Saturday, July 5, 2014

OINK Quiz Answers!

Hey Woozapalooza! It's me Summer, and a viewer requested an answer sheet for the new OINK quiz! Well here it is!

Question 1: In the Oink unitz what color is the popup podz to create an account?  Black

Question 2: In the oink checkout for Woozworld video what color iPhone is Mya holding?  White

Question 3: True or false: when you are under 13 can you request an Oink account from your parents?  True

Question 4: In the first 10 seconds of the Introducing Oink video you’ll see 3 words pop up on screen: SHOP, SAVE AND what?  Give

Question 5: How many types of Oink gluttonz are found in the Oink lounge Unitz?  4

Question 6: Oink is the new _____ for money?  Word

Prize: OINK Shirt or Beex

                                  I hope this helped! XoXoXo ~ Summer
Yes! I know this is new! Isn't it cool! :D

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