Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hi there,addicted Angeline here :P!

Hello hello anyone!How are you,hope you were sad for your very very kind friend Angeline!Xd ! (You missed me :DD) , how you couldn't miss me I'm so sassy and cool-I'm angeline the sassy b%tch! Lol jk jk!There are kidz in here so don't watch the word xD!So I'm here with brand new ideas and edit/sign-off which I made!You'll like it for sure,because it is.....
It is.................................................ANGELICIOUS!
Lol jk jk (or maybe not)!
So I wanted to talk for the woozworld dramas,they are so much and much , one boy named Barneywoz has entered a status in his profile for the drama ,let me show u c:
It was starting with Welcome to Woozworld,a place which if you want to come you need to be famous,and to be famous you need to buy products from the store,there is much drama and etc....It sounded like that and means how much ppl want to be famous,how much of them are bullied,how much of them just want only and only FAME MONEY and ETC .
But that is not fair , there are many many dramas in Woozworld,and it gets more dramatic which is not very good,because we need to live in one peaceful virtual world!So dont bully,don't get bullied and no FAMEMANIACS and DRAMA QUEENIES like Glitz7 and her boyfriends like rockthbhk and etc.
You,guys just stop the bullying,hate and drama and you'll see how Woozworld will change to good,now it's just like falling down from a tree xD !

But.....When I talk for a tree , I am ready to tell you that I've watched the beatdemonz's woozworld Haunted Highways episode 5 and It was more than amazing!And that's why you need to watch it too and bring to Nikki (C:) more and more subs , because her episodes get better and better every single friday!So don't forget and click HERE than HERE  and you're done lol!

So I just want anything bad in Woozworld to stop and to be only good things,don't you want too?

Sure thing is that I'll soon made BRAND new contest!
With doubled cool prizes ,no mistakes,no warnings and just WINNING!
Be ready and stay polished for anything.

So now my brand new edit c: :

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