Tuesday, December 24, 2013

New Woozworld Event Schedule..

Woozband Eventz:

Tuesday, Dec. 24th: 10:00 AM wt - Woozmas Eve
Monday, Dec. 30th: 11:00 AM wt - Woozband Visits Woozworld Eventz
Tuesday, Dec. 31st: 3:00 PM  wt - New Year's Eve
Friday, Jan. 3rd: 6:00 PM wt - SOTW (Star of the Week)

Woozapalooza Eventz:

Wednesday, Dec. 25th :   - Santa Gives Woozmas Gifts! -CelieLove37
Tuesday, Dec. 31st :         - New Years Eve Party!         - CelieLove37
Wednesday, Jan. 1st:        - New Years Party!                - CelieLove37
(for other Woozapalooza events, check the blog)

Woozen Eventz:

Check 'Eventz' in Woozworld to find more fun activities!

<3 xoxo -CelieLove37

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  1. Sorry I don't have official times posted for my events.. Just check 'Eventz' and 'Search' throughout the day. For the keywords, just type in what the event is called. -CelieLove37