Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekly Updates

Ayee, fabulous people! x) 
I decided to do something new, I'm going to from now on post a 'Weekly Update' post. What is a 'Weekly Update' post? Well, it's where I'm going to tell you guys what's going to be happening throughout the week and what new outfits and items are out for the week on woozworld. I'm going to be doing this post on every Monday (unless I can't bc of school from next week. Dx), so stay tunedd!
Happy Mondayy guyss or should I say Happy JDay!?! Well, that's right let's start by saying Happy Birthday to the woozworld rapper KanJay -cough- I mean Jay. :') Happy Birthdayy, Jayyy! Oh, not to forget there is a party today, so don't miss it y'all. Now let's talk Fashion! OMG, I'm literally loving the new items in Zechic for VIP's only. I guess this was a surprise after all. Now, how can no one like the new items, am I right? xD
  So these are the new hairstyles and tops. xD (I'm just obsessed with them, idk why.)

Okay, so one other thing I wanna add is that Mya, said that the new outfits (I wouldn't call them new outfits, there just going to be August WNS outfits back in store again) in store would come out on every Thursday for this week. There are outfits added to the store as well, but their not new. Just some tb, outfits or just some back to school outfits. Here take a look: 

Let's get to the events, shall we? (Okay what am I saying) Let's take a look at the events.

1. Monday, August 31st: Jay's Birthday Party
2. Tuesday, September 1st: Enter the Video Challenge
3. Wednesday September 2nd: Max's Game Show
4. Thursday, September 3rd: VIP Chat Room
5. Friday, September 4th: Truth or Tale. (I was a little shocked that Woozarazzi is going to host this, oh well...) 
6. Saturday, September 5th: Star of the Week
7. Sunday, September 6th:  Woozpetz of the Week

That's it for nowww! Oh and word of advice to all those people who are going to start school from next week, make most of the week you have and enjoy it while you still can! Dx I'm just so nervous, bc it's going to be my very first day in High School, that's right I'm in Grade 9. Dx Well, maybe it won't be so bad. Anywayss, see ya guyss laterr! Stay Beautiful and Cool! xxx -Julie

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