Friday, June 20, 2014

Delicious Update INDEED!

So, I know many people have been complaining about the update, and how they barely changed anything. Well, quite a few things are changed, actually.. The icons at the bottom of the screen are smaller, when you change your title, it shows the pictures so you can see what they look like, girls legs are slightly longer, gourmet, foodie, and chef (Foodie in the plaza) was added to leaderboard, and the quality of certain clothing items has changed. The blush on the faces was maximized, and if you haven't noticed, some of the clothes have been given more of a 'shine'. I guess they changed the items they didn't like, but in my opinion I liked them better how they were before. Now, some people were like, "Wth, is there going to be some lame bake-off?" I think they were referring to the new categories on the leaderboard. So apparently new foodz and seeds came to Woozworld.. (HMM I WONDER WHO SAID THAT LAST POST..) Okay, yes. I was right about that. BUT... These food items.. do things..I guess you could call them "side affects". AHHH, IS WOOZWORLD TRYING TO POISON ME!? No, they are just trying to make the game more fun for us. Some people need to understand that and stop complaining xD (like me).
So, basically the new gourmet seeds (MY BAD, I MENT.. Sweeds..) work just like the BIO. (Man, Woozworld is running out of names for things, so they make up funny random words haha. SWEEDS! XD) You have to plant them in a soil patch and follow the steps in the 'Bakers Guide'.
There is actually an entire video about how it works.

I am warning you though.. This video CREEPS ME OUT!
The girl turns green and just like walks away, then when the girl pauses and grows.. *shivers* xD.
But honestly I think the prospect of this is SUPER COOL. You get to mix foods together and they all have freaky side-effects. I did notice that it says you have to pay beex to eat foodz.. Weird. But I will start testing with all of this since I bought everything from Shopz. You can buy them in Store or Shopz (Gourmet section). It looks like they aren't considering it a BIO. But still..  awesome.. But basically you plant the sweed, harvest the ingredients, and put them in the ice machine. Then you have to make your special foodz that give you awesome side effects. If you buy from the store, you get to skip growing sweeds. I'll do some experimenting with this and show you what I learn xD. So get your chef gear on and get cooking! :D
That's all for now c:
Sorry, it's a catchy word..
Anyways, Bye! -Cel
(Found a sign-off on the laptop xD)

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