Saturday, August 30, 2014

2nd Youtube Video!

Heeeeeey Guuuuys, It's me Celia! So, remember how I made a Youtube channel a few weeks back? Well, last week I uploaded my very first video. Now here I am with my second one! This video runs along the same lines as the last one, but is quiete different.
In this video I am speed COLORING a fire/water manga girl. I did the sketching and inking off screen this time, then did the final picture in full color :P. I haven't actually done a full color illustration in a while though.. So sorry that I'm a little rough xD.  Still, I hope you enjoy! :D
I will be doing a video every Saturday, possibly more often. I might actually film another video tomorrow just for fun. :D
Btw, I didn't post this picture on Deviant Art because I actually don't like it that much xD.  So.. yep!

Woozworld: CelieLove37
Youtube: ArtInsanity
Deviant Art: ArtInsanity37

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Posting finally!

So what is the up guys!! Haha that was weird. So hey its Summer. I know you haven't heard from me in a while. It's because as you know, I quit. Yes, yes I did quit Woozworld. Recently, I have been playing Woozworld more often because on my school issued laptop they are starting to block things. So I was thinking, if I'm playing the game why not post? So now I'm posting! I would have posted on sunday or last night, but I didn't know what to post. UNTILLLL I was buying new hairstyles and was going through the colors and found this amazing cute blue hair color! I decided I was gonna make this a trend! So PLEASE. PLEASE do not copy this picture or in fact this outfit. Yes you can copy the hair color of course but not the outfit along with it! And btw, I'm not telling my color code because its a secret ;) But here is my new look:

AHHH! SO happy so excited and proud. Well I hope you like it! And if you don't, well keep your comments to yourself please. :P

I was thinking about posting a new daily outfit every day. How does that sound? Hmm. Comment in the chat box and tell me what you think! Well that's it for today guys! Byeeeeeeee


Saturday, August 23, 2014

1st Video! :D

Heeeeeeeeeey guuuuyyyyys! It's me Celia. So, today I uploaded my very 1st Youtube video! It took me about 15 minutes to sketch the picture, and about an hour to ink and shade it. That was the easy part. Then I had to edit it, add titles and audio, and revert the video into time-lapse so it was much shorter. That took me all day. I have been working on this video from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. I'm sick though so I had nothing else to do.. Sooooo, I have decided to share my video with you!

You can see the final picture + more art to come at my Deviant Art page:

Woooh, officially a Youtuber! ;o Byeeee!

Deviant Art-Artinsanity37


Saturday, August 9, 2014


Hey everybody! It's me Celia, and I have some good news (at least it's good news for me..). I finally made a new Youtube channel! Just so you know, it is not for Woozworld.. This new channel is for music and art (mainly drawing). You can visit my channel if you'd like, just CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY CHANNEL! 

I haven't posted any videos yet, but once I move into my new room I will (my sister is going away to college so I get her room, yay!). You can subscribe if you like my style of  drawing, but I have a few different styles so it's not just limited to one. I'm thinking about doing song covers too. I'm still deciding... c:

P.S.  1st video will be posted within a week. Just click the link to see my Youtube username.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Attention Woozapalooza:

Dear Woozens,
   Hello everyone... It's me Celia! I know, I know, Woozapalooza shut down? Well, yes.. It did. But I have some good news! The reason we shut down is because of bullying, bloggers not posting, and many of us outgrew Woozworld. But.... I have been getting a lot of emails about the blog and things in the chat box saying not to shut down. So I have decided to delete all the bloggers accept Summer and I, and hire brand new ones. So sign up in the become a blogger tab if you want to be a part of the NEW and IMPROVED Woozapalooza. Well, Bye!