Sunday, June 22, 2014

Icecream! ;o

So, last post I told you I was going to do some experimenting on the new Gourmet Sweeds and Foodz. It actually takes a really long time to grow the sweeds from Shopz into ingredients. I haven't even harvested any of them, and already spent over 1,000 wooz. But, that a included all 3 sweeds, an icecream scoop, yogurt cup, ice machine, water, fertilizer, and soil patches. All a pretty good deal I guess. Better then buying it from the store xD. But when you buy the Gourmet Collection from the Woozworld Store, it gives you all the things needed to make your foodz. You get to skip growing the sweeds! But, what I made this post about is to really tell you about the special side effects that these gourmet deserts do. I will tell you about the recipes I know about, but I can assure you this is not all of them. There are 21 delicious recipes in all. I don't know the exact names of them, but I know the basics of how they work.

Popsicle: The popsicle is the cheapest gourmet desert I have discovered. It costs only 50 beex. What this foodz does is shrink you very tiny for a few seconds, then you grow big again. 
 Caramel Deserts: From my experience, all the caramel, or golden colored deserts make you shrink. The more of them you eat, the smaller you grow. I grew so small I couldn't even see my woozen! xD But, some of the caramel icecream and yogurts cost more then the others.. This is because they make you stay small for a longer time, or shrink you faster. Most caramel deserts shrink you, but there are quite a few of them, so it is possible that there are other side effects too.
Chocolate Deserts: As far as I know, the chocolate items just make you faster. BUT, it takes a long time to get super fast. When it appears that the desert you just ate did nothing, it probably is a quickening item.
Other: I haven't seen any other deserts yet. There are a lot of assortments of the caramel and chocolate ones, and I am not sure which one makes you bigger. If you guys notice anything, feel free to share if you would like xD.

That's all for now. I'll make sure to keep you updated if I notice anything else. Btw, my Woozen Project account is already past level 15 :D. 

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