Saturday, June 14, 2014


Cel here, back with yet another post about this new 'Oink' feature. As I told you earlier in the week, Woozworld made a deal with 'Oink'. I told all about how Oink is a new payment method in Woozworld, and blah blah, click HERE to view my other 'Oink' post. But, today I won't be talking about what Oink is and the deal Woozworld and Oink made. Today, I will be talking about the Oink Gluttonz in Woozworld and how they work xD.

So, first you need to go to the 'Oink' unitz and click on the giant pigs to receive your FREE Oink Gluttonz. If you click your gluttonz, it advertises for Oink xD.

Next, you have to place your giant pigs into your unitz. Click the little golden pig collectiblez that pop up around Woozworld. These go straight into your Foodz and you have to feed them to your pig. Each time you feed your pig, you receive beex. After you feed your Oink Pig a lot, it will become full. Then, you get an Oink trophy! :D
If you want an exclusive Oink Gluttonz and trophy, sign up for an Oink account.*Making an account requires credit card number* You will be able to buy things from the Woozworld store with your virtual Oink wallet. Click the black podz in the Oink unitz to sign up now. Then, you can buy what you want from the Woozworld store. This is how: 
So, you have to go to the Woozworld store and select the item you want to buy. Click 'Buy Now'.
 Then, select Oink as your payment method, and then click proceed to payment.
Next, type in your Oink info, and click 'Place Order'.

Voila! You have now purchased from the Woozworld store using Oink.

That's all for now! 
Byee!Also, the Summer Article Contest 
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xD Random pic.Oink.Oink.Oink.
-CelieLove37 'Cel'

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