Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Woozapalooza has been updated again! :D Have you noticed the new changes? Instead of square, the edges on things are round. Also, we added new gadgets and tabs. FLAPPY BIRD IS OFFICIALLY BACK! :D If there is anything else you would like us to add or change, just tell us in the chat box! :D Also, have you seen how they changed the buttons in shopz? Idk I just noticed it but they look a little weirdish and cartoonish to me. What do you think? Also, we are looking for advertisers and possibly a blogger or two but I have to talk it over with Summer first. Just fill out those forms! Also, Easter is coming near and Woozapalooza is preparing for our annual Easter Egg Hunt! There will be prizes, games, etc. It is being planned so the details will be out later. Make sure to check out the new tabs that I made. Also the ones I run are updated. So yeah, check it out! :D 
The Weirdo Cel xD Also, I'm Gonna do a random pic of the day so yeah there you go xP Cel pirates :D

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