Saturday, August 22, 2015

How To Earn Beex Fast on WoozWorld

Hey lovelies!
Once again, it's Silver here <3
This is yet another tutorial as to how you can earn beex faster :D

Rule #1:
Consistently check marketplace for cheap rares, however, if it's super cheap but you're hesitant to buy it because of the color, odds are, no one will be interested unless you're selling it for 10 beex. 

The picture up above is an example, notice how the rest are 55k and above, however, this one is quite a popular color and you're saving yourself more than 10k. 

Rule #2:
Once again, refer to market to sell for cheaper prices, this attracts people more often. 
Set a reasonable max price on the upper right corner and compare the results.

Notice how the average price is about
30k? Depending on how badly and how fast
you need this beex, sell it for quite a bit cheaper, this give you a reputation for
selling cheap rares. The more cheap rares
you provide on market, the more buyers
and attention you'll attract!

Rule #3
If you find that you have loads of unnecessary clothes that you never wear and aren't rare, hold cheap beex sales and sell them for 400 beex or less, this will attract MANY buyers, I once made 60,000 beex from a 200 and below beex sale xx ;).

Rule #5
Don't be afraid to enter theme games, revenge, next top model, etc.. to win beex prizes Cx

And finally, do NOT get too cocky, don't try to sell something that isn't rare for 60k because I guarantee you, you are making a fool of yourself. Know the rarity of your item, when you promote yourself selling an item at a trade center, odds are that the woozens around you are searching up the items you're selling and looking for a better price. 

There you go, simple steps that help you get so much more beex! Following this basic procedure has brought me from 500 beex on a daily basis to 300,000 beex. Cx!

Until next time, bye babes <3
-xoxox Silver. 


  1. Can I get more beex and wooz beex 7326 and wooz 56748 plz

  2. lol just use this for a lot of beex and wooz