Saturday, December 28, 2013

Woozpalooza Style Icon of the day is......

Congrats to Laurengalaxy! I LOVE your colors and you look amazing in your Deadmau5 ears! Congrats again to Laurengalaxy! ~Summer

Winter Spirit Style Award c;

CreepersGoBOOM, Congratz! Not only do I love your outfit, but your name!! xD Anyway, I love your style and colors, and I really think you deserved this award :D !!

<3 xoxo ~CelieLove37

Friday, December 27, 2013

1000 Views! :o

Just ONE week ago, we we're celebrating 300 views.. Now, just ONE week later..... Woozapalooza officially has ONE thousand views! Haha, see what I did with the one's there? xD Make sure to help us make it to 2000!! Thanks so much for 1000 views, the whole Woozapalooza team really appreciates it (Nekole, CelieLove37, UnderPressure) Make sure to add us on Woozworld. I have a feeling we will be planning a big event for this... Stay tuned for more information! (did that 'stay tuned' sound cheesy, or is it just me? xD) Byeeee! <3 xoxo ~CelieLove37

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 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Winter Spirit Style Award

LoveSteps, GREAT JOB with your stylish outfit! You seemed to incorperate your amazing magenta into a stylish winter outfit! It may be cold outside, but your style warms us all up! Congratz!

<3 xoxo ~ CelieLove37

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Have you been wondering..

Have you been wondering what the munching sound was? You might hear it if you have your sound on. It is our very own Sally The Sheep! She is on the side waiting to play with your mouse! Put the mouse on her and wave it around and she will follow it! She will be gone next week but then we will have a NEW pet to play with! Sally wants to play so go do it for her! That's it :P

Winter Spirit Style Award~

Congratz to Caralind! Nice ice blue outfit! :D
(just so you know, the "Winter Spirit Style of the Day Award' will only be on until winter break ends, January 7th) Great job Caralind!! :)

*Sorry I didn't post the winner for the past few days ~CelieLove37 *

New Signoff picture.

I made a new signoff picture! What do you think? :P <3 Summer <3

Just a simple post :P

Hey guys! Just making a post to tell you guys to Subscribe and Like my Channel on YouTube. I have really cool videos and things! Click the link to be directed to my channel! Click this link :P
Hope you all check it out! Love you all Xoxox <3 Summer <3 Xoxox

The Woozapalooza Style Icon of the Day goes to...

Our very own UnderPressure! He is completely frozen! I LOVE how he chose to go all blue. Congratz again Pressure!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hey Guys! Happy Holidays!!! So Did you guys get the new Ice Blocks Yet? They will be gone on January 6! Get them now! Did you see the people that were "frozen"? Well when you do get the ice blocks you make yourself "cold as ice" by coloring your clothing with this color code! ( BFF0FD ) Now you guys can be "cool as ice" just like all of the people on woozworld!
"Cool As Ice" Twins!
(Example of what you can do with Ice Blocks)


Winter Break <3
Hey guys c: It's summer and I just was wondering about how you are going to be starting your winter break. SOOOOO I came up with an idea to start a picture contest to tell me about YOUR winter break! This contest starts 12/23/13 and ends 1/6/14. 
-What you will do over winter break
-You have to make an Albumz named 'Summer's Picture Contest"
-You HAVE to message me that you are entering (nekole)
-You have to tell me in the message which theme
- Make the picture awesome c:
-To win you MUST have the most woozups on your photo! They HAVE to click and THEN woozup, or it will NOT count!
1st place Winner- 200 wooz, FULL blog post, feature in video
2nd Place winner- 100 wooz, spotlight on blog
2 3rd place winners- 50 wooz, a shoutout on blog, and a week of a blogger in training!
Please no inappropriate pics c: Please have fun making this and Have a AWESOME Winter break!!!!
~ Summer  

The Woozapalooza Style Icon of the day goes to....

Congratz to Cyndaquil49! I LOVE your frozen look,(made by the LIMITED EDITION Ice Block Shoes). I love how you made sure to use your favorite color into it which is purple. I hope you all have a Happy Holidays and Congratz again to Cyndaquil49! <3 Summer <3


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hope you guys are having a happy holidays!

