Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Embarrassing TRUE story of the week!

This was submitted by a viewer named SabrinaGoldazu! This is the story:

 One day at school I was wearing my uniform jumper, and i had forgotten to wear biker shorts or pants under it. We have a field at school, just for soccer. The soccer nets were very large and they spread all along the ground. I was goalie that day, and the soccer ball was coming right at the goal on the opposite side of me. I ran, and my foot caught on the net, I fell face down. My jumper had gone up, and my underwear was showing! Of course I didn't know that it was, because I was too busy feeling the pain that had shot up my arm! Everyone who played soccer with me was staring down at my underwear. I didn't know what they were staring at right away, but when the wind blew a little, it felt cold on my bottom. Then i knew right away! Everyone was laughing! I sat there and cried. After that i never played soccer again.

LOOOOOOLLLL! It's ok Sabrina! Don't worry about them haters! Thanks for submitting your sotry!

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~ Xoxox 

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