Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sorry Bloggers

Hey Bloggers And Woozens. Sorry I Haven't Been Posting, I've Been On Summer Break. So I've Been Busy. I Might Be Kicked From This Blog Cause I'm On Summer Break. But. I'm Really Trying To Post. But Today I'm Going To Teach You How To Get Discount On Basically Anything On Woozworld. So Lets Begin. 1) Find The Item You Want To Buy, But It Might Cost A Lot 2) Go To Woozworld Market Place By The Shopz 3) Type Your Item In 4) Then Type the Max Price You Are Willing To Play For 5) If You Want It To be Color able Check The Color able Button 6) Then Look For The Cheapest Price Of The Item You Wanted 7) Buy It and EnjoyC: I Really You Can Find What You Want To Buy. I Have Bought So Much From That Market Place. I Promise I'll Post 2 A Week Now. I Will See You Next Week Sincerely, Will

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  1. woozworld isnt working right now for me