Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More Small Updates? + Short FancTEA Review ^^

Woozworld is becoming BUBBLY! It seems that they are making everything more modern.. I like saying bubbly though. The new features have a sort of cartoonish look and style. Obviously, titles now come with pictures and your inventory is more 3D and cartoonish rather than flat. But listen to this.. THE ONLINE AND OFFLINE BUTTON THINGY THAT SHOWS IF YOU ARE OFF OR ONLINE HAS CHANGED!!! It used to be the little running man on your friends list that you click to follow people and you would know if they were on or offline if it was green or red. Well now for online it's this little person with rays of sunshine and for offline it's a sleeping dude o.0. Honestly, I think it is a little bit too weird. I liked the old look of Woozworld and the originality it had. But.. now it seems it's turning into a regular virtual world. ;c It also shows it on woozin to show if someone is on or offline.

See, the little green peoples mean online, and the red means offline. The same thing as before, you click the green guy to follow people '-'.
(Btw I know Carly posted some of this but I thought I would post the rest :D)

So it's me Cel back with another review. This time it's the FancTEA Collection. I HATEEEEEE this entire outfit so I'm not doing some huge review on it. Besides, I only have the hair and dress.. u.u

Name: FancTEA Hair
Review: This hair is a puffy side-braid with flowers stuck in it. I think it is WAYY over done and looks like a cheap weave. ROFL. UGLYYY is all I have to say about this copy cat item. Besides, another hair is practically the same as this but way better.

Name: FancTEA Dress
Review: A short striped sailor-like dress with a nice bow on it. This dress is so-so. Not super cute, not super ugly. I honestly like the sailor style of it and the look in all. But the problem is. IT LOOKS TERRIBLE WITH ANY ITEM I TRYYYY!!! I swear any item I wear with this dress makes it look horridddd!

(note that the shoes I'm wearing in this picture aren't part of the collection)
Model: Me!!! (CelieLove37)

Well that's all for now! :D
Cya next time! [:
^^ Cel
New sign off logo ;o
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P.S. My computer keeps working on and off and it takes like 3 hours to fix which sadly I don't have that much patience xD It seems to be working as of now but you can never be sure! :D Also, this last week the blog has been having some technical difficulties involving no one being able to post. It has been fixed for the past 2 days I think? But sorry for that anyway. We are back now so stay tuned, since I noticed traffic has gone down this past week. IDK nvm that '-' Cya. Plus, if you invite people to this blog and they send me a message saying you invited them, then you will receive a prize! :D

Hey guys! Carly Here AGaIN XD!
Well i just wanted to inform you guys with Another Update Wow Aren't they updating a lot now?
I think they are updating little by little so we dont have to wait like 10 hours for ONE WHOLE Update. This way we can still play, and get newer and newer updates.
One update i would really love is the clothes that we have to buy with real money, i want that to be in shopz. it would really be better. i mean we have to trade rarez and stuff and many people dont even have. Plus those 'frees' are sometimes 'scams' or its the 'queue' Speaking of queue...wouldn't it be awesome if there was no queue? That would be so cool....No queue....For Anyone.. :P They could try doing it in another way. I played another game before. In that game there was no queue. they would just double the unitz so everyone will get in, everything looks the same everything is the same as the regular unit. That was pretty cool though :P Anyways!

So have you guys noticed the mini-sized little round cute little critters xD beside your name on woozin? They Well basically what i think it is for is  we dont have to go in world. we can basically just see if your friends are on by going on there woozin. If the little critter is red that means they are offline. on the other hand if its green it means they are online. Wait though! I might be wrong? Maybe....Its to see if your friend is online in WORLD But im not too sure. But anyways its Pretty useful really. Heres a picture!

Hmm. Although....It would have been awesome if they had hair and clothes.O_O Looool.
Thanks & Byeee <3 Carly :3

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Small Update?

