Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NEW Eggster Furniture! ;o

So you know "Eggster", right? Well, there are those ADORABLE costumes, and now furniture to match! The good thing about the funiture though is that is is in SHOPZ, not store! YAYY! I bought all the new ones but some of them are old that I already have. Sp what do you think? :p Personally I like the baby chicks the most since I LOVEEEEE chickens! I actually have 2 pet chickens c: Gizmo and Miss Mr. Jemima.. (I thought he was a girl.. xD). Aren't they adorable? c; (The furniture.. but now speaking of my chickens..)
That's Miss Mr. Jemima
I don't have a good picture of Gizmo.. :P


 So whadya think? xD NEW WORD!! WHADYA!! woooh it means what do you c: I sort of made it up but it may have already existed.. Eh whatever..
Well... That's all for today :D cyaaaaa WHADYA WHADYA

ASLOoooo, THANKS FOR 11,000 views! ;D Lol idk what to say but thanksssss... I say the same thing everytime so yeah... THANKS WE WORK HARD BLAH BLAH ahaha.. sorry i'm random today with my bad grammar stuffs ok yeah... We have tests at school all week and i'm saving my smartiness for that! ;D (wish me luck! xD) 

Old sign-off, ahaha! WHADYA

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