Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Fil and Eva Story..

Eva: We have to get the azurium flowers to dad, before it's too late!
Fil: Yes, but we have to make sure mom doesn't find out. It could place her in grave danger. 
Eva: I promise I won't tell, but we need more azurium flowers in order to save daddy.
Fil: Yeah but where are we supposed to find those, the nearest azurium I've spotted on my dectector is in a whole other demension..
Eva: At least give me the name of this other world..Or I'll find it on my own.
Fil: The second demension.. A whole other world.. Woozworld.
Eva: We have to get there somehow. Can't we use daddy's teleporter?
Fil: But Eva, it's dangerous! The teleporter hasn't even been tested yet!
Eva: Well that's too late! On my dectector it spots hundreds of citizens farms growing azurium. Let's go!
Fil: EVA wai..- 


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