Hey Guys! Carly here,
So i was just looking through the blog when i noticed no one talked about the small new update, Unless I'm totally blind .-.  But i dont think so..I do have a eyelash in my eye though..Omg. HATE it.
Anyways, So you guys may have noticed your inventory changed a bit Take a look:
Looks more modern, classy? xD Well i like it anyways.
Second thing! If you click on your friends profile you would notice there is sorta a badge
Note: If you dont like your badge i would try changing your title, The badge goes with your title. Want a small peak? Here you go:
Sorry i failed at tracing it.
Anyways That was just a small little notice
Ok this may sound totally random but ITS REALLY HOT HERE OMG. 
Ok Im done..
Byeeeee Tacos Carly :3

Sunday, April 27, 2014

#FashionwithSummer (2)

Hey its Summer! Sorry I haven't posted much this past month and a half, I was really busy with Field Hockey, Homework, Friends, and Exams. So this post is kinda like my returning post to the blog. Today's #FashionwithSummer is the new BowTEA outfit review! 


Name: BowTEA Hair
Review: This hair is long and has a bow. I honestly do not really care for this hair. It's just like the Bratz hair but with a bow and no bangs. 


                  Name: BowTEA Dress
                  Review: This is a knee-length dress with a bow and lace. I like this dress. The only problem is that it looks weird with everything because it overpowers that item. 


Name: BowTEA Skirt
                  Review: This skirt is puffed out and flowy, it has a bow also. I like it but it doesn't go with any clothes. It's too puffy for my taste. 


Name: BowTEA Shoes
                    Review: These shoes are sandal heels. I don't like these shoes at all. They only match the outfit. If you try to wear them with something else they look terrible.

Full outfit:
Model: Nekole

                                           Name: BowTEA Collection
                                           Review: Outfit with Long hair, lace, and bows. I like this outfit. Too bad the items don't go with anything else and that this isn't really my taste. Woozworld did good but they need to change their new outfits so that they match other items on Woozworld. 

~ Summer <3

Alarming post -alarm-

I may not post much time because I have to study and etc jobs! Thank ,hope you understand

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hello :)

Hello, yes I have posted before, but i didn't really introduce my self. Cause it was Easter and everything was so crazy this week. So lets rewind. Hello, my woozen name is Willowriw. I just recently joined this blog. So far I love being on here. Also recently I've leveled up to level 20 on woozworld. I thought that was going to be impossible. :) But i got it. So a little bit about my self. I am badly in love with soccer. It;s like me life, also woozworld. When ever i have free time i like to draw. Everyone thinks I'm a professional at art, but i promise i'm not. I like all type of sports. I'm a pretty fit chick. So some of the things i'll be posting on here, will be, fashion tips, diy's, helping tips, you name it ill help with you. So if you need any help on woozworld just message me. I've been through tough times my self also. I'm pretty sure ill be able to work out your problem. So i'm willowriw. I accept all request. Message me anytime. Okay see yea. Have a good weekend.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Fashionista Section (2)

Hey guys!It's Cookies here! :D And today is..Fashionista Section! :) So..Let's Start! <3

Outfit 1
Hair - Survivorz Hairstyle for Her
Top - Pink Fury Coat
Bottom - Meygan's Totally Polished Bratz Skirt
Shoes - Groovy Go-Go boots

Outfit 2
Hair - Casual Island Hair
Top - Knot and Bustier
Bottom - Japaneese Schoolgirl Skirt
Shoes - WNS Heels

Outfit 3
Hair - Spartan Hair
Top - Wuzzle Vest
Bottom - Hipster Shorts And Tights
Shoes - Yeti Boots

So that's all for Fashionista Section!
See you guys later!
Xoxo,Cookies <3

New Outfits, KYOOT, and More!

