Thursday, October 9, 2014

New Icon

Heyyyyy Guuuyyssss! It's me Celia once again :P. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, there honestly isn't an excuse, unless my internet not working counts xD. I will make sure to post about Woozworld soon. But, today's topic is my new Youtube icon :D So, remember how last time when I was like really proud of the picture I drew? Well now I love this one even more! Especially the pastel colors and gradient background. The old picture I actually don't even like anymore.
I know this probably doesn't fall under all of your interests, so I decided to try making this post a little  more interesting by showing the different stages of this "illustration".
1. Sketching
2. Inking

3. Coloring
Out of all the stages, I like the inking part the best. Not just only doing the outlining, but also the picture. I guess I just like how you can imagine what the character looks like because it isn't colored in. Overall I honestly am really proud of this picture..
That's all for today.. xD
Sorry that it isn't about Woozworld, I will make sure to do a ''Formal'' Woozworld post next time. Lol
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