Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fashion DIY With Cel! (2)

Hello ma jello. '..' (It's okay if you don't wanna be my jello buddy ;c). Anyway, enough with the random Cel talk. Before I start with my DIY, I would like to welcome tanmayee, aka Ms. Fab-bo to Woozapalooza! :D Moving on, I'm back with my 2nd DIY Editing tutorial. Yes, I know, I rarely do things like DIY's. But, today I got bored.. So, yeah. Let's begin. Today's will be yet another hair edit (my fave).

Starting Off:
For my editing, I use Paint (windows). When starting your hair design, you need to pick what kind of look you are going for. In this edit, I sort of wanted a cute girly sort of look. You need to pick a texture of hair, straight, curly, wavy, etc. For mine, I wanted curly hair. So, I picked these two hairs to begin. Notice how I used long pony tail as the base hair. I did this because it is very small and easy to work off of.


Cleaning It Up:
So, once you have picked out the items you want to use for your design, you need to make some modifications to make the editing easier. In this example, I only used the Promber hair for the curls. The long pony tail was the base. The first thing I did was remove the earing that was near the curls in needed to use for my design. I also took the background off of the Promber hair to make it easier to cut things out. I took the long pony tail and erased the pony tail part.  (To remove things such as earings without a trace, you need to select the syringe tool and select the color you need to cover it up.)

Beginning to Edit:
After you clean up the basic outlines of your designs, you need to actually begin to edit. So you take your layout, in this case long ponytail (without the tail xD). Next, get the cut out tool to get the hair part you want to put. I wanted curls, so I cut the curls out of the Promber hair. Then, copy and paste them. Place them on the layout where you want it to be, and shrink or lengthen them however you like. Keep layering the peices of hair on top of eachother to create a nice look. You can go back and get smaller peices of hair for details if you would like. I also added in a headband for a nice look.

Accesories and Finishing Touches:
After you are done with the basics of your hair, add accesories to make it look nice and cute! You can draw your own if you want, or take them from other items. As shown above, a drew in a little headband for a nice look. But, shown below, I took a bow from another hair to give it style. Also, make sure to remove any marks on the hair (using the syringe tool to blend it in).

Sign Your Work:
Always make sure to sign your work so no one can steal your design.

Voila! Now you have designed your own hair c:.
You can read my other hair tutorial by clicking HERE!
Also, please comment below or in the chatbox what you think!
This DIY will be renamed to DIY Editing With Cel! But that's for next time.
Thanks for reading, 
Random Quote of the Day That I Just Made Up:
When something goes wrong, it's not the end of the world, it's the end of the universe. 
Naw..I'm JK. Stay strong, -Cel

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