Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hello :)

Hello, yes I have posted before, but i didn't really introduce my self. Cause it was Easter and everything was so crazy this week. So lets rewind. Hello, my woozen name is Willowriw. I just recently joined this blog. So far I love being on here. Also recently I've leveled up to level 20 on woozworld. I thought that was going to be impossible. :) But i got it. So a little bit about my self. I am badly in love with soccer. It;s like me life, also woozworld. When ever i have free time i like to draw. Everyone thinks I'm a professional at art, but i promise i'm not. I like all type of sports. I'm a pretty fit chick. So some of the things i'll be posting on here, will be, fashion tips, diy's, helping tips, you name it ill help with you. So if you need any help on woozworld just message me. I've been through tough times my self also. I'm pretty sure ill be able to work out your problem. So i'm willowriw. I accept all request. Message me anytime. Okay see yea. Have a good weekend.

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