Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hey guys! Carly Here AGaIN XD!
Well i just wanted to inform you guys with Another Update Wow Aren't they updating a lot now?
I think they are updating little by little so we dont have to wait like 10 hours for ONE WHOLE Update. This way we can still play, and get newer and newer updates.
One update i would really love is the clothes that we have to buy with real money, i want that to be in shopz. it would really be better. i mean we have to trade rarez and stuff and many people dont even have. Plus those 'frees' are sometimes 'scams' or its the 'queue' Speaking of queue...wouldn't it be awesome if there was no queue? That would be so cool....No queue....For Anyone.. :P They could try doing it in another way. I played another game before. In that game there was no queue. they would just double the unitz so everyone will get in, everything looks the same everything is the same as the regular unit. That was pretty cool though :P Anyways!

So have you guys noticed the mini-sized little round cute little critters xD beside your name on woozin? They Well basically what i think it is for is  we dont have to go in world. we can basically just see if your friends are on by going on there woozin. If the little critter is red that means they are offline. on the other hand if its green it means they are online. Wait though! I might be wrong? Maybe....Its to see if your friend is online in WORLD But im not too sure. But anyways its Pretty useful really. Heres a picture!

Hmm. Although....It would have been awesome if they had hair and clothes.O_O Looool.
Thanks & Byeee <3 Carly :3

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