Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Heartva UCC Outfit Review

This is Cel back with yet another girl's outfit review. Sorry boys, but I can't seem to find a guy that gets most of the new outfits to do the reviews. So if you do and would like to make boy reviews, then message me (CelieLove37) on Woozworld. However, girls, after this week I won't be able to buy outfits as often. ;( But, The review will still be made by another blogger if they would like, OR, you can message me on Woozworld if yo want to be the model! Now, moving on to the review.

Name: Heartva Pigtails
Review: A long hair pulled back into pigtails with cute side bangs at the front. The tips of the hair are dyed.
Opinion: I think this hair is SUPER CUTE! It has sort of an anime style/feeling to it and I love the way the designers made it.

Name: Heartva Dress
Review: A short dress with medium size straps and a small skirt of the dress with lots of folds and waves. A small tinted see-through heart is on the front of the dress.
Opinion: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress! It matches along so well with the rest of the outfit and still has that anime feeling to it. Super cute. c:

Name: Heartva Skirt
Review: A short pleated skirt. Pleated means lots of folds in it. There are also lots of waves and it is a very flowy skirt.
Opinion: I find that this skirt is also very cute. But, I wish it went up to the waste so it would look like a dress when we wore cropped (short) tops. It pretty much looks like the bottom of the dress, but it's still cute. [:

Name: Heartva Boots
Review: A pair of boots with small heels and shoelaces all the way up to slightly shorter than the knee. These boots contains socks with little hearts on the top.
Opinion: I like these boots. Hehe. They match along with the outfit great (finally) and have those cute little heart socks xD.

Full Outfit:
Name: Heartva UCC Collection
Review: A stylish outfit designed by you, for you for EvaWooz by Gisselle (English), HinarmoriAmuBest (French), and julygaby (Brazilian). 
Opinion: I LOVE the entire outfit! It is super cute and in my opinion is the cutest outfit Woozworld has had in a while. Great job to the designers from Woozworld's different language communities.

Now, I need YOURRRR help! (Haha, Dora). I have a few ideas of what I will post next time, but I need YOURRRR help to decide! 
1. Introducing a new month long project I will be doing here on the blog and Woozworld that I will keep you updated with.
2. Doing another DIY on clothes design, this time the Torso, or Top.
3. Other

Which one do YOU want me to do? Comment in the SHOUTBOX and the most liked idea will be chosen!
That's all for today!
As you can see I added opinion to the review. lol.
As you can see I also made the sections in RAINBOW order. 
Bye everyone! 
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