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Hey everyone, Sierra here, and I'm one of the new bloggers here!
As you all know, Woozworld's amazing WNS is back for another year!

What is WNS, if you may ask?
WNS is short for "Woozworld's Next Superstar", and this year's WNS has a few HUGE changes this year! WNS is a yearly event hosted by the Woozband based on music involvement. It's pretty fun, if I do say so myself.

How was WNS in the past few years?
WNS inspired the Woozband to join four different music genres: Pop, Rock, Country, and Hip Hop! I had to dig up some history from the past WNS themes

  • In 2012, the Woozband made the WNS Band Edition and used the WoozIn's photo albumz for woozens to create a photo reel for Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, or Country! Woozens who participated in WNS were in teams. Team Country WNS Winners were the Red Hot Daisies, which involved woozens Taryn330, fashionabri24, and taytertot123. Team Rock WNS Winners were the 4EvaRockin', which involved woozens Looo0oooL, rj546q, HannahHut, and angle2011. Team Hip Hop WNS winners were Masterful Beat Demonz, which involved woozens Nikki-Ashley, BlueMangaWNS, and KenWNS! And finally, TEAM POP AND OVERALL GRAND PRIZE WINNERS were The Hot Crew, with woozens 17BiebrFever, coolkid878, and tomoh.
  • In 2013, the Woozband made the WNS "Lyrics of Love Edition" and became "coaches" like in the show The Voice and woozens were to create a photo reel using lyrics from any song, the WNS winner was Chanel185, who is actually a really good designer!
  • In 2014, the Woozband soon began to take up celebrity singer names. Myana Grande, Jenny Swift, Maxvicci, and Jayrell Williams. Woozens were to support one of four celebrities and collect collectiblz with their supported celebrity's face on it, not to mention woozens had to create Tour Bus unitz designz and some got to be stylists, presidents, and even a manager for the Woozband celebrities! Myana Grande (MyaWooz) won and woozens who supported her received an amazing WNS Supporting Team achievement.
Now that you know a bit of the past WNS themes, let's get to know more about WNS 2015!

This year for WNS 2015, not only you will be supporting a Woozband member again BUT also maybe get to be Woozworld's Next Superstar!
This year, WNS is being supported by LIVE! Entertainment, a record label and they are on the hunt for the next big thing, and it could be YOU! This year's genres and teams are Pop with Jenny Swift, Rock with Maxmance/MAX5, Hip Hop with Jrayke, and Dance with DeMyaLovato/MIA!

Here's how you can become LIVE! Entertainment's next superstar:
  1. You have to go to one of the four genre's HQ's: Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, or Dance and click on their gold chest, then type YES in order to support them.
  2. Now there is another box besides the gold chest that allows you to submit a music band or a music artist. This is where you can become WNS's Next Superstar!
Now some of you may still be confused about the other box when submitting your music band or artist, do you just submit like any random music artist like Taylor Swift or One Direction?
NOT EXACTLY. You gotta Woozify it!

Basically you can create a band (like in WNS 2012) with up to 5 woozens, including yourself (You and 4 other woozens). It does not mean you need four other woozens! It can be a duo, trio, or quadruple-rio.. er.. yadayadayada... And you must use any musician band (IN YOUR GENRE) like One Woozdirection (One Direction) for Pop or MarWooz 5 (Maroon5) for Pop/Rock, it depends basically. OR you can be a single artist and use any musician (same thing goes for making a band)
in your genre like Tove Logan (Tove Lo) for dance or Megbeex Trainwooz (Meghan Trainor) for pop. (If you need help creating a name or want to use other examples, see Soci's post down below this one!)

After you have created a Woozified band or chose your Woozified artist, submit it through the other podz. PLEASE INCLUDE THE WOOZEN USERNAME(S) IN THE BOX OR ELSE YOU WON'T BE COUNTED AND NO ONE WILL KNOW WHO YOU ARE! DX

Here's a simple example I did when entering in the Podz: (I'm a band this year)
Band name: (Please note if you're in a band only one band member needs to submit the Band Name or else your band will not be counted.) -Band Name was already turned in by Woozen-Example1-
Team Members:
- SierraTooCool
- Woozen-Example1
- Woozen-Example2
- Woozen Example3


Then onto the next week, the Woozband will choose a total of 20 bands (5 from each genre) to advance onto the next round of the competition, where we believe will be the time when everyone will get to start collecting collectiblz like last year!n

REMEMBER TO CLICK SUBMIT WHEN ENTERING IN THE PODZ, as it will later say, "Your entry has been successfully edited." You may recheck it again later when it says you've been enlisted for the event!

In the meantime....
How about get together with your band or by yourself and create a music video for the WNS Video Challenge this week? I'm pretty sure you'll do great on it no matter what!

Or even check out the new Store outfits to make sure you keep rocking on! They're pretty cute if you ask me personally!

But one more announcement..
The Woozband this week is also releasing quizzes based on their WNS genre, and it's all lyrics from that WNS genre song!
So far...
Tuesday: Pop Genre Quiz
Wednesday: Rock Genre Quiz

Thursday and Friday will be either Mya or Jay, but we have to wait and see!

Good luck in this year's WNS, woozens!
Stay cute!

Until next time, woozens!

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