  Hey guys!!!!! OMG I'm so happy I finally fixed my computer YAYYY!! It's been broken like all week and I was stuck on my dad's slow laptop and it wouldn't let me post on blogger.. It said: ERROR HAS OCCURED ON PAGE! So.. yeah. Also, I was sick ;( And our cat had.. get this.. 5 kittens!! But sadly, all of them died except one. They were all premature and one was stillborn. But let's cut to the chase.. CHANGE OF SUBJECT THIS IS TOO SAD ;( Ooh ooh I know.. GIZMO FINALLY LAYED AN EGG!! Well actually 3 eggs c: And yes yes I know I spelled layed wrong but when I type it the other way it just sounds wrong.. ANYWAYS ..
   Woozworld came out with new outfits! Well, SUPPOSEDLY new. If you zoom in closely on the BowTEA outfit you can tell it was edited from other items. The hair is made from long hair (bratz hair) And they just took the bangs off and added the bow with the pulled back part. The dress is from ballerina dress and the skirt part is from manga skirt just stretched out to be longer. The shoes are made from barista shoes and belle ball heels. Also, the FancTEA outfit is edited from items also. You can probably tell from the hair. But still, one ofthe outfits are super cute (BowTEA, I don't really like the CasuTEA or the FanceTEA ones..) Check them out! :D
The BowTEA, CasuTEA, and FancTEA Collections.

Also, you can design Jenny's Birthday Tea-Party with the all new KYOOT collection in SHOPZ!!! 

Honestly, I LOVEEEEE the KYOOT furniture :D It's so cute and it is animated so when you click it , it changes [:

Well that's all for now c: 
Cya Next Time!!
^^ Cel

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hello!!! Sorry to bother you but I made a new edit :o :o It's kind of going to be my logo. xD Ok. So here's it: 
So, do you like it? It didnt take that long to make it ;D xD Ok, Byee ;) Love,
Hey guys :3 it's me Jessie and I just got back from fashion practice.. And I wanted to say.. This girl is bullying Cuttypie7.. the girls name is bethanys-life.. The reason why she's bullying Cuttypie7 is because she has no hair in real :3 and I find that bullying her because of her hair is very rude. You can report her, but she has a main account, when she finally admits, please report her. And she lied about cutting, wow.  Ok bye.. Love, Jessie :3

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hey guys!
Carly here :3 And i just wanted  to say congrats to cutestonthe I think i spelled it right xD
I only copy and pasted it so dont judge man =.= xD Anyways, So many people say that 'to win star of the week try dressing up as mya' OR 'wear purple' OR 'only popular people win' Now i would agree. Its mostly Only famous people. (not trying to be rude to those people) But it is kinda true. It seems only woozband pick on famous people. They also add famous people too '.' Or well, well known people around Ww. They should be more fair to people. It seems that we might only have to dress up as mya just to win. Whats the point of star of the week if we have to copy someones style? Really. 
I mean i get a bit angry when someone copys my outfit. (it has happened man did i hate it =.=)
Might ask why? Well. One reason is. You COPYING someone else's design. If you want to be complimented on you should use your own designs. Second. Like i said. Use your own designs, Get knowned for WHO you are and not what your TRYING TO BE. Im just trying to say make your own designs, And be known. If you copy someone its not going to take you anywhere. 
So be yourself!
Be Fab! <3 
Be someone you wanna be <3

Tacos! ~Carly <3
Also my new pic! :D

Hey guys, it's me Jessie (Jessicasufer) and I'm a NEW blogger :o!!! So let me tell you a little about myself.. I love Lavender. I wear it all the time, I'm really... original and I'm different.. xD Byeee!

Sick :(

Hey everyone. This is probably gonna be a super short post. But anyway, I'm sick so sorry I haven't really been posting. Also, my sister's cat had premature kittens and she still hasn't had all of them so something is wrong. So far she had 2 so maybe she will have the other ones in a few weeks when they are fully developed? Idk.. But one of the kittens died since it was born so early and unhealthy. The other one is doing ok but the mom cat keeps ignoring it sometimes. So I'll start posting more when the mom starts doing her job, because I've been taking care of her kitten for her. Well, bye.. I know this is short :I Next time it'll be longer posts.


