Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Announcement + Happy April Fools

Happy April Fools Day! :D I didn't even have the chance to pull a prank, but did you? xD I love pranking people it's super fun, but this April Fools day was a bummer.. All I did was trick Lucy into thinking TJ (my other friend) liked her. She fell for it and he played along XD It was sooo funny but later she finally figured out it was a joke. Or was it? ;)
Great news! All the bloggers get to stay since they verified their emails! :D
We are still looking for 2 more woozens to join Woozapalooza though. Sign up now while you have the chance! The new bloggers are official this Saturday, when the new header comes out. Congratz to AngelineGirl1 for being the first new blogger, and AshelyLuvCookies as the second.
Remember to accept the invitation Ashely :). Both of them are/will be new authors. Remember, you must have a gmail to be an author, otherwise the only other option is advertiser! Please include the job you would like in your application. Read the 'Contests' tab for more information and  sign up in the 'Become a Blogger' tab. Also, all the people who we emailed back, please re-apply with more information, or re-apply with a gmail if that is the case. Thanks!

Happy April Fools Day!
xoxo ~

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  1. i didnt believe expect at first but for a second and i knew it was a joke