Saturday, April 19, 2014

Eva and Fil Top Short Stories Revealed!

OMG! I just noticed, the Eva and Fil top stories were already revealed! ;o Congratz to the woozens who one ur stories are amazinggggg.

Quote from Woozband: "Picking the top Eva and Fil stories was no easy task. We would like to thank everyone who participated, your imagination and creativity never ceases to amaze us. Without farther or do, here are your top stories:"

CLICK THIS LINK to read the winning stories!:

Aren't they amazing?!?! LOL I personally loved them but some were hard to understand :P. GREAT JOB!

Lesson of the day: Be thankful for what you have before everything you know and love vanishes before your eyes.

Also, thanks to everyone who could make it to the Woozapalooza Easter Maze! It was a blast, and tons of people pc'd me the secret code for a special prize: BANANAS! .. LOL
This was at the very beginning of the event c:
It was fun though xD I got to give alot of extra prizes! :D

Well, that's all for now! 
Cya! ~
Cel [:

P.S: I'm getting back into drawing anime so I've been spending alot of time watching videos and tutorials of Mark Crilley the anime and comic artist c: If you are looking into drawing anime, I strongly suggest using his youtube videos! His channel: markcrilley 

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