Monday, April 21, 2014

How to (3)

Hey guys!It's cookies here!Sorry I couldn't post that much!I was really busy!:(Today
Our topic for our How To is..How to take good care of pets!Let's start! :)

1.Always give time for him/her

2.Don't forget to feed and give him/her water all times.Check
    him/her every is he/her is better or something

3.Take him/her to a vet very quick if he/her gets sick and give
    him/her the right medicine!

4.Always play with him/her.Brush his/her and put on some

5.Teach him/her new tricks and give rewards! :D

So That's all for today!Sorry it's short! :(
Peace Out! Xoxo,Cookies

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!! I'm a new blogger. :) How has your Easter been? Well you might ask "how's your Easter been?" Well mine, my family doesn't celebrate Easter. But my Easter has bee wonderful!! First I got added to the blog!! Well see you next time. Have a great Easter!!! :) -Willowriw

Happy Easter! :)

Happy Easter! :D Just for fun, I put together some egg-tastis Easter jokes (and answers!) Just place your cursor over the eggs and wait to see the answer to the joke. LOL

What college did the Easter Bunny graduate from?

What do you get when you cross a bunny with a a Scottish bun?

What's big and purple and hugs Easter baskets?

How does the Easter Bunny stay in shape?
What does the Easter Bunny order at a Chinese restaurant?

What do you call a rabbit that has fleas?

Why is it easy for little baby chicks to talk?

Where does the Easter Bunny get his eggs?

How do bunnies communicate on the internet?

What comes at the end of Easter?

What will the Easter Bunny be doing after Easter?

Which test does a rabbit want to flunk?

Which branch of the military do bunnies like best? 

What town does the Easter Bunny go to on vacation?

What are 45 rabbits in a row, all marching backwards called?

Did you hear the story about the Easter Bunny who sat on a bee?

What does the Easter Bunny get for making a basket?

What does a bunny use to keep it's ears perky?

Why did the chicks cross the Basketball court?

What happened when the Easter Bunny stuck his head in the fan?

What do you call a short, bossy French rabbit?

What do you get when you pour hot water down a rabbit's hole?

What's a good way to catch the Easter Bunny?

Which religious person are chickens afraid of the most?

What kind of story does the Easter Bunny like to hear?

How many hairs are in a bunny's tail?

How can you tell a rabbit's age?

What do you get when you cross a rabbit with a Boy Scout?

A rabbit that is a stand-up comedian is called what?

Why does a chicken coop have two doors?

What's a rabbit's favorite dance?

How do little baby chicks dance?

What's a rabbit's favorite accessory to wear?

How many chocolate bunnies can you put into an empty Easter basket?

What goes "Ha, Ha, --Clunk!"?

Why was the bunny arrested?

What kind of beans don't grow on stalks?

Where does a bunny go when it dies?

When does Valentine's Day come after Easter?

What did the pink bunny say to the blue bunny?

Where does the Easter Bunny go to get a new tail?

What is Super Chicken's real identity?

Why does the Easter Bunny have a shiny nose?

Where did I get all these chicken jokes?

Sorry if some of the jokes are super cheesy.. LOOL "Where Did I get All These Chicken Jokes?" "From a YOLK Book!" .. Yeah I don't even understand that one.. But still sorta funny... Ok maybe not but it was worth a try [: I think I need some comedy lessons U.U Anyway, HAPPY EASTER! I'm so excited, mainly for candy. But I might get new chickens! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD -faints- . Also, thanks for 13,000 views! :D Nice lil surprise for Easter. Btw, send me a message of your best Easter joke or riddle (not from these ones) in a message (CelieLove37), and the woozen who sends me the best joke or riddle wins a special prize! :) Well that's all for now I guess..

Happy Easter!
Cya~ Cel
Made a lil edit for Easter c: I'M THE EASTER BUNNY!

P.S.: All bloggers please post a photo on your woozin of your woozen dancing in an ALL WHITE ROOM! This is for the new header :P