Thursday, June 19, 2014

Woozworld is back on!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!

Hey, its tanmayee, Ms. Fab-bo!!
So after many (i mean mannnnnnnnny) wierd things... woozworld is back on (as normal)
So, the minute I got back on woozworld, People were talking about only that wierd moment!

I thought I was zhacked too! XDDD
And I dont think this was an update! Probably a "side effect" of the update! XD
Yes Yes It did have a "Domm I As" moment. XDD
 I'm happy now that its back on.. I hope something else doesn't happen XD
So yeah.... that was pretty wierd!
Anyway see ya guys later... Too many posts for today XD
And too many XDs too XDDDDD
Alright... Love ya guys...
~Ms. Fab-bo

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