Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hey guys, so today i thought i should just post some things about events, basically i dont want it too long so ill be talking about only 2 things that are going on in woozworld recently, so first off,  The new unit design contest!
 Congratz to KarlaMB for winning the unit design contest!, As you can see in the picture the unit looks fab! And they will be having prom at Karla's unit, Lucky much :P It seems that many contests are now up? iTS GETTING funner and funner. I hope they keep it up and pick some non-famous woozens too :3 Anyways, are you guys excited for prom ;o Moving furthers,
Max will be having his OWN VERSION oh the woozcup soccer, It starts in just a few minutes so better go before queue starts! Im not really into this so.....xD. Dont judge o.o
Oh and the new outfits.....Wow.....Interesting i guess....o.0...Thats it for today ill catch you guys later! Bye! :3
                                                 New sign of pic coming soon :3 ;o

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