Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Woozworld Zombeardtosis Cure Ingredients Unitz Key

Hey guys, it's me Celia. Today I will be sharing the unitz that hold the secret ingredients to the Zombeardtosis cure. I hope this helps! ;)
These are the 5 items you need to find:

1. Witch's Lair (Mysterious Mushrooms)
2. Haunted Land (Golden Yeti Hair)
3. Scary Ball Hall (Albino Toad)
4. Bali Vila (Rainbow Gemz)
5. Venice (Melted Chockolien)

Next all you have to do is restart! Then your cured! Plus, with this cure you can change clothes and go offline :D! You can still be infected again though, you have to buy the vaccine from the Ww Store to be immune -.-

I hope this helped,


  1. This is very helpful, but also god damn useless unless you spawn in a woozen-free unitz which I doubt will ever happen :/ Sorry....

  2. thanks for sharing the whereabouts of the cures.i found this useful as i'm really bored with my beard.i wonder why the woozbands can't sell shavers.JK XD. plus i found it shocking when some people keep complaining about the cure and the hairy beard.but anyways ,thanx :)