Sunday, June 8, 2014

Size Customization on Woozworld Gadgets

Have you ever clicked on an icon on Woozworld, but the gadget was too small or large? Well, there is a way to fix that! You can alter the size of 7 different Woozworld gadgets. These include: Private Chat, Actionz, Eventz Search, Friends, My Messages, Acheivements, and Marketplace. You can adjust the size of them to make them smaller and take up less space, or make them bigger so you don't have to scroll as much. 
All You Have to do Is:
1. Click the icon for the gadget you want to you. Example: PC
2. Move your cursor to the bottom of the gadget.
3. You should see a little arrow with arrows on both sides. Click your mouse/cursor and hold it down. Drag it down or up depending on if you want to shrink or enlarge the gadget.
4. Ta da! (down=big, up=small.)

Now, you can compare the differences between the gadget sizes:
                                   If the pictures are too small to see, click them for a better view.
See? xD It is actually very simple. I know how it gets annoying when the box is too big and you can't see anything else. So now you know how to make it smaller. And also if you are doing Movez or Emo, then you can make the box bigger so you can see all the icons. It's actually very useful '-' 
Sorry if you already knew about this, but for those of you who didn't, I thought it would be helpful c:.
Byee! c:
Cya next time {:
Random Quote of the Day That I Just Made Up:
Even in the worst times, we still have eachother.
I was talking about people and food ;)

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