Saturday, October 18, 2014

LPS In Woozworld?

Hey guys, it's me Celia, back with another exclusive post! Today I want to discuss another future partner/game that Woozworld may bring to Woozworld, Littlest Pet Shop.

I think that is LPS comes to Woozworld, it will be all about Woopetz. But, It will also be based upon the new LPS TV show. I think that LPS is actually quite childish though, and is not something of my interest... But for those of you who like it, then you may get to meet Bylthe from the LPS TV show!

Do you see the similarity? This Woozworld character is obviously Bylthe (sorry if I am spelling it wrong) from Littlest Pet Shop.
What do YOU think?
That's all for today guys!
I'll see you next time c:

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