Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More Small Updates? + Short FancTEA Review ^^

Woozworld is becoming BUBBLY! It seems that they are making everything more modern.. I like saying bubbly though. The new features have a sort of cartoonish look and style. Obviously, titles now come with pictures and your inventory is more 3D and cartoonish rather than flat. But listen to this.. THE ONLINE AND OFFLINE BUTTON THINGY THAT SHOWS IF YOU ARE OFF OR ONLINE HAS CHANGED!!! It used to be the little running man on your friends list that you click to follow people and you would know if they were on or offline if it was green or red. Well now for online it's this little person with rays of sunshine and for offline it's a sleeping dude o.0. Honestly, I think it is a little bit too weird. I liked the old look of Woozworld and the originality it had. But.. now it seems it's turning into a regular virtual world. ;c It also shows it on woozin to show if someone is on or offline.

See, the little green peoples mean online, and the red means offline. The same thing as before, you click the green guy to follow people '-'.
(Btw I know Carly posted some of this but I thought I would post the rest :D)

So it's me Cel back with another review. This time it's the FancTEA Collection. I HATEEEEEE this entire outfit so I'm not doing some huge review on it. Besides, I only have the hair and dress.. u.u

Name: FancTEA Hair
Review: This hair is a puffy side-braid with flowers stuck in it. I think it is WAYY over done and looks like a cheap weave. ROFL. UGLYYY is all I have to say about this copy cat item. Besides, another hair is practically the same as this but way better.

Name: FancTEA Dress
Review: A short striped sailor-like dress with a nice bow on it. This dress is so-so. Not super cute, not super ugly. I honestly like the sailor style of it and the look in all. But the problem is. IT LOOKS TERRIBLE WITH ANY ITEM I TRYYYY!!! I swear any item I wear with this dress makes it look horridddd!

(note that the shoes I'm wearing in this picture aren't part of the collection)
Model: Me!!! (CelieLove37)

Well that's all for now! :D
Cya next time! [:
^^ Cel
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P.S. My computer keeps working on and off and it takes like 3 hours to fix which sadly I don't have that much patience xD It seems to be working as of now but you can never be sure! :D Also, this last week the blog has been having some technical difficulties involving no one being able to post. It has been fixed for the past 2 days I think? But sorry for that anyway. We are back now so stay tuned, since I noticed traffic has gone down this past week. IDK nvm that '-' Cya. Plus, if you invite people to this blog and they send me a message saying you invited them, then you will receive a prize! :D

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