Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Heyy guyss! C: Julie here.
 Wns 2k15 is finally here! Omg! So this post is to basically for those of you guys, who still don't know what Wns is and how it works. Wns, which stands for, Woozworld's Next Superstar. Wns, happens every year. So I'm going to tell you guys how Wns works this year. If you guys have visited the 'Live Entertainment Head Office' there be like 4 genre which are leaded by one of the woozbands each. The first one is Pop lead by 'JennySwift' (JennyWooz), second one is Rock lead by 'MAX5' (MaxWooz), third one is Dance lead by 'Mia' (MyaWooz),and the last one is Hip Hop lead by 'JayRell' (JayWooz). When you go to the 'Live Entertainment Head Office' there will be arrows leading to each of the teams unitz. Now, what you guys have to do is like visit each unitz and pick which team you want to be in. Each unitz has a gold chest in it, if you click it then it means you're supporting that genre or like you're basically on that team now. Remember, you can only click on one gold chest or only decide once, meaning, if you've clicked on the gold chest that is in "Dance" then you can't click another one in any other team's unitz. Okay so, once you've joined a genre/team then the next step is optional. So here comes the competition part.You have to make a band of consisting of 4 band mates. So, for example if you choose the genre Pop which is led by 'JennySwift' so you have to make a band of 4 or less band mates and then create a video on a pop song. To make it easier for you to chose a pop song, if you go to the Live Entertainment Head Office, so there is like this yellow stand which says 'Woozworld's Next Superstar Competition' and you'll see everything that I already said and then you'll also see each genre and also it's influences, so as I said before for example you're making a video on the genre Pop and you get stuck that which song is Pop, you could see the influences of the genre and then choose a song. Then, once you've made a video just submit it to the genre's unitz by clicking the podz that says submit your "  " video. Then, what happens is that each woozband member would pick 5 bands in  each genre to go on to the next round of the competition. Remember, to submit you're video before Friday, August 14th. Soo, basically that's it for now! xDD Sorry this post would have been posted on Monday, if I wasn't too busy. Dx But, anyways. If you guys have more questions or concerns about Wns, feel free to message me on woozworld (julietrainbow23) or just comment below. If you guys have any more topics, that you guys want me to post about, again message me or comment. Cya guyss later! (x
-Julie xxx

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