Hey guys! I just wanted to say Happy Holidays! If you are celebrating Christmas, then there is a cool thing online called a Santa tracker. You get to track where Santa is RIGHT NOW!! But only on Christmas Eve c: Here is the link: Click here to Santa Tracker! Hope you guys have a great Holiday! <3 Summer <3

New Woozworld Event Schedule..

Woozband Eventz:

Tuesday, Dec. 24th: 10:00 AM wt - Woozmas Eve
Monday, Dec. 30th: 11:00 AM wt - Woozband Visits Woozworld Eventz
Tuesday, Dec. 31st: 3:00 PM  wt - New Year's Eve
Friday, Jan. 3rd: 6:00 PM wt - SOTW (Star of the Week)

Woozapalooza Eventz:

Wednesday, Dec. 25th :   - Santa Gives Woozmas Gifts! -CelieLove37
Tuesday, Dec. 31st :         - New Years Eve Party!         - CelieLove37
Wednesday, Jan. 1st:        - New Years Party!                - CelieLove37
(for other Woozapalooza events, check the blog)

Woozen Eventz:

Check 'Eventz' in Woozworld to find more fun activities!

<3 xoxo -CelieLove37

New Frozen Trade Center!

Make sure to check out my brand new 'Frozen Trade Centre!'  Today it was the top trade center on 'Hot Now' and 'Search.' Come have fun and trade for the things you always wanted! Merry Christmas Eve! <3 xoxo - CelieLove37

Winter Spirit Style of the Day Award Goes to..

Congratz to DoctorRich! Nice frozen costume! You look like a smurf/jack frost hybrid! Great Job!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Central Plaza Tree Decorating

Have you seen the tree in Central Plaza yet? All the baubles have gone missing! Help decorate the tree by collecting baubles and dragging them onto your special Woozmas tree's. When certain parts of the Central Plaza tree are decorated, you get a gift! Click on the giant present boxes to claim your present!! <3 xoxo- CelieLove37
 woozmas tree  


central plaza tree

New uniKz - Ice Block Shoes!

Have you seen the new uniKz yet? They are brand new ice block shoes that chill your woozen and turn them blue when you wear them! You can buy them in the Woozworld Store now! BUT, only until January 6th, then they are gone FOREVER!! Take a look! <3 xoxo -CelieLove37

Ice Block Photo's

Winter Spirit Style of the Day Award

The new Winter Spirit Style of the Day Award goes to luxiez! Don't you just love her amazing ice princess consume? Take a look! <3 xoxo - CelieLove37

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Thank you guys SOOOOOOOOO Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited about this! Thank you all! By the way.. We have a New Blogger, Pressure ( UnderPressure) He is amazing and is so happy to be joining the Woozapalooza Team! I think for 600 views, we will be having something VERY Special! :D I am SOOO Happy! Thank you guys so much! I love you all! C: Xoxoxox <3 Summer <3 Xoxoxox


Omg! Thnx Guys for the 600 views! We have doubled our views in just one day! Very impressive! 

New Blogger

Hey guys! It's me Pressure here! (aka UnderPressure) I will be posting random stuff here frequently. I hope to make this blog as enjoyable it can possibly be! Well that's all I have to say! Happy Holidays!
^-^ Me as Santa Claus ^-^


This is the moment we have all been waiting for.. MY CHRISTMAS CONTEST RESULTS ARE FINALLY HERE!! :D There were many, many entries.. But only 3 winners remain! Watch this video for the details and winners! Click the link <3 xoxo -CelieLove37

The 1st Woozapalooza Style Icon goes to....

Congratz to Apple-Panda! She is so fashionable and stylish that she just had to win! I love how she has amazing outfits for everyday! Her colors are light sky blue and white. Congratz again to the amazing Apple-Panda! ~Summer


New Contest sort of thing :P

What's up you guys! It's Summer and I have come up with a cool new mini contest for everyday! I am starting a Woozapalooza Style Icon of the Day! You can Email me at to enter. You just tell me a little about yourself and if you can, send me a awesome picture! You will be featured in a post for Style Icon of the day and be in a side section on the blog! Enter now! c:
<3 Summer <3

Jolly Time Event Pictures :D

Here are some Jolly Time pictures from the event!

Pictures from the Jolly Time event!

Thank you to all who showed up and got your FREE gifts! Can't wait till we get to 600 views! <3 Summer <3