Friday, April 25, 2014

New Outfits, KYOOT, and More!

  Hey guys!!!!! OMG I'm so happy I finally fixed my computer YAYYY!! It's been broken like all week and I was stuck on my dad's slow laptop and it wouldn't let me post on blogger.. It said: ERROR HAS OCCURED ON PAGE! So.. yeah. Also, I was sick ;( And our cat had.. get this.. 5 kittens!! But sadly, all of them died except one. They were all premature and one was stillborn. But let's cut to the chase.. CHANGE OF SUBJECT THIS IS TOO SAD ;( Ooh ooh I know.. GIZMO FINALLY LAYED AN EGG!! Well actually 3 eggs c: And yes yes I know I spelled layed wrong but when I type it the other way it just sounds wrong.. ANYWAYS ..
   Woozworld came out with new outfits! Well, SUPPOSEDLY new. If you zoom in closely on the BowTEA outfit you can tell it was edited from other items. The hair is made from long hair (bratz hair) And they just took the bangs off and added the bow with the pulled back part. The dress is from ballerina dress and the skirt part is from manga skirt just stretched out to be longer. The shoes are made from barista shoes and belle ball heels. Also, the FancTEA outfit is edited from items also. You can probably tell from the hair. But still, one ofthe outfits are super cute (BowTEA, I don't really like the CasuTEA or the FanceTEA ones..) Check them out! :D
The BowTEA, CasuTEA, and FancTEA Collections.

Also, you can design Jenny's Birthday Tea-Party with the all new KYOOT collection in SHOPZ!!! 

Honestly, I LOVEEEEE the KYOOT furniture :D It's so cute and it is animated so when you click it , it changes [:

Well that's all for now c: 
Cya Next Time!!
^^ Cel

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