest, because so many woozens have contests on the roll in Woozworld right now. So, let me explain.
  • This contest will be held on the blog. Pretty much, you submit an article about what you are or will be doing on summer break. It can be anything you want to do also. You can make up a fun tory or tell a real experience! Pretty much, the only rule is that it has to be about SUMMER BREAK. 
You can submit your entry in the contact form or in the "Submit An Article" form. Doesn't matter. The prizes will be your entry featured on the blog and a special edit for you or a beex prize. There will be multiple winners, depending on how many entries there are. You have all June long to submit your entry! :D
Just so you know, all the rules and regulations will be posted tomorrow in the contests tab. c:
I guess that's really all for now..
Again, thank you soooo much to help us achieve 20,000+ views.
This is a huge accomplishment for Woozapalooza, 
and I'm sure the whole crew is thankful.
I sure know I am! :D
I'll see you guys next time, hopefully with a more informative post.

P.S. I now have a Twitter c:. Follow me if you want, just click HERE to visit my Twitter page.

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